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Previously On Alternity: Year Two, Summer Term
May 1 - August 31, Year Two (2010, realtime)

As always, this is only a small portion of the plots - the most important ones, and since it's the summer, also a little flavor of what some of the characters did over the long holiday.
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Previously On Alternity: Year Two, Spring Term
January 1 - April 30, Year Two (2010, realtime)
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Remember: this does not link to all or even most of the sub-plots and posts within them, only the largest and most significant for the through-plot of the game. To get the full game experience, you really need to read every day!

Below is not entirely in date order, as some plots overlap with others. Hopefully it will make sense, nevertheless.
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Previously On Alternity: Year Two, Autumn Term
September 1 - December 31, Year Two (2009, realtime)
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January 1 - April 30, Year Three
Remember: this does not link to all or even most of the sub-plots and posts within them, only the largest and most significant for the through-plot of the game. To get the full game experience, you really need to read every day!

Below is not entirely in date order, as some plots overlap with others. Hopefully it will make sense, nevertheless.
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28 August
Professor Slughorn agrees with Professor McGonagall that they may not have heard the last from Ginny on the matter of her sorting. Narcissa prepares to return from holiday. Seamus says that he worked with a magic tutor most of the summer.

29 August
Alice discusses the activities at Moddey Dhoo. Madam Pomfrey goes on her final treks to gather supplies for the coming year.

30 August
Narcissa mentions Draco's overpacking and his farewell supper. Sally-Anne shops in Diagon Alley. Luna repeats a story she heard about Sirius Black. Hydra wonders if the Lord Protector would ever consider coming to Hogwarts for tea.

31 August
Molly referees her family's chaotic final day at the Burrow. Ginny puts another drawing into her journal. Sally-Anne describes another argument between her host parents and foster brother in a private message to Pansy.

1 September
Percy issues his first official announcement as Head Boy. Padma implores Hydra, privately, to join her, Lavender, and Parvarti in their compartment. Draco puts Neville on notice for a perceived slight. Alice frets over the hazing. Neville welcomes his sister Evelyn to Gryffindor. Sally-Anne plots, with the ISS kids, how to help Neville. Narcissa writes privately to Draco to ask whether the Dementors harmed him. Professor Lestrange diffuses the mockery of his limp. Padma sympathizes with Harry in a private message. Harry admits that he fainted but tries to cut off further comment. Lucius checks on Pansy. Sally-Anne continues to muse about the implications of Draco's conviction that Neville has been playing the fool.

2 September
Ernie informs his parents that his brother was sorted into Hufflepuff. Padma considers her class schedule and the timing of History Club. Sally-Anne berates Ron for making fun of Harry at breakfast. Sirius solicits Alice's advice in a private message. Percy scolds Ron privately. Ron disavows the ISS kids. Bill intervenes with a private appeal to Ron. Hydra suffers from nightmares. Seamus enjoys the start of his year, however.

3 September
Lana Sandoval coordinates meeting her friends for another rave.
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21 August
Lana Sandoval informs her friends of another rave.

22 August
Ron reveals that the family will be visiting Stornoway Dragon Preserve. Hermione bemoans having to stay at Buckingham while Harry is on holiday. Narcissa calls Barty and Rabastan on the carpet. Barty shifts the blame onto an MLE operative.

23 August
Harry feels guilty that his security detail is causing friction. Sirius arrives in Aldeburgh to spy on Harry.

24 August
Penelope Clearwater gushes about the concert tickets Percy received from Lucius. Sally-Anne discusses the Strettons' business plans regarding journal orders for jam. Ginny complains to Luna.

25 August
Ginny writes two identical private messages, one to Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Peakes and one to Professors McGonagall and Slughorn, begging to be reassigned to Slytherin House. Sirius questions the subject of Ginny's posts. Draco receives attention and advice from his father.

26 August
Barty Crouch, Jr. grows impatient with his clerk. Fred and George attempt to minimize the damage they caused. Lucius verifies with Professor McGonagall that a response to Ginny's plea is forthcoming. Ginny sketches a dragon's head for Luna.

27 August
Professor McGonagall declines Ginny's request for re-sorting. She then warns Professor Slughorn and Lucius that Ginny may have additional objections to her request being denied. Barty Crouch, Jr. takes his leave, along with Bellatrix, to follow a Macnair sighting. Harry tells Hermione about seeing something as well. Sirius also observes the absence of Bella and Barty in the remaining family. Bellatrix abandons the search for Macnair. Ginny wants the school year to start.
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14 August
Lana Sandoval recounts the celebratory night out after her first week's Auror training.

15 August
No posts.

16 August
Madam Pomfrey warns Alice of travelers heading to the vicinity of Moddey Dhoo. Neville realizes that summer is almost over. Padma thanks Dean for his birthday party. Dean hopes the right people were satisfied by his adjustment to his status.

17 August
Hydra Lestrange continues to visit the Lord Protector for tea. Professor Sinistra writes to her mother about sundry issues. Lana Sandoval returns from a hard day in the training program. Barty Crouch, Jr. instructs his clerk, privately, to pull files on a person with a high number of private messages.

18 August
Narcissa criticizes a sample of fabric she received. Alice mobilizes Frank to rescue a new Muggleborn in the Stevenage camp.

19 August
Pansy arrives in London to finish her back-to-school shopping. Frank demands Sirius check in. Sirius explains his delay.

20 August
Padma acknowledges Lana for letting her come over. Lucius offers to pick up last-minute supplies for Narcissa. Tonks regains her job at the Ministry. Barty Crouch, Jr. calls for reinforcements around Buckingham. Sirius frets over the significance of Crouch's request. Barty also asks Narcissa to make up an extra guest bed. He then notifies another Auror, via private message, that she will have to rearrange her schedule to cover an instructor's slot in the coming week. Pansy encounters Aurors patrolling Buckingham more heavily. Percy effuses his gratitude to Lucius Malfoy for his internship and its perks.
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7 August
Ernie describes the preparations for moving to their new house. Poppy provides intelligence about a peculiar new phrase creeping into people's vocabulary during her travels.

8 August
Ginny forgives Hydra in a private message. She also attempts to blackmail Percy in another private message. Dean sends invitations to his birthday party.

9 August
Percy responds to Ginny's blackmail by openly admitting that he is dating Penelope Clearwater. Sally-Anne goes to visit Pansy.

10 August
Kingsley recounts the visit to Sherwood, particularly the reaction to Sirius' appearance in the camp. Hydra Lestrange explains, in a private message to the Lord Protector, why she trusted Tom Riddle. Hermione resumes posting vocabulary words, this time one per week.

11 August
Ron wishes Ginny a happy birthday. Ginny thanks everyone for her presents.

12 August
Narcissa plans more details about the holiday trip through a private message to Barty and Rabastan.

13 August
Sally-Anne enjoys her time visiting Gloss House. Pansy plays a story-telling game with Sally-Anne. Madam Pomfrey notes a breed of sheep popular in the region of Braunton Burrows.
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31 July
Madam Pomfrey encounters a friend of Professor Slughorn's. Sirius decides to join Frank and Kingsley to investigate Poppy's reported rumors. Sally-Anne finds herself at Harry's surprise party. Padma says "Happy Birthday" to Harry before it's too late.

1 August
Sally-Anne thanks Harry for being invited to his party. Alice orders Frank, Kingsley, and Sirius to check in. Narcissa laughs over Rigel's reaction to birthday presents and birthday cake.

2 August
Bill senses a hidden agenda in his department. Director Selwyn reveals an enhancement to the journals' capability, which answers Bill's doubts: a "private" lock, with restrictions, that enables people to communicate without others reading (but that is accessible to the Ministry). Harry explains that the lock is, in part, his birthday present. He also tells Draco, using the privacy lock, what happened at the party. Director Selwyn answers additional questions about the new journal feature. Sally-Anne tests the privacy lock with a message to Pansy.

3 August
Professor Sinistra warns all the students that placing comments to someone's journal under a privacy lock is impolite and impolitic. Penelope uses the lock to propose a tryst with Percy. Fred and George prefer to consider its effects when combined with their lock.

4 August
Ron plots a prank on Percy. Terry explores Professor McGonagall's house in New London. Hydra wonders whether she could send private correspondence to the Lord Protector using the new lock. Lucius hears from his sister, back from her honeymoon. Luna lists the magical creatures of Cornwall.

5 August
Frank informs the Order that he, Kingsley, and Sirius will abandon the search in favor of travelling to the Sherwood resistance. Harry lets Ron know that he'll be going to Diagon Alley if he wants to come along. Rabastan Lestrange makes his first post, announcing that he has been appointed DADA teacher next year. Narcissa arranges to view the final three properties for their holiday. Molly asks to meet Bill for lunch while they go shopping. Padma appeals to Lana Sandoval about coming to visit.

6 August
Padma describes an argument between her parents in a private message to Lavender. Ron thanks Harry for a fun trip to Diagon Alley.
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24 July
Pansy confesses in her first ISS-locked post that she communicated with Sirius Black. Narcissa announces an impromptu dinner party. Madam Pomfrey speculates regarding safety measures for Neville and Evelyn. Seamus recaps the YPL trip. Dean condemns the false Snape sighting. Lana Sandoval effuses over the success of her debutante's ball.

25 July
Ron imparts some rather eccentric instructions given him by his father. Lavender dispels some rumours about the additional questioning she and Padma were subjected to by the MLE.

26 July
Barty Crouch, Jr. rushes off to attend to a case he's been assigned. Molly reports the arrival of the MLE to talk further with Ron about the Hyde Park incident.

27 July
Sirius contemplates revealing himself to resistance groups around the country. Hermione comments on the spacious quarters at Buckingham. Hannah anticipates a fun-filled week in New London with her half of the YPL.

28 July
Dean prospers from his guardian's goodwill. Pansy finishes reading through all the prior ISS posts. Sally-Anne warns Hermione of a surprise party in Harry's honour. Bill observes something that prompts him to ask Arthur to meet for lunch. Neville laments that his shoes are too small for all the walking on the YPL trip.

29 July
Michael Corner bounces over the prospect of watching Aurors train at the Ministry. Tonks polls the Order about whether she should attempt to rejoin the Ministry's janitorial personnel. Sally-Anne inquires after Ron. Millicent Bulstrode foments discord over an incident at the Ministry. Michael complains that his group's London visit has not worked out as well as the previous group's. Professor Sinistra issues a reminder and warning about disruptions and their consequences. Narcissa rejects one of the houses she had selected for a holiday sojourn.

30 July
Lucius assesses Percy's performance thus far. Dean wishes Neville a Happy Birthday. Ginny hopes that Luna's summer has been better than hers. Ron comiserates with Neville. Sally-Anne outfits herself with a little help from Miss Winchers' store. Seamus congratulates Percy on making Head Boy. Molly exudes pride for her whole family, not just Percy. Lana Sandoval offers her felicitations as well.
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17 July
Alice assesses her children and the week they've shared together.

18 July
Bill attempts to learn details about Malfoy's business from Percy.

19 July
Fred and George request replacement posters for Ron's room. Professor McGonagall alerts the Order to business in London.

20 July
Amycus Carrow vents frustration with his research. Narcissa prepares for the holiday they hope to take.

21 July
Padma finds the YPL trip a lot of fun.

22 July
Ron writes to his parents about their activities, notably the trip up and down the Thames and a ghost tour of the Tower. Lana Sandoval loves the robes she will wear for her coming out.

23 July
Zacharias describes the pantomime presentation of the night before. Sally-Anne hated it. Harry tries to write about the week without repeating others' posts. Sally-Anne asks Ron to create a distraction. Pansy diverts the other girls from their location. Ron warns Lavender to set off a reaction. Sally-Anne begs Hermione to contact her friends to help a muggleborn witch hiding in the loo. Seamus wonders if they really spotted Severus Snape in the park. Sirius reckons they saw Padfoot, not Snape. Sally-Anne aborts a post. Hermione contacts the Order. Sally-Anne presents the ISS-lock kids wth a dilemma regarding Pansy. Lucius consoles Pansy after she arrives at his office. Sirius proposes a compromise for Hermione with regard to the Order's need to know about her other (secret) friends.
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10 July
Alice thanks the Order for arranging a romantic weekend for her and Frank. Ron apologizes for embarrassing Percy.

11 July
Lucius returns from giving away his sister at her wedding. Barty Crouch, Jr. embarrasses his colleagues with their sparring stats (and does not apologize!).

12 July
Frank reports a successful handoff so that he and Alice can camp with Neville and Evelyn.

13 July
Ron enjoyed the get-together for Quidditch at the Strettons'. Pansy continues to conduct research on her ancestors and time-travel.

14 July
Luna alarms her foster-family with a few loose mice.

15 July
Hydra Lestrange survives tea with the Lord Protector. Neville talks about his great-uncle (meaning his father).

16 July
Molly receives a benefit for the Order from her bartering network.
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3 July
Ginny tries to arrange for Luna to sleep over. Narcissa resumes the family's normal routine. Terry remarks on the silence of the castle now that summer is in full swing.

4 July
Dean sends several messages to acquaintances. Neville thanks the Weasleys for hosting him.

5 July
Ernie speculates on what kind of house his family will pick when they move. Ginny observes Ron's ill mood.

6 July
Madam Pomfrey assesses Padfoot's health based on the brief visit on Hampstead Heath.

7 July
Padma collects a number of resources on time travel. Lucius promises Harry that he'll try to arrange a holiday outside London. Ron checks whether Sally-Anne is able to visit. Fred and George remind Lee Jordan to bring extra brooms.

8 July
Lana Sandoval feels nervous about her inducion to the Daughters of the Protectorate. Molly marvels at her brood and their guests' appetites. Barty Crouch, Jr. declines a date with Athena Belby but is quick to suggest a raincheck.

9 July
Kingsley arranges a drop at Moddey Dhoo and apparently elsewhere. Hydra receives an invitation to have tea with the Lord Protector, ostensibly in honor of her twelfth birthday. Percy contemplates the doors his internship is opening for him. Sally-Anne organises another Quidditch playdate.
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26 June
Hannah asks opinions about a new album.

27 June
Neville thanks Seamus for a visit the day before.

28 June
No posts.

29 June
Barty Crouch, Jr. twits a colleague for missing sparring practice. Pansy retraces her father's Potioneering career with Lucius.

30 June
Bill loans Percy a book. Sally-Anne tours the estates with the Strettons (and overhears rumours that Sirius Black may not be dead). Lana Sandoval proposes a shopping trip with a friend.

1 July
Pansy is overwhelmed. Sirius adjusts to the changes in London since he left it. Narcissa rearranges the seating chart for the Daughters of the Protectorate induction.

2 July
Lucius reflects on Pansy's response to their activities. Ron invites Neville and Dean to come fishing. Madam Pomfrey informs Professor Sprout of their lodgings for a conference they will attend in London.
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19 June
Lucius mentions a new initiative involving London real estate. Sally-Anne recovers her journal.

20 June
Sirius summarizes the steps he and Aleks have taken to ensure Laszlo's uninterrupted operation. Bill reports that one of the fugitives had information concerning Snape.

21 June
Molly brings the morning paper to Arthur's attention. Sally-Anne wants Neville to know about an article that concerns him. Frank tells Alice not to worry about it until she's finished the smuggling run. Dean offers Neville his support. Fred and George ask Neville if he's seen the article, too. Lucius notes the absence of Kevin Longbottom's name in Hogwarts' magical book. Padma tries to show sympathy and fails. Seamus comes closer, though still falls a little short. Neville repudiates his parents. Narcissa finds a guitar for Draco. Molly returns from delivering Frank's hastily-written letters to Augusta Longbottom. Alice continues an argument with Sirius.

22 June
Alice reconsiders her earlier reactions.

23 June
Percy accepts a summer job working for Lucius Malfoy. Sally-Anne discovers that her bracelets have been copied. Narcissa outfits Draco with a new wardrobe.

24 June
Terry works with several Hogwarts professors. Sally-Anne answers a lot of questions from one of her foster-sisters.

25 June
No posts.
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12 June
Sirius meets his contacts to secure passage for the smuggling run. Ron appreciates home cooking.

13 June
Ernie suggests names for his soon-to-be-siblings. Bill reports a large breakout from Azkaban. Professor Amycus Carrow theorizes as to who may have escaped. Padma gushes about Draco's birthday party. Narcissa seems pleased with the party and that it's over.

14 June
Bill gathers more intelligence regarding the fugitives and confirms that Snape and Macnair are among them, apparently with murderous intent. Barty Crouch, Jr. misplaces his calendar. Bellatrix departs for France. Alice assumes the worst. She demands the Order check in. She also warns Hermione, and implores the stragglers to respond. Terry worries what the activity may mean.

15 June
Alice keeps vigil overnight. Pansy reflects on the news. Molly watches the family clock. Remus defends Sirius' ability to withstand adversity. Frank greets everyone to day two of their alert. Hannah asks if everyone else has read about Sirius' capture. Madam Pomfrey remembers to give Molly medical advice about Ginny. Barty Crouch, Jr. describes the celebrations in the Ministry. Arthur communicates a painful realization about Percy. Bellatrix gains official custody of her prisoner. Hydra wonders whether Sirius might be forgiven. Bellatrix requests backup. Lavender reminds her friends about her birthday party. Barty Crouch, Jr. joins Bellatrix in France. Bill confirms a change in the Ministry's public stance on Sirius' arrest. Sirius aborts his attempt to write to the Order. Terry concludes that Sirius evaded his would-be captors. Professor McGonagall begs Madam Pomfrey and Professor Sprout to update her on the progress of their proposed rescue mission.

16 June
Bill advises Sirius on measures to counteract Bellatrix's curse. Narcissa plans to lunch with several witches. Sirius raises the Order's hopes. Professor Amycus Carrow congratulates Bellatrix on delivering a fatal blow. Madam Pomfrey recaps her journey to Dover with Professor Sprout. Pansy plots a way to get the paper before her mother. Sirius writes of a substantial recovery. Padma thanks Lavender for her birthday slumber party.

17 June
Narcissa postpones her shopping trip with Draco. Neville passes on more information about Sally-Anne. Sirius tells the full tale of his capture and escape. Molly issues several reminders to her brood. Hermione informs the Order of her and Harry's status at Buckingham.

18 June
Luna finds things to like about her room at the Browns'.
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5 June
Sally-Anne ponders the conflicting stories about Regulus and plans charms to put on Hermione and Terry's bracelets. Bill tries to shed some light on the MLE's pursuit of Sirius. Ron proposes a walk with Pansy and Sally-Anne.

6 June
Hermione asks the other ISS kids if she could tell the Order about finding a way to hide the wands, without giving specifics in either direction. Remus invites himself and Tonks to Moddey Dhoo. Luna thanks Sally-Anne for her bracelet.

7 June
Narcissa recieves a gift of tea. Sirius decides to take extra precautions in planning for the smuggling transfer. Seamus wonders who was interviewed by the Prophet reporters.

8 June
Neville confiscates Ron's journal in response to the Prophet article. Sally-Anne posts her own clarifications to the misrepresentations in the newspaper. Harry reiterates, emphatically, that he did not control the basilisk.

9 June
Barty Crouch, Jr confirms a suspicion posited by Lucius Malfoy. Arthur benefits from Lucius Malfoy in a different way. Kingsley gathers reports of the uprisings in several camps throughout regions of Britain. Narcissa waits for the Aurors in her family to get back from putting down the insurrections.

10 June
Arthur reveals that the disturbances were subdued with the help of Dementors.

11 June
Percy issues a few end-of-term reminders. Padma looks for some of her missing possessions. Narcissa inquires after Barty. Luna thinks Peeves may have taken her things. Sally-Anne gets a bookmark from Terry. Ron loses his chess board. Hermione admits to the Order that she received help from students to hide her wand. Madam Pomfrey warns the pupils one last time not to over-indulge. Pansy fails, somewhat, to heed her advice.
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29 May
No posts.

30 May
Madam Pomfrey thanks Professor Lockhart for his offers, but rebuffs them all the same. Narcissa advises Barty that he may have unwanted visitors. Kingsley confirms the reports of increased tension and escapes in the camps. Neville apologizes for an accident in the dorm.

31 May
Narcissa expresses her gratitude to Barty Crouch, Jr., for keeping her informed regarding the investigations into Black family affairs.

1 June
Professor McGonagall sends everyone to their dormitories. Dean tries to find Ginny. Myrtle wishes more people would take an interest in the details of her death. Fred and George bring Ginny to the hospital wing. Sally-Anne reports that Hydra is missing. Bellatrix demands answers. Pansy frets. Draco recounts how he, Ron, and Lockhart came to be separated from Harry and the chamber. Molly begs for news. Sally-Anne tells Ron to respond if he's okay. Padma shows her concern for Harry and Draco in her own way. Seamus speculates about what Harry found in the Chamber. Ginny reassures her family. Lana Sandoval pushes everyone to go to bed.

2 June
Barty Crouch, Jr checks on the status of the crisis. Terry wakes. Professor McGonagall provides the story - both the official and unofficial versions. Seamus rejoices over the lack of exams. Hermione lets Terry take his pick of the two wands she had hidden. Harry tells people to stop asking questions. Narcissa invites Barty to escort her to a gallery opening. Hydra writes her apology for all the attacks. Alice raises the possibility of opening Moddey Dhoo to Muggle children as well as magical ones.

3 June
Terry searches for a way to hide his new acquisition. Amycus Carrow swears revenge for wrongs against his research and himself. Arthur reestablishes a routine now that the camps are open. Penelope offers to return Percy's book.

4 June
Lucius changes his and Narcissa's schedules for the day. Sirius struggles with a follow-up letter from Pansy. He responds with a Grim Truth. Sally-Anne contemplates the source of Terry's wand. Ginny looks forward to summer.
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22 May
Sally-Anne catalogs the year's tragedies in an attempt to link them together.

23 May
Sirius recovers from a fresh encounter with his pursuers. Barty confirms his receipt of Narcissa's owl with the funeral information. Ginny apologizes to Lavender.

24 May
Lucius corrects a colleague regarding his availability. Padma considers whether to continue in Future Interrogators and invites friends to her birthday party.

25 May
Sally-Anne acquires a rat. Lana berates the Head Boy and her rival, Psyche Bobolis, for causing a disturbance.

26 May
Madam Pomfrey begs Sirius to check in. Sirius obliges more completely. Sally-Anne reaches a conclusion about the nature of Amycus Carrow's research.

27 May
Lucius visits Pansy again. Sirius puzzles over an owl he received.

28 May
Padma thinks about the information Pansy told her.
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15 May
Regulus assures Narcissa and others that he's quite recovered. Sally-Anne gets an unexpected care package. Molly learns that the Ministry have denied their application to adopt Luna. Luna receives her assignment, instead, to live with the Browns. Ginny protests the decision.

16 May
Remus brings Tonks home from hospital. Lavender gripes about taking Luna in as a foster-sister. Professor Sinistra announces the YPL agenda for the summer. Sally-Anne worries about Pansy behind the ISS lock.

17 May
Lucius attends the Magical Commerce meeting.

18 May
Padma prepares for the Model Wizengamot. Regulus loses his elf's services (and apparently all willingness to talk to anyone).

19 May
Narcissa regroups after a sleepless night and redoubles her efforts to contact Regulus. Ron checks on Pansy. Draco sends his sympathies to his mother. Sirius surfaces, only to discover his brother has died.

20 May
Sirius wishes Regulus a Happy Birthday, anyway. Barty Crouch, Jr. offers his assistance to Narcissa in making any necessary arrangements for Walburga's and Regulus' funerals. Bill transcribes the newspaper articles for Sirius, detailing the official story so far. Madam Pomfrey celebrates the successful maturation of the mandrakes.

21 May
Sirius explains the Grim Truth behind his relative silence during the spring. Madam Pomfrey retracts her announcement about the mandrakes, citing an incident overnight that will delay their readiness for the potion.
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8 May
Lana Sandoval reminds everyone at Hogwarts that N.E.W.T. exams will take place beginning Monday. Madam Pomfrey posts another message from the OoUWP. Lucius postpones delivering Pansy's second letter to Regulus until Reg is feeling a little better.

9 May
Lucius discusses Narcissa's visit to Regulus in St Mungo's. Madam Pomfrey continues to forward the Underage Wizard Protection missives. Sally-Anne details one of the pamphlet subjects.

10 May
Bill reports on Selwyn's hasty efforts to retract the UWP posts, and also on the ongoing hunt for Sirius. Remus passes information to Poppy about Professor Sinistra's friend. Dean worries about the deaths the two girls who had disappeared earlier. Director Selwyn repeals the travel and postal restrictions throughout the Protectorate.

11 May
Padma receives an apology from Ms Post.

12 May
Harry mopes over the lack of Hermione to help him study. Alice sends the Players back on the road. Narcissa arranges a handoff of Regulus' personal items from Marlborough.

13 May
Pansy denies receiving Regulus' amputated arm in the post. Percy resumes his correspondence with various parties, including Penelope's parents and Malfoy's clerk.

14 May
Hydra hexes one of her dormmates over snooping through her things.


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