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Keep those kids safe, best as you can. Every way you can.

But really, you're only beginning to hate May? I suppose you missed the first few years and thus don't have as much practice as everyone else.
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That a thing that's been set up is that Barty will now make a serious attempt on killing Moody so that he can bring home a triumph in the hope of putting V in a good enough mood that there will be fewer repercussions on Tosha.

Given we just saw a Moody post go up giving his intel and mentioning that he's got a lead on the "slippery bastard", and we got the Barty "JUST NEED ONE MORE STAY PUT" post, I am thiiiinking we are indeed aimed at a showdown.
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Dolohov's recent comment about how he had sworn to protect Draco and failed suddenly gave me a moment of thought - because who swore to protect Draco in Y6 in canon?


And Dolohov is currently hung up on trying to figure Snape out. (And oh, I wish we had Snape's backstory. But who knows these things? Snape, Draco, Albus. Not the most communicative lot, them, about personal details. Oh, and Alice, who is not chatty about other people's secrets.)

Of course, Dolohov hasn't switched sides like Snape.

... though he has his doubts about things ...
... and he's completely flipped out about the inferi ...
... and now he's watching his sworn brother expecting to die ...

So, um. Those are my thinky thoughts for today.
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I'd kind of been worrying a little about him since he posted, but wow.

Spoilers for linked post )
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I can think of a bunch of scenarios for what's going on with them, but I can't for the life of me work out which is most likely, and trying to work it out by looking at earlier posts is not particularly helping.

Siz's PM to Toshenka and Raz and Sally-Anne's commentary on her discussion with Doholov seem like they should be indicative, but I can't work out of what, especially with this.

And then when you compare back to the various things we collected here...

I'm not making much sense of it all, but I might be missing something.


Jun. 6th, 2013 10:38 pm
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And now we have an answer from Tosha to Sally-Anne!

He is just smooth. Smooth as butter. Good butter.
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The discussion about Dolohov’s loyalties appearing strained post-V-death-and-resurrection sort of struck me oddly, so I have gone on an archive dig. (I had noticed his increasing tendency towards strikeouts; because there’s so much material I’m just scanning quickly for strikeouts that appear relevant rather than rereading everything in detail.) I started checking back in October, and didn’t find anything relevant there or in November.

The first one that I noticed was this private message exchange with Barty, located on 23 December and in the aftermath of the bombing that killed Arthur, which included the strikeouts “My heart nearly stopped when He was looking in your direction when” and “Do you ever sometimes want to just”. The first seems to be a clear sign of concern about V’s instability and likelihood to lash out at just anyone; the latter … much more complicated, and I’m not sure what I can pin down about that other than “Wistful pining for life to be different”.

Next, conversation with Seamus prior to the sacrificial ritual. He swaps “agreed” for “dictated” in his first response, and I’m not sure what to make of that: whether this is to disavow responsibility for replacing Seamus as the victim, or to more accurately represent a case of “When I brought this up, V seized upon it and commanded it”. Later in the same conversation, he strikes out “However, I would not like to see Our Lord’s reaction should you [fail]”. (My interpolation added.) Again, anticipation of disproportionate response, which might in this case be anticipated to not only fall on Seamus but on those who proposed the substitution.

Though it doesn’t have strikeouts (by Dolohov at least), this conversation between Dolohov and Lucius is well worth reviewing for insight into Dolohov’s printable thoughts about current politics at that time – which I will note falls immediately after the sacrificial ritual, while he is still on the high.

Most of the next posts from Dolohov are occupied with the aggravation of Umbridge (band name!) and discussions of his medical condition with Poppy. There is a comment (struck out) about Barty “being a mother hen”, which clearly has “worried” substituted for it in order to preserve Crouch’s dignity. ;) Soon after that, he goes into the coma. When he comes to, much of his strikeoutness has to do with Umbridge; this conversation with Lucius touches on events at the Frost Faire interestingly, though it contains no strikeouts. Then our interests combine, in this conversation with Siz he strikes out “And before Our Lord decided it would amuse Him to see what happens” regarding the potential for getting rid of Umbridge.

Next, Linus. Oh, Linus. Linus happily finding things to analyse, who starts doing Quiddich team evaluations on Death Eaters, seeing which ones work best together, who it’s a danger to work with at all. And here the strikeout is “It would not have been quite so volatile had he not also included Our Lord in his [analysis].” In other words, Linus handed Dolohov mathematical proof/evidence/whatever that working with V is seriously bad for your health, which he nearly mentions to Barty.

Back to Umbridge: Dolohov is displeased with the whole situation in which Harry is supposed to deal with the matter, and strikes out “I am almost ready to explain matters to him and offer to hold his robes for him while he skins the woman alive”. Here, his frustration with the notion that Harry – who he elsewhere describes as having the “killer instinct of a wet grape” – should figure out he needs to act against Umbridge without support from the adults who are aware of the scheme. (Incidentally, one thing I really appreciate about Alternity, you players? The fact that this is the only time I can think of where the plot has major aspects of “the grownups are depriving Harry of critical information”, unlike every single plot of Rowling’s ever. Ahem.)

Then there’s this conversation with Barty, which really deserves to be read in full, but which contains eliding “our Lord’s wishes” (presumably because he does not want to admit that people he cares about are being harmed by the whole ‘Umbridge is kept in position until Harry deals with her’ thing), “And if He permitted her to dispose of Minerva and Raz, how could I expect Him to speak for me when she decides I am next”, and “Before anything else can happen to”, apparently expecting things to go badly for those he cares about in general, or in a manner that interferes with his adoption of Barty.

(Worth noting here, though not relevant to my investigation, is Dolohov’s response to Fawcett’s ‘death’, which includes his comment that Fawcett was “entrusted to my care” and “they are mine for the length of time they and I are both here, and I cannot help but advocate for them, even those who will not amount to much.” Dolohov appears here to take his role as teacher as including some sort of protector aspect, which may explain part of his reaction to the DoM raid: that his self-conceived duties as an advocate for the students include protecting them even from Barty. Certainly, they extended to going to great effort to trying to locate a student that he himself considered unremarkable, if passingly useful. He also tells Harry, later, not to feel indebted to him for saving Cedric, as that would be “imply[ing] [he] did something other than [his] duty”.)

Whoof, anyway, that brings me up through April; May is harder to check but I don’t find anything further checking plausible entries in summaries, and I’m not digging back through the last week! Summary of findings so far: Dolohov’s opinions of what’s going on can be read in the strikeouts and between the lines of his comments primarily to Barty and Lucius, secondarily to Siz, and occasionally elsewhere.
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Antonin's recent post, while fascinating, confused me quite a bit on my first readthrough.

Looks like, thanks to the ever confusing DoM organisation, he doesn't really know who was there, apart from (mainly) those he fired spells at.

The first line utterly confuses me. Help?

I'm reading the rest of the first paragraph as notation of which spells he hit them with (though could possibly be some reference to which rooms they were in? Probably not, but it's what I thought at first): Bonefire for Hydra looks pretty self-explanatory, given that she felt like her fingers were broken. Nihil sensorum (lit. nothing of having-been-perceived in Latin, so something causing lack of sensory function, I guess?) was what he hit Justin with, though why Justin was screaming I don't know. Just a particularly nasty side effect of the curse, I guess.

"w/B" is one thing where I have very little idea what it's meant to mean.

Infidi ("I have cut/ploughed a path into" seems like the most likely Latin translation) would be what he attacked Sally-Anne with. I'm guessing it has the same effect as stabbing someone with something sharp.

The next section looks fairly straightforward, though I'm quite amused with him thinking Linus Moon was helping. Those initials confused me a lot at first. (Especially since LM usually refers to Lucius Malfoy. The idea of him acting as distraction for them was rather odd.)

And of course, he is very confused as to the logistics of it. I don't think I want him investigating the destination of it all anymore than he has already. Fingers crossed.


Sep. 17th, 2012 11:55 am
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Meanwhile, I am fascinated by Dolohov's presence and his long-standing role as one of the top "trainers" in the Dark Arts (excuse, please, Noble Arts), and how that changes the dynamics among the Death Eaters with respect to the Dark Lord.

For example, the latest exchange with Barty. First off, oh, Barty, you were in a total "I'm such a FUCKUP" drunk mode last night, weren't you? Come here and let me pinch your cheeks, you adorkable homicidal maniac, you.

But second, one of Barty Crouch, Jr.'s defining characteristics from canon is that he was so estranged from his father that he found in Voldemort's situation a kinship, a point of commonality. It's almost as if he sought from Voldemort himself the kind of pride that (we perceive) Barty, Sr., never showed him during his formative time.

The introduction of Dolohov as that mentoring, proud, and even affectionate parent-figure deepens the ranks that we have thus far seen among Death Eaters even as it introduces someone who serves as a hierarchical layer between Voldemort and his Chosen - and thus, also serves as a potential rival for V's power and glorification.

It stands to reason that V didn't necessarily bother teaching all these dark spells to his minions. I mean, it's up to them to learn that stuff and acquire their own power - that's what he had to do, after all! But what's interesting here is that we are told that Tom Riddle was excessively dynamic and was completely capable of at least feigning affection, of gaining supporters and endearing himself to the people he needed. We've been given hints in Alternity that that was so, and it is a large part of how he succeeded in his total takeover even before he'd made himself practically invincible.

And yet, here is a person whom he clearly trusted to groom his major Inner Circle lieutenants and who clearly has a very close and personal relationship with several of Voldemort's top players. It's interesting to me the ways in which those relationships both reinforce and simultaneously threaten Voldemort's supremacy in all their eyes.

Anyone else find this really really cool?


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