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And not just new ones, but new ones with journals. Alternity has a vibrant cast of OCs, but by my accounting Miss Rachel Lamont is only the third one to get a direct voice. (The others being Lana Sandoval and Hydra Lestrange). Unless I've missed someone? (I consider someone to be an OC only if they've received no mention in canon whatsoever; Sally-Anne, Dominic Selwyn, and Siz squeak through by the slimmest of margins.)

Either way, it's an interesting narrative decision, and the decision to deviate from it has certainly caught my attention, at least.
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That sound is my heart breaking, "Little Bit."

Lucius Malfoy, you have so much to answer for.

In other news, OMG, so much happened this week! JUSTIN FINCH-FLETCHLEY! QUIDDITCH! SEAMUS! Even Percy and Penny getting schmoopy (which, kinda ew, but also? Sort of adorable?) HERMIONE!

Sally-Anne, you are one bad-ass chica. Ron and Pansy and Sally-Anne's banter over fish forks and cheese had ME snorting!!

Oh, and Sirius. Siriusly. Down, boy.


Quis est?

Mar. 11th, 2009 04:49 pm
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We seem to have a new character.  Any idea who Selwyn is?  All I find in lists is 'Death Eater'

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In the context of Arthur's explanation of the Order Only spell to Kingsley and in the shadow of Sirius' current difficulties, it occurred to me that I don't know whether the Order Only spell completely protects marked entries or not. What happens if an Order member's journal should fall into the wrong hands? Does the spell mean that the entries appear to ANY reader of a journal that belongs to an Order member or are such entries truly only visible if the reader is an Order member?

This would become a significant issue if Sirius (or Alice or Kingsley or others) were to be caught or if Hermione's journal were to be stolen of if Percy were to mix up his mother's journal with his own over the holidays.

Perhaps no journal can be read by a person other than its owner. That would be comforting, but I suspect it's more useful to the game in the long run if a journal can be picked up and read by someone who is not its owner. If so, the question is whether the Order Only spell is powerful enough to recognize and exclude non-Order readers if they should come into possession of an Order member's journal.

Perhaps this will become evident in time. In the meanwhile, I appreciated Arthur's reminder of how the Spell works.

Also. Yay, Kingsley!!

ETA This would be a good place to note that Pansy mentions knowing how to filter the entries she reads in her journal (though she "forgot" to exclude boot's entries from hers as Draco has apparently done in his own journal).
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I've begun to feel badly about the fact that we got so carried away yesterday with the emergence of a brilliantly-played new Evil character that we overlooked this past week's bigger news: we have LOTS of new characters (and probably some new players, too).

    I'm so glad for [livejournal.com profile] alt_hannah that she now has some companionship in our virtual Hufflepuff, and I've really enjoyed Susan, Ernie and Megan's entry into the game. They've fit right into this strange new world we're seeing where Slytherins are happy to study and play and create in-jokes with students from other Houses. (I wonder how long this will last? Will it be an important strength for the students in the days ahead? Or will we see them grow disenchanted and fall out so that someday they will dislike as strongly as they now seem to like one another?) For right now, though, I'm really enjoying that Slytherins can gently poke fun at Michael Corner's post about magical stuff he's dying to see; they are poking fun because they genuinely like him, and that's very cool.

    I've also enjoyed meeting [livejournal.com profile] alt_horace this week. He's already establishing his canonical brand of Slytherin personality type: he's inviting particular young people to chat with him (presumably, as in the books, to forge connections now with young ones he believes will grow up to positions of influence) and passing over others. I was amused to note that Draco had to assert himself in order to win an invitation. Poor Draco, even in this game, you aren't one of Slughorn's chosen! I note, too, that he's (so far) by-passed Sally-Anne. I assume that this is reinforcement of the game's subtle picture of the prejudice against half-bloods.

    [livejournal.com profile] alt_frank arrived (more than a week ago? not much) with a bang of big news about Alice's pregnancy. I look forward to seeing what role they play going forward. Lots of potential for poignancy, peril, and pathos, I should think!

    Death Eaters:
    [livejournal.com profile] alt_crouch_jr is a welcome addition. I'm hopeful that he and his new house-mate, Regulus, will inspire each other to post more frequently than we've seen yet. I think that I'm looking forward to meeting Alecto Carrow if her part gets cast. (I had been sort of hoping the Carrows would remain uncast and off-stage, but now that we have such a beautifully horrifying Amycus, I'm changing my mind.)

    I'm going to include Dennis here because his first week injected a new set of interesting issues and personality dynamics into the game, and I'm hoping to see much of him as we go along.

So, hi to all! (I hope I haven't missed any of you...!)
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I've been reading back through recent posts to catch up on comment threads I might have missed by reading the post too soon. (How do you manage this aspect of the game?)

I thought we might do well to begin a list of references to those characters we've not yet seen:

    * in an early exchange w/ Remus [livejournal.com profile] alt_sirius strikesout the start of a mention of Hagrid
         (who, perhaps, has Sirius' original, enchanted motorbike in his care in game as he does in canon)

    * [livejournal.com profile] alt_arthur mentions to Sirius that he's had an owl from Kingsley Shacklebolt
         (who is undercover somewhere & thinks his cover has been compromised)

    * during the Order Only thread re. the Quibbler fine, [livejournal.com profile] alt_mcgonagall mentions Mundungus Fletcher
         (who seems to be a fence/money-launderer as in canon)

    * there's the heartbreaking thread in which Neville "meets" his Mum and she mentions Frank
         (who seems from other mentions to be working separately from Alice? is that right?)

Who am I overlooking? Of course, we've heard about Umbridge and Scrimgeour and the Lovegoods and some students (Oliver Wood, most recently) who aren't [yet?] being played actively. Have we had a reference to Tonks yet? Others?

I'll close by saying that I'm thrilled to see that Poppy Pomfrey has made her entrance into play, moving from the ranks of the "mentioned" to active status!
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"If you've got a good reason it's not evil, right?"

That seems to be the question of the week. Ever since Sirius posted his Grim Truth (or perhaps since they met Hermione and Boot and started to see how they were treated), students have been struggling with fitting this new information into their view of themselves as good, moral people. It's funny, because by raising these kids to believe that this twisted system is good/moral (and therefore teaching them to value morality rather than things like power and money), the society is actually setting them up for a crisis of faith.

Book-Slytherins knew that they and their families were thought of as "bad" by some and had sort of internalized that perception (while also having their own personal justifications for why they did what they did, like money or power or preserving pureblooded wizard lines). They already knew that some of the means to accomplish their goals were going to get people hurt. They knew that some people disagreed with them and they were used to blocking out criticisms and arguments from the other side. They had a developed a thick skin and a stubbornness about their beliefs.

In this world, though, even though the Slytherins *act* more callous in many ways, they may actually be more open to persuasion from the Order. They are not used to hearing arguments against their way of thinking (since people who openly argue are in jail, or are at least kept away from Pureblooded children), and so they are listening to them instead of blocking them out. They are not used to being thought of as cruel or bad by anyone, so when they hear that they stop and think about how their actions fit with their idea of right and wrong. They do not have certain goals that they want to achieve by any means necessary; their top goal, again, seems to be being good people.

Over the next couple months, I predict most students will take one of two paths. Some will forgo rationalization and just decide to have faith in society (believe Hermione's blood is brown), and then block out all further opposition or outside influence. Others are going to have a major overhaul of belief systems, and start agreeing with a lot of what they are hearing from Sirius and Hermione. Will there be a middle option, where some people just stay in a state of confusion and uncertainty for months and months, or where they change some minor beliefs but keep the major ones the same? It will be interesting to see the path that each kid takes.

P.S. Welcome, Ginny!


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