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I thought I remembered that Fred and George traded journals--didn't they?

And Pansy has said that she has a thing for George.

But with Pansy exchanging PMs with George's journal, that makes me confused--is it really Fred she's attracted to, and she has them confused with each other? Or did Gred and Forge trade journals back? Or what?
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I know I have been posting a lot lately, but I don't want anyone to miss this: Pansy's going back through old posts, thanking Harry and Terry (and Dudley) for their support, and she went back to Sally-Anne's post from the 15th and wrote the loveliest comment that has made me all teary. It's a testament to the strength of their friendship, which is also obvious in their exchange on Pansy's most recent post.

And it's an answer to the Order's question about the diversity of the Institute's members and the strength of their loyalty to each other and dedication to making a better world out of the Protectorate. What's stronger than lies and social pressure and the crushing weight of what's enforced as the rightful order of things? We see it from Harry and Hermione, from Hydra and Justin, from Pansy and Sally-Anne. It's friendship, it's trust, it's Dumbledore's message from book five writ large:Excerpt from the end of book five )
It's love. It's Pansy writing to Sally-Anne, "You are my heart. And you will always be my heart."

But go read the whole comment. It's beautiful.

Players, I take off my hat to you as always. But to Pansy's player and Sally-Anne's player, especially: bravissimo. <3
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Does any one else hope that Dear Madam Umbridge might end up buried six feet deep in her garden?

I know there is only a teensy chance of it but one can wish.
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That sound is my heart breaking, "Little Bit."

Lucius Malfoy, you have so much to answer for.

In other news, OMG, so much happened this week! JUSTIN FINCH-FLETCHLEY! QUIDDITCH! SEAMUS! Even Percy and Penny getting schmoopy (which, kinda ew, but also? Sort of adorable?) HERMIONE!

Sally-Anne, you are one bad-ass chica. Ron and Pansy and Sally-Anne's banter over fish forks and cheese had ME snorting!!

Oh, and Sirius. Siriusly. Down, boy.

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We realized that in the way of journal conversations, things got a little muddled last night, and anyone reading might read things out of order going straight down by thread (for example, Regulus and Pansy say their good-nights halfway through their conversation, read top-to-bottom).

And since we're silly and that effect of journals really affects the later conversation, we present to you, the text of Regulus' whole post and comments, in chronological order:


in chronological order.... )


Dec. 4th, 2008 08:43 pm
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I love a good mystery!

So Draco is itchy and having trouble breathing.

Have we got a situation where [ profile] alt_amycus is poisoning pigeons students? Or is it just really cold in the castle? (Others, including McG, have noted how cold this early winter is in Scotland.) Is Draco having an allergic reaction to something? (Pansy suggests that you can develop allergies as you get older; Draco says no one in his family has allergies. This Muggle wonders if in-breeding has unfortunate effects...)

Or has someone hexed Draco? (And have the house elves suddenly this term happened to forget how to make savory food?) Or is it a dry run for a student game of AK? Or is there something going on we don't yet have enough information to understand?

Does this take us back to Halloween and the mystery of the troll? (Who set it loose in the castle?) Does it connect with Harry's broom's malfunction during the first Quidditch match? Does it connect with the reported sightings of Quirrell?


Or is it really the obvious (a situation where [ profile] alt_amycus is poisoning pigeons students)?

Oh, how wonderful is a well-crafted mystery!!



Dec. 1st, 2008 09:00 am
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Why does Pansy keep trying to give her father's sweater to Boot? (

How come none of the Order-Only folks noticed/commented when Lucius said that Sirius' import company was a front? ( "Magical Commerce met Monday; provided report on the status of the Laszlo account via the Dover agent. Still no satisfaction from the petitioner; looking more like they were a front after all. Most disappointing, but no sense in dwelling on the circumstances.")

Is the high mortality rate in the muggle-born camps another source of students for Alice?
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Do you think Pansy's regressing in her shock about her mother's crisis? A quick list shows a major change in Pansy's writing: eckspelled (she spells it right before she crosses it out in the post but spells it wrong here and here); dint; actully; priviledges.

Or is Pansy trying to fit in better by bringing her spelling down to the level of her peers? Or is Padma's influence having a viral effect on everyone else including Pansy? I even considered for a moment whether Padma'd got hold of Pansy's journal, but I'm pretty sure that's not what's going on.

Relatedly, I thought it was pretty darned funny when Pansy imitated Padma's illiteracy in Padma's own comments and little Miss Pureblood Ravenclaw didn't catch the point. I think Padma's first quill split so it wouldn't have to write her sentences anymore. (I dint know kwills cud cumit suey-side.)

ETA: Rather than start a new post, I want to note here that Pansy says here that her father told her to always ask questions. (I'm pretty sure she's said this before -- sometime during the Marie episode.) I'm taking this as an important piece of evidence about her father and I'm adding it into my personal theory that Mr. Parkinson met a "friendly-fire" end at the hands of his fellow Death Eaters or at the business end of the LP's own wand. My best guess is that Lucius was responsible. And, in any case, I suspect that Mr. Parkinson was unhealthily inclined to question Death Eater tactics/motives/ideology. If Bellatrix is a model of zeal, I suspect he once defined the other end of the spectrum. (I wonder if he and Regulus were friends/allies.)
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Not that I have the foggiest what it means, but here's an attempt at collecting all the instances to date of Pansy, Ron and Sally-Anne's code-talking posts.

To kick it off, Pansy tells us that "There's a black leopard sleeping in a tamarind tree tonight." [6 Nov] Discussion in comments of whether the leopard can appear blue in certain lights; agreement that the leopard is definitely not red.

Next, in Harry's Quidditch post, Ron and Pansy discuss Ron's hypothetical kittens. [8 Nov] Kittens are projected to be all or mostly gingers, with the possibilities of one black one and/or an oddball with blue eyes.

Pansy reports "There's a dead black raven on my windowsill." [11 Nov] Ron asks if it's after the blueberry Bertie Botts again.

Unclear if this is an instance, but in her post on warming charms Sally-Anne says "Also I found a feather, but it was a black very ordinary feather from a crow, I think. I picked it up to take it with me but then I dropped it out a window to watch it fall." [14 Nov] Discussion between Pansy and Sally-Anne in comments deals with the color red, but in relation to Sally-Anne's warming-charm-induced "sunburn."

Sally-Anne writes "I found a black chess piece in the corridor today. Pansy, is it yours? Or Ron, maybe?" [17 Nov] Ron asks if it might be blue; Pansy says she doesn't know anyone with blue chess pieces and guesses it might belong to a Ravenclaw.

Other instances of code-talking? Guesses at what might be going on? I'm a little worried from Pansy's comment in the most recent post that the new charm on Pansy's quill might interfere with her ability to write in their code - unless she's trying to allude to something with her Ravenclaw remark.

Ron asks Pansy if she needs "strong black tea or something?" [19 Nov] Pansy doesn't reply in color code and seems to brush him off.

Pansy tells Sally-Anne to remind her to tell a joke that Ron will like - "He'll laugh so hard his ears will turn bright red." [22 Nov] Sally-Anne responds with " I once saw someone laughed so hard he almost turned blue."

Oh, Pansy

Nov. 13th, 2008 08:07 pm
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Did Pansy just offer Boot her father's jumper?

I swear, that girl just breaks my heart in the best possible way.


Nov. 6th, 2008 04:03 pm
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Ok bad librarian, my Googlefu is failing me. I find no references that make any sense for Black Leopard & Tamarind tree. (other than to turn up Pansy's entry as the second hit for the search black leopard tamarind, Google is freaking FAST)

Anyone have any guesses other than, Pansy's still being messed with or someone got smart and is talking in code?
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So, now I'm really curious about how exactly Pansy came upon Marie the doll's head. It could be that it was simply an accident, and that the charm/curse operated in exactly the way Professor Acton described it. However, it's more interesting for plot purposes to assume that it was somehow deliberately placed in Pansy's way. The question is, who would want to do such a thing, who would be able to, and what goal would they be hoping to achieve?

As far as who, it seems to me that it would have be someone who knows Pansy quite well--because not every girl would pick up a doll's head that was lying around, much less take it to bed with her. But Pansy is just the sort of curious, somewhat lonely, eccentric, slightly morbid girl who would.

As to how--it seems like it would have to be someone with ready access to the castle, which implies a student or faculty member. Unless an invisibility cloak, the Marauder's Map (although I think it's been hinted that the twins have it here, as in canon), and/or the passage from the Shrieking Shack were involved. Hmmm...

What do they want to gain from it? It seems to be related to her father in some way, and to things that suggest his view of the world didn't exactly toe the standard LP line. I still wonder if her father's ghost could be involved somehow.

Also, I'm very curious about the nature of Pansy's secret. She says in her sleepwalking that it's a Black secret, which to me suggests something to do with either Sirius or Regulus. It would be especially interesting if it was Regulus. This could be a totally crackpot theory, but...what if he is an Occlumens and his return to the LP's fold isn't what it appears to be? I could see that fitting somehow with what we know of canon!Reg and the horcruxes.

I'm also curious as to how much of Pansy's abject apology is sincere, and how much is put on. The girl is in Slytherin, after all! My guess is that she is sincerely upset by Lucius' disapproval, and believes a good portion of what he told her about deserving to be hit and all, but I also think that another part of her is even more determined to go on observing and questioning, just much more secretly. I think it's very interesting that not too long after the fracas, she left a comment on boot's journal--not an overtly friendly one, but not a hostile one either. On the other hand her (at least expressed) attitude toward Dennis seems to be all one expect of a pureblood in this universe.
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The Halloween/troll business made me think harder about canon parallels, especially regarding Quirrell and the Stone. These really aren’t fully-developed theories but just hypotheses to think about, and maybe areas to watch for further clues.

1. Assuming the Stone is hidden in the castle (which seems like a safe assumption), is the conspiracy to “steal” the Stone a bad conspiracy in this world? How might it be useful in supporting the Order or defeating Voldemort? What is Quirrell's role? McGonagall admitted to Arthur that the LP would be watching out for any insider who tried to steal the Stone. Maybe the Order -- or the Machiavellian Dumbledore -- needs someone independent to get it out. We know Quirrell was fired for pro-Muggle sympathies -- in this universe, could he be aligned with the good guys? Perhaps through Dumbledore, and without even the full knowledge of the Order?

2. I think it was lapin_agile who suggested the “borrowing” of Harry’s broom might be related to an attempt to penetrate the Stone’s defenses. Could any of the other temporary borrowings and thefts – Ron’s quill/notebook, Michael’s necklace, Pansy’s doll’s-head, Draco’s tea – be connected to the same plan? Honestly I can’t see how, but there’s a really odd pattern of objects disappearing and reappearing, in ways that sometimes fly just beneath suspcion but that may point to an intruder with an odd interest in particular students and their possessions. Would there be any point in returning these objects with some kind of enchantment on them?

3. Muggle music heard (maybe just in a dream) at 3 am – is someone trying to get past Fluffy?

4. Speaking of intruders -- is there an Invisibility Cloak in play in this Universe? If so, then presumably Dumbledore (and his allies) still have it. Is it being used to penetrate the castle?

5. I love Pansy’s creepy doll’s-head, and it’s kind of interesting to take its influence on Pansy at face value. There could be a loose parallel to Tom's Diary, as something that talks back to you when you least expect it, and messes with your head. The Players are steering us away from Imperio, at least from any specific suspicion about Pansy releasing the Troll, but I wonder if there are other ways that a student under Imperius (or something like Imperius) would be useful in penetrating the Stone’s defenses? Is it significant that someone tried to smash Pansy’s doll’s head – perhaps there a difference in tactics among the conspirators, maybe between a manipulative Quirrel and, say, a more sympathetic Lupin?

ETA: We have confirmation from Pansy that the doll's head was enchanted, but was Professor Acton telling the whole truth?

I really can’t work any of this out yet, but I figured I’d share my paranoia to see if it strikes any sparks. Thoughts?


Oct. 31st, 2008 05:11 pm
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Is it just me, or does Pansy sound a little Imperio'd?

It's just odd to me, because she was so sullen before about being punished but now she's quite contrite. I'm not even going to touch the fact that she was hit.
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I love that Pansy is asking questions about how Mudbloods and Muggleborns are treated.

I love that these Slytherin kids are asking about what Magic is, where it comes from, whether it's a zero-sum game, and how children born of non-magical parents could manifest magical abilities. I love that the questions died out for a while but are cropping up again in a new mind.

And I love that Lucius has to say that the Department of Mysteries is studying how Muggles steal magic for their children: he can't muster an explanation based on "facts" that are already in circulation.

Oh, yeah, and 'Think about it, Harry': you tell him, Pansy!!

ETA. Oh, dear. Lucius concludes the comments with a response to Bellatrix: "I have no idea whence [Pansy] has conceived the notion to be so impertinent, especially on such a fundamental matter, but I will deal with the child - and find the source that is tempting her to perfidy." Cue witch hunt (as it were).


Oct. 3rd, 2008 10:51 am
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I find Pansy very interesting. She seems to have a solidly dysfunctional family background (most promising!); she's prickly; and she's the most conventionally Slyth-centric of the students we are meeting (yay for someone who feels canon-familiar!). I don't, by the way, mean that as a complaint about the other Slytherin characters: I'm very interested in the way this game is showing them to have developed differently than their canonical counterparts. Certainly their life experiences and perhaps their ideological training has been substantially different than in the books -- and I'm really enjoying the glimpses we are getting of cause and effect with regard to these (and other) pureblood children. It's just that I'm glad to have one character who reminds me of the fierce rivalry between the Houses.

Zorb, I think you were the one who prompted us to think about what difference the circumstances of this AU might make in the Slytherin children's ability to see beyond the ideologies of their parents. I'm still cogitating on this and am watching the game with great interest as we continue to get hints. (It will obviously be central to Harry Marvolo's experience in this game.)

But back to Pansy...
The other thing that has really struck me about this Pansy is that she calls other people's parents by their first names -- or, anyway, she calls Lucius Malfoy "Lucius". I can't wait to see what this is meant to signal about her or about her parents and their connections. (She refers to Lucius as her father's best friend.)


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