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I love a good mystery!

So Draco is itchy and having trouble breathing.

Have we got a situation where [ profile] alt_amycus is poisoning pigeons students? Or is it just really cold in the castle? (Others, including McG, have noted how cold this early winter is in Scotland.) Is Draco having an allergic reaction to something? (Pansy suggests that you can develop allergies as you get older; Draco says no one in his family has allergies. This Muggle wonders if in-breeding has unfortunate effects...)

Or has someone hexed Draco? (And have the house elves suddenly this term happened to forget how to make savory food?) Or is it a dry run for a student game of AK? Or is there something going on we don't yet have enough information to understand?

Does this take us back to Halloween and the mystery of the troll? (Who set it loose in the castle?) Does it connect with Harry's broom's malfunction during the first Quidditch match? Does it connect with the reported sightings of Quirrell?


Or is it really the obvious (a situation where [ profile] alt_amycus is poisoning pigeons students)?

Oh, how wonderful is a well-crafted mystery!!

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26 October

Sally-Anne wants to go for a walk. Percy informs the students about the security arrangements for the Lord Protector's visit.

27 October

No posts.

28 October

Pansy wonders why Muggles are so hated, which results in quite a furor. Hermione posts about how she and Terry can't learn to make potions because they haven't any materials. Michael muses on wizard chess.

29 October

Pansy is still on the Muggle question, and in the comments Lucius is not at all amused. Later, she posts about how someone broke Marie. Lupin found Harry's broom. Pansy is disciplined by McGonagall over her Muggle questions. McGonagall reacts to Pansy's outbursts. Boot's word of the day is "sully." Sally-Anne posts about Pansy and her walk with Harry.

30 October

Molly writes about making cider with Xenophilius under foot. Neville notes that people seem off, even though they're excited about the Feast. Arthur reports that there is dysentery in the Muggle camps. Pansy got a Howler. Barty Crouch Jr. is concerned about Pansy's antics at Hogwarts. Draco posts about his gift-giving plans, and works something mysterious gift-related out with Theodore in the comments.

31 October

McGonagall says simply, "Wish me luck." Sirius posts another Grim Truth. Hermione is excited about the gift for the Lord Protector she's been preparing. Sirius posts Order-Only about the 'bumpy ride' they're in for. Pansy posts about how repentant she is.

At the feast, Terry wonders where Hermione is. Percy posts frantically telling all students to go to their Common Rooms. Terry still can't find Hermione. Theodore is happy that the Lord Protector liked his gift; he's totally off in his own little world. But Ron and Neville are still missing. So is Harry. And Draco, it seems. Eventually, they are found. Sally-Anne writes about what went on, but she isn't clear about what Harry and the others were doing, either.

1 November

Pansy posts something cryptic about MacHeath. Myrtle is hacked off that a bathroom got smashed up. Harry has no idea what to do with Dennis Creevey, who has apparently been given to him as a Mudblood servant. Draco doesn't know if he's in trouble. Neville is out of the hospital wing and in the comments everyone hashes out what happened. Hermione is grateful to her rescuers. Dennis posts and meets Boot and Hermione in the comments.

Regulus is back and has a hook hand. Lupin is scared for and therefore angry with Hermione. McGonagall encapsulates what happened, including the consequences. Penelope discusses her perspective on what happened. Sally-Anne talks about Dennis' pratfalls in trying to fulfill Harry's orders, and Pansy is creeped out by Dennis. Michael Corner wishes he saw the troll. Narcissa wants to make sure Draco doesn't run off like that again.


Another late recap week - this time even worse than usual - but hopefully we'll be back on track next time.

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Whew! That was fun. I thought I'd start a new discussion post now that all the facts are available and the drama is done.

Notable events:
- Harry accidentally spilled indelible ink on the book Hermione copied for the LP, the Pretiosissimum Donum Dei, thus sending her off in tears. :-(
- Teddy showed off his Dark Mark (inked by Draco) to the Lord Protector, who was pleased to see a new generation of minions coming to life, as was Bellatrix.
- TROOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL in the castle! MacNair was the rumored source, most likely by virtue of his announcing it. Sucks to be the messenger. (ETA: The troll belonged to him, so I guess that's more reason.)
- Even before the panic, boot realized Hermione was missing and told Neville, who also knew from Lavender that Hermione had gone off to cry. Harry put the pieces together and ran off after her with Ron, Neville, and a reluctant Draco.
- The battle with the troll seems to have played out much like it did in canon, with two extra people. Harry still ended up upended, prompting Neville to charge the troll (oh, Neville!). Ron wingardium leviosa'd the troll's club above its head, where it dropped for the KO, with a brief stop on Neville. Draco pulled Neville out of the way.
- Pansy is quoting things.

And finally, the LP left Harry a most devoted gift - welcome, Dennis Creevey! (I love him already.)

Thoughts? Theories?
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... you want us to guess?

I guess you had Draco draw you a Dark Mark tatoo.

Am I right?

I bet the Lord Protector was very flattered that you aspire to be one of His chosen!


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