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In the midst of all the nail-biting and fretting of the various ongoing storylines, this little callback illustrating the difference between Slytherins and Gryffindors made me laugh.
So... thanks, players, for making us laugh and worry all at once and, in general, for running this great game.
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I'm really amused by Rabastan's latest adventure. I'm even more amused that it so closely mirrors Sirius's recent brush with fatherhood (when it turned out Terrie was pregnant but not with his child).

They really are two peas in a pod.
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On behalf of HP Alternity's players, we just want to say that we've all been loving the fen activity on alt_fen over the last few weeks.

Your theories and conversations are like getting reviews - often the only feedback we get - and it's also both incredibly useful and sometimes just glee-inspiring to see where you've tracked in on what we're building, where you're confused or wrestling with open questions, and most importantly, that you're still reading and enjoying what we're writing!

Trust us, we may not want to spoil you by replying, but we notice whenever you post, and it just thrills us, too.

We love you, alt_fen!!!

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Happy Christmas holidays! I'm excited to see the characters go home and to learn a little more about their home lives.

*What do you think is the Strettons' motivation for fostering Sally-Anne? It doesn't really sound like they want to welcome her as a family member.

*Also, Penelope and Percy finally getting along was really adorable. It seems like the one thing they have in common is that they don't really have any friends (that might be too much of a leap, but I'm basing it on Percy's general snotty attitude plus Penelope's statement that she couldn't get anybody to come to Hogsmeade with her). I wonder what they found to talk about over their butterbeer.

*Poor Bellatrix, having her Lord forget her birthday. She named her entry "V" which is interesting because it seems like she still thinks of him as Voldemort rather than Lord Protector, although I suspect she wouldn't use that name publicly anymore.

And what could Voldemort be working on? He's already achieved immortality and conquered Britain. What else does he want?

*from [livejournal.com profile] longstrider: Pansy freaking breaks my heart. I know she's a little bit of a brat, but who wasn't at 11? She's been tortured, crucio and otherwise, multiple times in the last four months. (I don't want to know what Lucius did in the line of that resulted in her needing to freshen ... up before going on to our next appointment. I just don't. I know it could have just been a stern talking to, but Lucius, Pansy this universe? No I just don't want to know.)

*from [livejournal.com profile] travelintheways: So many of these characters are fascinating, but I think I look forward to Pansy's entries and comments the most. I'm never entirely sure when she's being serious about the LP and when she's being subversive. Pretty crafty for an 11 year old, though it's heart-breaking that she's had to learn that so early.

Share other thoughts/observations/hellos in the comments. It's been quiet here this week. How is everyone?

EDIT: I've just had an idea for how alt_fen posts like this could work. Can everybody who has been reading lately and who has a few minutes link to one or two threads that struck them as interesting, and then add a comment or question about that thread? Then I'll copy everything up into the main post, and it'll be a way for us to touch base and share our thoughts in between the times when we have a big topic of discussion.
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Since there's been a lot happening in-game lately, and not a ton of activity on the fan end, I thought I'd take a moment to highlight some threads I've really enjoyed in the past week or so. So, eleven awesome recent threads:

1. Sally Anne learns that Tonks got lots of NEWTs, and sees that it doesn't matter how well she does, because her blood will always be more important.

2. Pansy knows where babies come from and would never let anyone do that to her. Heh! Yay eleven-year-olds.

3. Millicent is actually a good sport in a weird way. When Pansy starts being friendly to her, she's instantly friendly back, even though they were insulting each other moments before. I found that pretty endearing.

4. Megan and Susan have a very cute and very Hufflepuff approach to chess.

5. Harry gets a bad grade in an essay about himself.

6. Teddy is scandalized by which Welsh myth his teacher brings up. I love the look on his face!

7. Sally Anne has figured out that she can't be too smart in class, and Percy prefects his way through the journal comments. (My favorite Percy moment ever, by the way, was "BY GOD, I AM A PREFECT!" Awesome.)

8. Pansy has a mysterious personal history with the cruciatus curse, and Harry is defensive about it. It seemed like Narcissa's mother cast Crucio on Pansy during the weekend she was away, but I wonder if there's more to the story.

9. Teddy asked his father to cast Crucio on him once. But he thinks it would have been braver not to know. That makes it sound like part of the reason for his general curiosity is a sense of anxiety about the unknown. Do you think that's so? And if it is, where do you think it came from?

10. We learn more about Megan and Sally Anne's childhoods. Sally Anne's situation is incredibly sad.

11. And of course, the twins' protectiveness of "the Professor" is so sweet and wonderful. I linked to this particular part of the comments because I'd missed Ron and was very happy to see him again (but speaking of missing people, where's Draco been lately?).

Other fen, do you think this is a good use of fan community? Or is it too redundant with the summaries already posted? Or is it okay, but I should put it behind a cut? Ideally, I envision more sharing of favorite recent threads in the comments. If that's something other people are into.


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