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A couple of years ago, Neville saved your life. Not because you gave him any reason to want to save you, just because you were afraid and in pain and it was the thing that he could see that was the rightest thing to do at the time.

At some point, possibly when Padma is gloating about how the two of you uncovered a traitor and you totally knew all along that he was a traitor, take that, universe, you will remember that. And it will leave you knowing how you repaid that debt in the end.

I think - though you are so very good at hiding your inner narrative from the world - that you will lose a great deal of sleep over that.

(As I wanted to say to Lavender in response to Hydra's reading her at the remembrance thing: the reason the nice people are the traitors is that being nice is next thing to treason, in the Protectorate.)
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... of COURSE Neville has a learning disorder.

Best fixfic.
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That sound is my heart breaking, "Little Bit."

Lucius Malfoy, you have so much to answer for.

In other news, OMG, so much happened this week! JUSTIN FINCH-FLETCHLEY! QUIDDITCH! SEAMUS! Even Percy and Penny getting schmoopy (which, kinda ew, but also? Sort of adorable?) HERMIONE!

Sally-Anne, you are one bad-ass chica. Ron and Pansy and Sally-Anne's banter over fish forks and cheese had ME snorting!!

Oh, and Sirius. Siriusly. Down, boy.

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Assuming alternity continues to incorporate big canon events, we should expect Harry to find the Mirror of Erised in a little under a month.

"It shows us nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts." -Dumbledore

What do you predict Harry Marvolo will see there?
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One of the things that makes me happy about this RPG is that Neville still has his parents.  He's one of my very favorite characters in canon, and it made me so sad that he never had a normal relationship with them.  Of course, he still lives with his grandmother (and little sister), probably because his parents are locating Muggle-born children and helping them in some way.

But while I'm glad he's basically a good kid, I'm afraid that he's going to get himself into trouble after only three weeks at Hogwarts.


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