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Hi everybody, and good morning alt-fen! (One of the Players said 'look, it's not too late for you to join the fen-comm, so here I am!)

Good gods, where to even start?

Well, I suppose with 11:29 PM last night, when His Noselessness did an incredible job of showing his true colors.

Or then again, maybe Sirius' latest, possibly greatest, Grim Truth.

Gotta give a Hella Shout Out to Zack Smith, for The utter brass ones of this, knowing how he'd pay for it.

And Justin, that was a fantastic bit of doublespeak, there.


Apr. 25th, 2015 10:37 pm
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Okay so. They've made a big deal about how inferi can't be controlled by anyone other than the creator, with Tosha and Barty trying to figure out how to make them behave and stuff.

And this.

Which means Barty is controlling the inferi by waving a bloody chunk of V's soul at them.

It's fucking brilliant, in that horrible Alternity way.
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So, grabbing that information about Doholov and talking about his reaction to the rite made me start thinking about it again. And how it differs from canon, and how that's important, and such. And also how everyone reacted.

Apparently my brain is in the mood for this kind of thing today.

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Okay, I've got to say it. I've been wondering, but now it's grown to the size of an elephant in the room that everyone's pretending isn't there...

...what about Peter Pettigrew? Where is he in this AU? What's his story? Has he somehow been erased? (Has he been mentioned?)

It's impossible to understand the grounds for the Order's apprehensions about Remus when they don't ever refer to the fourth Marauder.

Relatedly, do you guys have theories about what happened on the night the Potters were murdered? What are all of the differences? I'll start.

    1. Tom Riddle didn't die.
    2. Harry seems not to have been cursed. He seems to have no scar. (In other words, it seems not to have been Tom Riddle's plan to kill Harry, just to steal him. What interpretation of the Prophecy does this hint at? How much of the Prophecy does the Lord Protector know? Is the Prophecy the same?)
         2a. Harry's status: he is not the Boy Who Lived; he is (only) the Lord Protector's son.
    3. Sirius is not the friend suspected of treachery. (And, since the event did not play out as in canon, he did not "kill" Peter and did not get sent to Azkaban.)

    What else?

A small point, since in this AU Tom Riddle has established himself as "Lord Protector," I'm finding it hard to call him Voldemort. And now that enough playing time and so many posts have slipped by, I can't remember whether anyone in-game has called him Voldemort. It seems to me there was an early reference to his given name, but I can't think whether he's been called anything besides "Lord" and "Lord Protector" since.


Sep. 19th, 2008 12:47 am
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Hello, alt_fen! This looks fun.

There have been a couple of interesting comments about the game’s Voldemort lately. [Bad username or site: @] in the post below suggests that Voldemort may still be consolidating his power if he’s only recently abolished Muggle Studies, and [Bad username or site: @] in an associated comment, reminds us that “Voldemort is claiming to be the good guy, who protects and cares for his subjects.”

I'm not sure we have enough info to really run with this yet -- but there’s a really interesting issue here that bears watching as the game develops. And that is that Voldemort as Gothic Bogeyman cannot really survive the experience of Voldemort in Power. This game’s Voldemort is necessarily a politician. He may have dictatorial ambitions, but he has to work with and through other people, other powers. And some of them are potentially independent, unruly, tricky to manage from day to day. This is going to be fascinating to follow along with.

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