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In the context of Arthur's explanation of the Order Only spell to Kingsley and in the shadow of Sirius' current difficulties, it occurred to me that I don't know whether the Order Only spell completely protects marked entries or not. What happens if an Order member's journal should fall into the wrong hands? Does the spell mean that the entries appear to ANY reader of a journal that belongs to an Order member or are such entries truly only visible if the reader is an Order member?

This would become a significant issue if Sirius (or Alice or Kingsley or others) were to be caught or if Hermione's journal were to be stolen of if Percy were to mix up his mother's journal with his own over the holidays.

Perhaps no journal can be read by a person other than its owner. That would be comforting, but I suspect it's more useful to the game in the long run if a journal can be picked up and read by someone who is not its owner. If so, the question is whether the Order Only spell is powerful enough to recognize and exclude non-Order readers if they should come into possession of an Order member's journal.

Perhaps this will become evident in time. In the meanwhile, I appreciated Arthur's reminder of how the Spell works.

Also. Yay, Kingsley!!

ETA This would be a good place to note that Pansy mentions knowing how to filter the entries she reads in her journal (though she "forgot" to exclude boot's entries from hers as Draco has apparently done in his own journal).


Sep. 19th, 2008 11:13 am
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Interesting update from Lucius!

I remain interested in whether the Order Only spell is working, and on its face, this post would seem (by its account of a Ministry crisis at dark-thirty o'clock; by Lucius' apparent outrage; by its assertion that the Protector's circle has been monitoring Sirius Black's posts, but that they've until now found them benign and judged them likely to alienate rather than draw readers) to indicate that Lucius and Voldemort are wholly unaware of Sirius' Order Only posts.


Might [livejournal.com profile] alt_lucius not post exactly this if he and Voldemort have been reading ALL the posts all along? Obviously, Sirius expects to get some reaction: this gives him a predictable and satisfying reaction. Obviously, Voldemort and Lucius have a vested interest in bringing Sirius to ground, in bringing his threat to a quick head that will enable them to crush it once and for all: so it would do no good to tip that they are reading his secret posts, and this response robustly suggests they have not.

I'm not really suggesting that I think the Order Only spell doesn't work. I think it's most likely that it works just as billed. And I suspect that we can take Lucius at his word when he writes, "Meanwhile, this alerts the Ministry to a drawback to the journals, namely their ability to spread rumour, lie, and blatant treason if anyone is so foolish as young Black."


I want to keep myself mindful that there IS another possibility. A possibility that would be fully consistent with Slytherin-style, Death Eater-ish, Dark Lordly behaviour.

Order Only

Sep. 17th, 2008 08:58 am
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This isn't a question but an observation.

Zorb's question about the strikethrough convention -- and the moderator's answer -- have made me think about the useful sorts of ambiguity this game has built in. We are told that the strikethrough (which is emerging as an ubiquitous device in this game) is to be read as a smudge which is often unreadable, but might sometimes be decipherable.

It seems to me that the "Order Only" spell is similarly open to uncertainty: we don't yet know that it works, or works uniformly, and even if it does work, it relies on a character's remembering to use it. Does it rely on exact wording? Dumbledore has already tested that proposition, but we don't know the result. [I mean that one possible explanation for Sirius' failure to find his contact in Nice is that the State is able to read all or some of the posts labeled "Order Only."]

Along these lines...

    1. I would be surprised if it were Dumbledore who first fails to use the spell properly.
    2. I wouldn't be surprised that the Protectorate might keep quiet about it if the spell isn't working ... what an opportunity for surveillance!
    3. I don't doubt that Bill Weasley should be able to design an effective spell for this purpose, but I'd also believe that any such spell might require fine tuning and might have been used prematurely.
    4. And I'm trying to be alert to the possibility that the spell works, but not equally well for every user.


    a. I'm watching to see whether it is really wise to have included Hermione in the Order filter: there is a lot of information being passed among McGonagall, Sirius, and Dumbledore that she is now burdened with keeping secret.

    b. Sirius, at least, seems worried: he has suggested (twice, gently) that she ought not trust Lupin.

    c. I would fully believe that a child in Hermione's circumstances might be manipulated into revealing information by someone who treats her kindly. I don't know that it will be Lupin who cracks her reserve, but it would be an interesting, persuasive, and wrenching story line if the game chooses to go that direction.

    d. And, of course, it might not be the child who is the weak link at all. Sirius wonders if they have a leak/sneak within the Order. If so, who might it be? It would be nice to know who (played characters and un-cast characters) is on the Order Only journal filter.


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