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All hail the Wayback Machine!

I don't know why I didn't think about the Wayback Machine earlier.

July, Summer of the Year with the Freaking Chamber of Secrets Crap. (Which year is that and if it's not three, can someone go back and fix those posts? Please?)

August, Last Month of Summer Before The Prisoner of Azkaban (I am pretty sure that's Year Two.)


Off-Topic: Silly Recommendation

I was bored and poking around AO3 today and found this little gem:


I thought this group, of any, would appreciate it. It's the salient points of the movie, recast with Marauders.
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hpalternity update

Sorry about the extended downtime -- the machine's hosed in a way that will take me having about six or seven straight hours uninterrupted to fix it, and between Dreamwidth exploding over the past few weeks and my pain levels being fucking awful and keeping me from being able to sit up for an extended period of time, I haven't had the cope to handle it. I'll post again when I get it back up!
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hpalternity.com having an occasional lie-down

I keep getting messages from the hosting company that the machine hpalternity.com is on keeps becoming unresponsive and needs to be rebooted. (I will guess somebody else on the same virtual server has a runaway script that's locking all the CPU, or else the physical hardware is having problems or something.)

I'm pretty sure I have the whole thing backed up (although I'll take a fresh backup the next time the server comes up while I'm around/awake/free, just to be certain), and the hosting company is pretty on top of noticing & fixing it when there's a problem. Still, if you can't connect to the site, that's why!

EDIT: Yeah, the site's allegedly back up, but I can't connect to it via SSH and the web server isn't responding. I've opened a ticket with the host, but I gotta go pass out now, so it won't get fixed until tomorrow if they need me to do anything.

Your Mum: International Woman of Mystery

A recent episode of This American Life:


(Act II)

features a young woman who, in her mid-20s, discovered that her mother had had a really exciting secret life back when her mother was in her early 20s. She had been recruited as a college student to run guns to support the militant wing of the African National Congress in South Africa. She was a white woman, and posed as a honeymooner for a few months in Africa, along with a white man she was not romantically involved with (or interested in in any way, in fact) and they successfully ran guns for about three months, which was what they'd been recruited to do, while also going out to look at animals like they were normal honeymooners on safari.

Her reaction to find out that HER MUM (who never seemed like one of the COOL mums!) had done something this fascinating and daring reminded me of the younger Weasleys' initial reaction to the theory that their mother might be one of the Wand Smugglers.

Happy Birthday, Ron

I thought it was also Kiss a Ginger Day but now I think I might be wrong?

I miss Alternity.

our current dystopia

I was thinking about how Dominic Selwyn was basically Reince Preibus: much less crazy than his boss, still evil, but you'd almost certainly rather have him in charge, and this got me pondering other Death Eater <> Current Members of Trump's Administration pairings.

(Did we have any readers who were Trump fans? I'm going to say, if so, that you somehow weirdly missed the point of this entire project...)

Lucius. Clearly the Mike Pence of the Voldemort administration: extremely influential but not in charge, and there's legitimate debate over whether putting him in charge for real would be better or worse than the original option. (On the plus side: less likely to nuke China / make his followers fight to the death in an arena for kicks. On the minus side: probably would be more effective at pursuing his agenda.)

Amycus Carrow. The Steve Bannon. No one but the Top Dog actually wants him around but there he fucking is; also, DEEPLY CREEPY and physically repugnant (not that this is the worst thing about him).

Dolores Umbridge. I know it's been popular to compare Betty DeVos to Umbridge, but I actually think KellyAnne Conway is the better comparison here.

I suppose we could also say that Selwyn's analog is Spicer: he got sent out to defend the party line bullshit on the regular, but Selwyn was a fair amount better at it, I think. Also, you kind of don't need a Spicer when you are unapologetically running a dictatorship with no pretence of a free press.

Lana Sandoval. Ivanka Trump. (Ivanka Trump has reminded me of Lana since sometime during the campaign. Something about her facial expressions.) And Jerod, obviously, is Ned. Less influential than he thinks / aspires to be.

I'm not sure whether to be glad or sorry that I can't think of anyone in Trump's administration who remotely reminds me of Dolohov.
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Um. I kinda finished Alternity again.

But here's May from Year Three!

And June, Year Three!.

Well, at least Hermione gets to rest for a bit?

(I need to set a calendar reminder....)
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Sorry, folks.

More re-reading!

March, Year 3!

and also, April, Year 3!

I've been re-reading and I've hit Corax showing up.

Well. At least the dude in his icons are interesting?

(Could a Mod give us a tag for the reread project: year three?)
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Sorry, folks.

More re-reading!

March, Year 3!

and also, April, Year 3!

I've been re-reading and I've hit Corax showing up.

Well. At least the dude in his icons are interesting?
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Uhm. I'm not the Mod, but I thought we might all like to keep going on the Re-Read?

February, Year 3!


(Or not, because it's Carrow, first entry. Ick.)

Breaking News!

HP Alternity congratulates our VERY OWN player-author, Naomi Kritzer, who last night won a little thing called the Hugo Award. Let me repeat, that's the

Naomi won for her story, "Cat Pictures Please," which appeared in Clarkesworld magazine, and which also won the 2016 Locus Award earlier this year.


You can read her wonderful story here on the Clarkesworld website.

We are so proud of Naomi and proud that her contributions helped make Alternity the superlative game/story that it is.

The Cursed Child, Parts 1 and 2

Anyone want to discuss "Book Eight"? I finally bought a copy, read it, and have THOUGHTS.

(Warning: you can expect spoilers in the comments.)
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The Peel Family

Saw a story pop up on A Mighty Girl's Facebook just now about French Resistance fighter Andrée Peel; she was responsible for saving over 100 British and American pilots shot down over France, and was caught and eventually sent to Ravensbrück and Buchenwald. After her work during the war, she eventually married an Englishman, John Peel, and settled in Bristol.

Any relation to Arista, I wonder? :)
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Apropos of April 1, but not an April 1 joke...

I don't expect it will go *anywhere*, but I just figured I should mention - I nominated you all for a Hugo. :)

Because, yes, I think Alternity was that good. (I'm aware that it's fanfiction, and highly derivative, and might not be eligible on those grounds. But as a fan work, I consider it very, very good...and deserving of a nomination.)

Year 2, re-read

I fell waaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on the re-read and took a long break from it, but picked it back up yesterday. I'm on Y2 October and just read the sequence where the Carrows were planning to Imperius Dean into handing his wand to Hermione in the hopes that they'd get Dean sent back to the camps (and Hermione killed). Pansy overheard them while in detention, and she and Sally-Anne tipped off Hermione, who carried word to Ron and the Twins, who warned Dean.

The thing that's sort of hilarious reading in retrospect is how BLAZINGLY obvious the "red means URGENT MESSAGE!" code is.

I have a 12-year-old now, though, and I have to say, I'm pretty sure that this is exactly the sort of code she and her friends would come up with.
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Who were the user icons of?

The loss of Alan Rickman (sob) got me thinking about Alternity again, and wondering - for the O.C.s, who were the actors y'all picked for user icons?

RIP, Alan Rickman

So sad this week, between David Bowie and now Alan Rickman....

RIP to Snape's incomparable actor and photo-base. No, I'm not crying, you're crying.
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(no subject)

For listening-to on Christmas Eve, the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir performing Rachmaninov's All-Night Vigil. (This is the piece Tosha commissioned a performance of, last Christmas; it was the closest he was going to get to being able to actually attend services.) It's not my favorite recording of the piece -- that would be the '65 State Academic Russian Choir of the USSR recording that got smuggled out of the USSR -- but that one's nearly impossible to find in mp3 format, so this is a very close second.

Russian Orthodox Christmas isn't until 7 Jan, but for those who are celebrating this week, have at! It's a .zip file, 91.8MB.
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Rubbish Service

(So, Pansy and Jeremy walk into a pub....)

Remember how Jeremy Stretton said that some of the folks working on the Rubbish Service wanted to open a pub called "Rubbish Service" after the liberation? Well, they went ahead and did so.

And for the cast party, I had some pub glasses made. They've got the Rubbish Service name and slogan.

All the cast members got some. I've got a few extras, which I thought I'd offer to fen here. They're a standard pint glass, pretty sturdy, and I'm offering them for $6 each plus shipping. I'll ship to wherever you want me to ship, however you want me to ship it (if I can manage it, and you pay for shipping). Priority mail large flat rate box holds up to six glasses, in case you're comparing shipping costs.

Email me at lionesselise@gmail.com if you're interested. Please put ALTERNITY in the subject line so I don't lose the email in the midst of all the jewelry orders, ok? Thanks!