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Continuing on the re-read quest....


(We should be coming up on some shorter documents, with fewer posts per month, so I'll try to remember to post more often, but the next post will probably not be until the Yuletide reading frenzy has ended in early January....)
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I'm personally falling way behind on my re-reading, but in the interest of keeping this going:

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Just in time for Thanksgiving: November

What strikes you? How does the second year compare to the first? What else does the re-read make you question or realize or think about?
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1) One of the things we talked about at the cast party was doing an Alternity ficathon, for people to submit prompts and write prompts. (Not a gift exchange -- leaving a prompt does not commit you to write something, and you aren't assigned somebody to write a story for -- but rather, modeled after the Bujold Ficathon, where people can leave prompts and then anyone can pick a prompt and write to it, with stories being accepted at any point.) I'd been hoping to get the prompting part open by Bonfire Night for a Twelfth Night de-anoning, but unfortunately I ran into AO3 problems and couldn't get it worked out by then, so the whole schedule's gonna get pushed back. Sorry! I'm still trying to make it work, and watch this space for further details.

2) We have been tweaking the Cards Against Alternity deck, and with luck should have a playtestable version soon!

3) Apropos of nothing, I was listening to my choral playlist today, and realized I don't think I ever shared this: one of my great regrets about the Alternity timeline and what we did to the UK is that it almost certainly means John Taverner never composed the Funeral Ikos (or if he did, it probably didn't make it past the UK), because boy would Tosha have been all over it. (The text is from the Russian Orthodox rite for the burial of priests: I am parted from my brethren; all my friends do I abandon and go hence.)

I've been through YouTube dozens of times looking for a good performance of it, and haven't really found one -- my favorite is the one recorded by my ex-gf's college choir -- but even though almost everybody does the dynamics and/or tempo wrong, here, have a recording:

Words )

One of these days I will share the playlist I used for writing Tosha. Unsurprisingly, it has a lot of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov on it.
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As previously mentioned, rereading is going to take a bit of time, so let's get back to it!

Year TWO begins....

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Hello, hello!

As D indicated this weekend, 10 of our 11 players, plus Flourish, were able to run away to a beautiful lake house outside of the Twin Cities, where we spent much of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday hanging out, playing games, putting together an epic HP puzzle, and having our long-awaited Cast Party. (I think all of us thought when we scheduled this weekend that it was SO FAR AWAY from our September 1 conclusion date, but wow, it came up quickly!)

We were able to have a video chat with our one lonely missing player, Brook, and as you saw, we created a "Cards Against Alternity" deck which we playtested with some hilarious results. (The thing that Lucius just can't abide, that D used as her example when asking for cards, was "Corax Mulciber's left testicle" - just for an example.) We took pictures of the winners, came up with some ideas for drink names, a band, and a song (which might be forthcoming?), and we'll be putting the cards into a more formal C-A-H style deck soon for better play opportunities.

We also played "Slash" which was a hoot. It's basically Cards Against Humanity but for romantic pairings. We played the "hardcore" version, which was to supply the players with a character and a prompt to pitch their pairing, such as "Tell me about their first date" or "Tell me how they came to move in together." My personal favorite was when someone asked which other person was on Remus Lupin's "hall pass" list (the people he had a free pass from Sirius to sleep with if he ever had the chance), but I can't even remember who won. I do know that Jason Montague's one-night-stand was so that Harry wouldn't die a virgin....

I haven't even mentioned the FOOD. D fed us until we simply could not eat anymore. She even brought a massive batch of Snape's Chocolate Chip Cookies. We were sad when the last one was consumed. In addition, we munched all weekend on lovely tinned and potted treats from the Stretton Farms, had hot buttered rum (not quite butterbeer!), walked around in the neighborhood observing the lake and lake houses, and talked about everything and sundry.

Jen also showed off her awesome (completely awesome) Alternity double-knit blanket, and with so many knitters in our group I feel completely inadequate and non-crafty. :)

We had a fantastic time - we just wish we could have had longer to do it in!
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Now accepting suggestions from the floor for the Alternity Cards Against Humanity deck we're assembling! Questions and answer cards both wanted.

Examples of questions we have already:

Lavender's secret to perfect hair: ______
One thing Lucius Malfoy just can't abide is: __________

Examples of answers:

House-elf wang.
Sarah Yaxley's art.

You get the picture! (I would transcribe more, but I'm in the middle of getting dinner started.) We will assemble the best of the deck and produce a less hacked together version than the ones written on the index cards we've been assembling all weekend.
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Since August was our smallest month of the game, I'm combining the three summer months into one post here. No pressure - just want to get this up for anyone who's ready to move on...

Here are the pdf links:




(BTW at this pace, approximately 6 weeks per year, we will be re-reading for just under a year... on the other hand, as we get into the months and years with lots longer files / higher numbers of posts, it take two months to re-read the year - or longer! In which case we'll be finishing the re-read...this time next year, or so. Alternity never dies!)
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Naomi suggested I bump this up: evidence explanation">evidence document here.

Anyone have any further comments? I'd love another example or two that's a fairly short and concrete chunk, if we can find other good ones. My thought is to post the first section (which is new if you haven't looked at it since Monday morning) and then link to the longer doc.

If no one's got further comments, I'd like to post a link to the file with some brief info to the evidence post on Tuesday evening, 9/29. (Nominations close on 10/3 at 9am UTC, so that gives some time for people to figure out nominations, make them, and maybe post additional character evidence if needed.) I'll take the linked doc out of editing status then too.

Coordination of nominations is also good: as I said in earlier discussion, I think nomination of characters who are original to Alternity, or who appear only very nominally in canon may be more successful, but once I post the evidence post, we'll have somewhere to collect evidence for specific characters if people want to try that.

For people who are new to Yuletide, the nomination process is 3 fandoms, and up to 4 characters in each fandom, so coordination allows you not to overlap character choices, and only nominated characters may be requested for the exchange (other characters may, of course, appear if relevant.)
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We're getting into some shorter months, so I am going to combine the posts for February and March. This is not to make anyone feel guilty for not reading this fast! I'm not near March myself, but I will also be away this weekend, so I don't want to stifle conversation for those who may read ahead....

PDF Links:

As always, remember that there will certainly be spoilers in the comments!
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I haven't quite started January yet, but I'm close.... In case others are ready to move on:

Here is January's pdf file. Or as always, you can find the Year One recap tags in the community and read directly on the journals.

No need to avoid spoilers in the comments below!
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We're up to December already in our re-read!

Here's the link to the pdf file: December

As before, there is no need to avoid spoilers in the comments.

(Question for the group: We are coming up on several months where we logged a lower number of posts. Do you still want each month to be its own post or should we combine months (i.e., Feb-Mar instead of Feb, Mar) when the post count is about half the larger / longer months? I don't mind either way....)
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And I usually can answer baseball related crossword clues with ease. But when the clue is "______ Sandoval, 2012 World Series MVP", I'm pretty sure the answer isn't "Lana" or "Honoria".
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Continuing our re-reading....

The pdf version can be found here.

Also: Happy Birthday, Hermione!
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As with September, here is the October pdf file.

This post is spoiler-free, but there is no need to avoid spoilers in the comments.
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Okay, because we can't let go, either, we're starting a re-read!

I will post one of these for each month, and try to keep the post itself relatively spoiler-free, but feel free to comment with thoughts, reactions, etc., to the posts for the month. If months have particularly low numbers of posts, we may combine two months in a single post. Since this is specifically a re-read, please do not feel you have to avoid spoilers for later months in the comments.

If you need the PDFs, here is the link to September: September

Or you can read via the weekly recaps by choosing the "Year One" tag on the community, and scrolling back.

Comment away!
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... I guess it's really truly over now, isn't it.


THANK GOD FOR FANFIC. (And rereads.)
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I've just been re-reading the first days of the game (as you do) and was brought to a thinky-halt by something Lucius Malfoy says on Harry's post about Transfigurations (on 3 September):
Very few students can transfigure even a small object on their first go. Keep practising. Part of the trick is to believe there is no great difference between the beginning object and the end.
The mental trick required for successful transfiguring strikes me as being fundamental not only to casting magic... I think it's a pretty good description of the trick of the mind required of ordinary wizards as they settled into comfortable lives in the Protectorate under Voldemort's rule. 'Pretend there's no great difference between the new social contract and the old: things are just better now!' (Look away from the slave urchins! Nothing to see there.)

Also notable there is what Harry has to say about Professor Lockhart: Teddy Nott thinks Lockhart's a fraud; Harry thinks he must be all he says or he wouldn't be teaching at Hogwarts. (Things must be what They tell us. Father wouldn't let it all be Lies!)

(I probably should have put this down on Elise's Fractal post, but that's way down the page now.) Consider this an invitation to talk about other things that strike you if you're re-reading like I am.


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