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Previously On Alternity: Year One, Summer Term
May 1 - August 31, Year One (2009, realtime)
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September 1 - December 31, Year One
January 1 - April 30, Year One
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September 1 - December 31, Year Two
January 1 - April 30, Year Two
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January 1 - April 30, Year Three

Remember: this does not link to all or even most of the sub-plots and posts within them, only the largest and most significant for the through-plot of the game. To get the full game experience, you really need to read every day!

Below is not entirely in date order, as some plots overlap with others. Hopefully it will make sense, nevertheless.

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29 August
No posts.

30 August
No posts.

31 August
No posts.

1 September, Year 2
Sirius welcomes the new students with a Grim Truth. Harry tries his new journal with success. Molly uses the journal to send Ron a Howler. Bill confirms that the Order lock is still safe. Hydra Lestrange introduces herself in her journal. Dean learns to his chagrin that he did not place in second year in all his subjects. Sally-Anne discusses the excitement of the train ride.

2 September
Fred and George test the Solemnly Swear lock. Lana Sandoval proposes that all the students sign a loyalty oath. Ron explains the logic behind flying Arthur's Ford Anglia to school. Alice invites Molly to Moddey Dhoo. Dean apologizes to Hydra.

3 September
Harry thinks he shouldn't have to sign (but he did anyway). Ernie resolves to try writing a little more often. Luna Lovegood posts for the first time. Professor McGonagall plans to nudge the Gryffindors toward signing the oath.

4 September
Daphne Greengrass lists her timetable and recaps the incident with the car. Sally-Anne finds her Muggle Studies lessons interesting. Molly relaxes at Moddey Dhoo. Padma socializes with the upper form Ravenclaws. Lucius probes deeper into Ron and Harry's story about the barrier. Arthur starts to post and is interrupted. Bill contacts Molly to fetch her back from the sanctuary.
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22 August
No posts.

23 August
No posts.

24 August
Alice feels a little down now that Remus has gone..

25 August
Lucius highlights his week's activities.

26 August
No posts.

27 August
No posts.

28 August
Sirius hits the road again.
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15 August
Ron waits for the new school year to begin.

16 August
Susan compares camping to life at home. Dean enjoys his day off from lessons. Narcissa reports with pride that Rigel was perfect for his Naming Day.

17 August
No posts.

18 August
Hermione announces that Harry will be going to Diagon Alley the same day as Ron. Nymphadora returns to her Ministry job, part-time.

19 August
Sally-Anne cautions Ron and reassures Ginny about her robes. Padma lists her new acquisitions. Molly agonizes over the altercation at Flourish and Blotts.

20 August
Terry returns to Hogwarts.

21 August
Remus departs Moddey Dhoo for London.
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8 August
Padma berates Ron for pranking her tent.

9 August
Ron summarizes an adventure at the end of the camping trip.

10 August
Professor Sinistra reassures the parents that everyone is safe. Dean anticipates his arrival at Hogwarts. Lucius details the many matters occupying his time.

11 August
Ernie loves EVERYONE (the potions help). Susan bemoans the rumors circulating in the press. Terry scales fish. Molly describes Ginny's birthday celebrations.

12 August
Dean learns what his routine will be like for the next few weeks. Professor McGonagall assesses Dean's poise. Lucius reminds Professor McGonagall not to overpay a new staff member.

13 August
Sirius reinvigorates his plan to open a shopfront for Laszlo Limited.

14 August
Bellatrix prepares for Rigel's naming ceremony.
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Previously On Alternity: Year One, Spring Term
January 1 - April 30, Year One (2009, realtime)

Remember: this does not link to all or even most of the sub-plots and posts within them, only the largest and most significant for the through-plot of the game. To get the full game experience, you really need to read every day!

Below is not entirely in date order, as some plots overlap with others. Hopefully it will make sense, nevertheless.
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1 August
Pansy remembers to wish Harry a happy birthday. Bellatrix announces the birth of Rigel Phineas Lestrange. Arthur looks for Percy. Hermione thanks the Order for their efforts to get her the ring from her mother. Ron wishes Harry a belated happy birthday.

2 August
Molly cancels the search for Percy. Dean enumerates some of the changes in his life since being reclassified as a halfblood.

3 August
Padma asks about extra poles for her tent. Madam Pomfrey relates old ghost stories, and some new ones from the lake district. Professor Sinistra updates the parents on the group's progress. Susan tells her parents what she's cooking. Ron writes home as well.

4 August
Ernie loves camping. Professor Sinistra describes the first day's activities.

5 August
Percy delivers his own progress report.

6 August
Sally-Anne provides a list of the things she has learned and enjoyed thus far. Professor Sinistra recounts the broom ride to the second site. Dean organizes his thoughts on the day's events.

7 August
Harry tests his journal. Draco comes to conclusions about the trip. Susan reacts to the week's excitement.
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25 July
No Posts.

26 July
Megan discusses the etiquette regarding paying calls.

27 July
Sirius receives Alice's birth announcement.

28 July
Arthur makes the necessary arrangements for Dean to leave camps for the camping trip. Nymphadora waits for her name to be cleared.

29 July
Professor Sinistra continues the final preparations for the trip. Draco mopes that Harry has been unavailable.

30 July
Percy worries about the older students' responsibilities. Neville enjoys his birthday. Alice marvels at how much her eldest son has changed.

31 July
Harry turns twelve. Kingsley reports on the scene outside Buckingham. Professor Carrow notes a few cryptic observations. Narcissa summons Lucius and Draco to leave the palace for the Lestrange home. Draco apologizes to Harry for leaving in a rush.
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18 July
No Posts.

19 July
No Posts.

20 July
Molly thanks Alice for Kevin's birth announcement and note. Sally-Anne discusses her daily routine.

21 July
No Posts.

22 July
No Posts.

23 July
No Posts.

24 July
Terry prepares bags to collect barley straw. Poppy details her stay at Moddey Dhoo. Bellatrix debates a suitable name for her son.
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11 July
Ernie thanks Neville for the Blackpool outing. Alice goes into labor. Remus calls for Poppy. Frank announces the birth of Kevin Longbottom.

12 July
Arthur reveals his evidence that Dean Thomas is actually a half-blood. Terry tires of beets. Hermione assures the Order that she is recovering. Padma prefers Camelot to Blackpool. Penelope revels in the healing power of ice cream.

13 July
No Posts.

14 July
Remus posts observations about his new godson.

15 July
Alice relaxes with the new baby.

16 July
Poppy explores Pembrokeshire.

17 July
Professor McGonagall solicits applicants to replace Macnair and Lupin. Neville muses about the slowness of summer days.
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4 July
No posts.

5 July
Terry works in the Mid-Suffolk camps.

6 July
Arthur "discovers" evidence that Dean Thomas may have been assigned to the muggleborn camps in error. Penelope cleans her father's home.

7 July
Neville invites his friends to spend the day at Blackpool Pier. Nymphadora gets caught snooping (on Arthur's behalf). Sirius asks if Moddey Dhoo is ready for Remus's first full moon spent there.

8 July
Bill imparts bad news to Arthur. Professor McGonagall reveals later that Hermione's father has died, due to an apparent heart strain when undergoing werewolf transformation.

9 July
Harry grouses a bit at being left out of Neville's party and because Hermione is out of sorts. Percy wonders why his father took him and his siblings fishing unexpectedly. Lucius sums up another week in France.

10 July
Poppy recuperates in Cumbria. Alice copes with the final stages of her pregnancy. Seamus thanks Neville for the outing to Blackpool. Ron raves about the trip as well. Sally-Anne sends a more formal thank you note via her journal.
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27 June
Poppy relaxes during her travels in East Anglia.

28 June
No Posts.

29 June
Molly informs Alice and Frank of her assessment of Neville.

30 June
Professor Carrow orders Terry to pack for their summer trips. Frank considers Sirius' adventure. Padma attempts to talk her parents around to letting Parvati come to Seamus' house too. Professor Sinistra leaves Hogwarts on her own holiday. Hermione checks in with the Order.

1 July
Draco calls on Lucius for help after getting lost. Ron thanks Seamus enthusiastically for hosting. Seamus is pleased everything went well.

2 July
Neville says he had great fun at Seamus's, too. Lucius reports that he was successfully reunited with Draco.

3 July
Poppy reaches Dartmoor.
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20 June
Frank recounts losing at poker to Remus.

21 June
Madam Pomfrey starts her summer collecting trek across Great Britain.

22 June
Lucius assesses the first week of the trip to France. Harry begins serious study with the Lord Protector.

23 June
Padma receives good news about her marks. Sally-Anne learns her scores with a little less excitement. Arthur grinds the millstone at the Ministry.

24 June
No Posts.

25 June
Pansy anticipates the outing to Ron's house.

26 June
Sirius panics after a close encounter with Malfoy in Paris. Sally-Anne thanks Ron and the Weasleys for hosting his friends. Seamus plans his own party as well.
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13 June
Neville wishes everyone a happy summer. Sally-Anne meets the Wood family.

14 June
Lavender looks forward to her birthday party. Sirius updates the Order on his situation with the Finch-Fletchleys. Sally-Anne helps Oliver train for Quidditch.

15 June
Kingsley relates Remus's memories, shared by Pensieve, that convince him and Frank of Remus's innocence. Sally-Anne goes to the sea for the first time.

16 June
Alice writes a message for Remus. Sirius sorts through the new evidence and explains its significance.

17 June
Madam Pomfrey recaps her portion of the Governors' meeting and prepares for her trek to Moddey Dhoo. Lucius reports a safe arrival at his mother and sister's home in France.

18 June
Sirius recovers from his celebrations the night before. Terry notes his duties now that the students are gone. Sirius offers a perspective on Unforgivables in a Grim Truth.

19 June
Hermione apologizes to Remus on behalf of Terry and thanks him for his sacrifice on behalf of her parents. Molly revels in the return of all her boys. Seamus practices his composition with a journal entry.
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6 June
Harry summons Draco urgently to meet him at the third-floor corridor entrance. Professor McGonagall announces that she must leave the castle on urgent business. Harry solicits Ron's help with a chess game. Ron asks Hermione whose move it is. Lupin demands to know what's happening. Frank tries to alert Poppy to the children's peril. Hermione looks for advice about their next move. Harry ponders a riddle about potions. Professor McGonagall watches from concealment in the final chamber. Hermione assures Terry via ISS lock that she's okay. Professor McGonagall explains to the Order the events of Harry's confrontation with Macnair, Quirrell, and the Lord Protector. Sally-Anne describes her efforts to get help.

7 June
Lucius plots the consequences of the day's events. Pansy worries about the Malfoys and Harry. Hermione explodes at the Order in distress. Neville wonders what has happened to Lupin. Terry offers sympathy and support to Hermione under the ISS lock.

8 June
Frank tends to Lupin on the morning after the full moon. Harry lets the world know he is unharmed. Arthur regrets that he cannot say the same for Hermione's parents. Narcissa fusses over the YPL trip. Terry cares for Crookshanks. Lucius refuses to grant reporters access to Draco.

9 June
Molly experiences similar problems with the press.

10 June
Professor Sinistra provides the run-down on the YPL trip. Kingsley arranges to pick up Professor McGonagall's Pensieve.

11 June
Lucius preparss to leave for France. Padma packs. Hermione says that she is okay, though traumatized.

12 June
No posts.
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Okay, bear with me here because I just moved across the country and so I have not researched this post properly. But. I want to talk about the end of the term in-game and how it compares to the end of HPSS. (We may have listened to the audiobook of HPSS in the car. *g*)

First off, Ron's still involved in the chess match even though it's Harry, Draco and Hermione down there. Interesting that it's Draco who sacrifices himself as Ron did in the book - this sets Draco up as the heart, the role that Ron arguably fills in the original heart-mind-hand reading of the trio. (They could also be read as body-mind-soul - in both cases, Hermione's the mind. More on this immediately!)

Second, Hermione's able to use Draco's wand to defend Harry because "their turn of minds are similar enough that his wand worked perfectly well in her hand". Now Draco's being paralleled with canon-Hermione as the mind. Fanonically Draco is very intelligent; one AU even had him sorted into Ravenclaw, to his father's displeasure. Draco seems to be standing outside the canon trio rather than slotting into one of their roles - he's borrowing from them and creating his own element.

Third, in canon Harry makes it to the final confrontation on his own and is protected by his mother's love and sacrifice. In-game, it's Hermione's actions that protect Harry. I am only a sometime-H/Hr 'shipper and this is not an argument for romantic love between eleven-year-olds, but it does seem that Hermione acted out of her affection for Harry, saving him at great risk to herself. Hermione may be here paralleled with Lily-and-James, in that she both cares for Harry, placing herself in harm's way as Lily did, and actively fights for him as James did.

Finally, it's Hermione's parents that end up making the sacrifice. Just as we know that Harry's parents canonically died for him, McG tells Hermione that she "needed to remember that my parents were strong and they loved me and they would rather them than me." And although they are, as Hermione says, not dead. Just werewolfed it comes to something very much the same in this universe. In-game-Hermione and canon-Harry are connected here; in-game-Hermione and in-game-Harry are connected here as well, possibly, if Harry knows that his parents died protecting him before he was "adopted" by the LP.

Also, Percy telling off Sally-Anne strikes me as similar to McG's telling off of the trio in canon as they try to contact Dumbledore. And yet it's quite different in that Sally-Anne is seeking help during the climactic scenes rather than before and is not directly involved. That Percy's a prefect and not a professor seems to be a good in-game translation of the increased visibility and power of prefects, who did not seem as prominent in canon.

What do you all think? Are these specious parallels? Or ones worth following up on? How do you think the roles of the in-game characters shook out relative to canon?
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30 May
Pansy reflects on how quickly the year seems to have passed.

31 May
Frank ruins Alice's good towels. Padma suffers pre-exam insomnia.

1 June
No Posts.

2 June
Arthur has trouble locating the parents of one of the sanctuary children.

3 June
Sally-Anne learns of her living arrangements for the summer. Ernie stresses over exams. Madam Pomfrey stresses over the serenity of her hospital wing. Kingsley delivers the wands to the Sherwood group. Professor Sinistra anounces the YPL meeting to plan the camping trip.

4 June
Neville survives the Transfiguration exam. Possibly.

5 June
Professor McGonagall conveys a suspicious warning from Harry concerning Professor Macnair. Narcissa wishes Draco a happy birthday. Padma revels in the feeling of being done for the year. Macnair suggests that the students watch out for a family of hippocampi in the lake. Ron calls for chess opponents. Draco invites his friends to a birthday party. Sally-Anne recounts her detention duties. Alice muses on Neville's progress and the impending arrival of his baby brother.
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23 May
Percy finishes his O.W.L.s. Alice sends the Players off on their way again.

24 May
Padma gossips. Madam Pomfrey describes the effects and efficacy of the black market potions.

25 May
Fred and George realize they've been wasting time studying when they could be making mischief. Molly fights with Bill out of over-protectiveness.

26 May
Lucius resolves Pansy's mother's complaint, but lodges some of his own regarding Hogwarts's administration. Padma receives belated birthday wishes from her favorite professor. Professor Carrow reasserts his rights over Terry. Percy catches Sally-Anne in the act of hexing Padma. Sally-Anne apologises publicly for her actions.

27 May
Hermione abases herself publicly as well for her role in the altercation. Penelope rebukes the first-year Ravenclaws in general.

28 May
Terry suspects Professor Carrow is plotting to frame the twins. Sirius reports that he has moved in with the Finch-Fletchleys for the purpose of tutoring Justin in magic.

29 May
Professor McGonagall frets over a growing tendency to abuse students' cats. Draco practices French and doubts what Blaise tells him about French Muggles.
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16 May
No posts.

17 May
Percy demands peace and quiet to prepare for his O.W.L.s. Ron scoffs at his brother's request.

18 May
Padma believes the new Ravenclaw prefect is on a power trip.

19 May
No posts.

20 May
Kingsley is enjoying the Players' respite at Moddey Dhoo. Padma receives a care package.

21 May
Professor Macnair promises dire consequences to the person he suspects skulking about his workshed. Susan reaches out to Megan. Neville PASSES his flying test. (Finally!) Harry frets about his exams.

22 May
No posts.
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9 May
Neville returns from the hospital wing. Harry regains his memory as well. Terry enjoys Arithmancy.

10 May
No posts.

11 May
Lavender feels not-quite-recovered from her amnesia. Sirius plans his approach to the British family with a Muggleborn wizard. Arthur finds the Shah family and delivers their annual update.

12 May
Sally-Anne gets rejected by the Strettons for the summer. Lucius vents some frustration over his meeting with Professor McGonagall.

13 May
Padma is pressed into delivering a letter. Ron asks about students with disfiguring marks on their faces. Madam Pomfrey ascertains that her anti-theft measures have worked. Professor McGonagall follows up on Madam Pomfrey's trap.

14 May
Percy expounds on the identity of Madam Pomfrey's thieves. Professor McGonagall declares Leander Bobolis the new Ravenclaw Prefect.

15 May
No posts.


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