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25 August
Sirius pieces together the identity of the new DA instructor. Narcissa relaxes on her holiday. Madam Pomfrey declares herself recovered from her ordeals. Arthur wrestles with questions posed by his youngest son. Barty Crouch, Jr. identifies a former enemy. Lana Sandoval observes the conspirators going about their business.

26 August
Antonin Dolohov opens his home and library to visitors. Professor Sprout reads of Stint's demise. Padma takes stock of the end of summer. Sally-Anne alerts the ISS to the availability of books at Flourish and Blotts.

27 August
Sally-Anne receives her Dark Arts book list. Professor Dolohov confirms that he is the new Dark Arts professor - and that all third-years and above will be enrolled in his class. Molly loses her temper over the announcement. Sirius thinks about the implications for the Jr Auxiliary. Neville prepares himself for the challenge of taking Dark Arts. Terry passes Neville's message to Frank and Alice. Ron decides to use his YPL money for his texts instead of fun stuff. Michael contemplates the circular effects of limited avaiability of some of the titles. Bill asks Frank for details about how Dolohov murdered his uncles Gideon and Fabian. Ginny gets excited that Dark Arts seems to have someone who knows what he's doing.

28 August
Barty Crouch, Jr. finds fault with the Auror's investigation into Stint's death. Bill learns of an opportunity to rescue Hermione's mother from the werewolf enclave. Madam Umbridge offers her guidance to Professor Dolohov. Sally-Anne senses that Ron had hoped for some time alone. Lucius wonders how the Stint investigation is going. Madam Pomfrey worries after being summoned for further questioning by MLE. Professor Sinistra realizes that Fulton may have less than perfect motives in his investigation into Stint.

29 August
Professor Dolohov reassures Lucius and Narcissa that his recovery is progressing on schedule. Professor Slughorn welcomes Professor Dolohov back to Hogwarts. Remus returns to New London with startling news about Hermione's mother. Terry tries to console Hermione. Rodolphus verifies that his brother had nothing to do with killing Stint.

30 August
Madam Pomfrey extends her offer of sympathy to Hermione. Hermione shuts down further conversation about what happened.

31 August
Zacharias declares a water fight in Hyde Park. Hydra explains to the ISS why it's unwise for her to go. She also imparts to Harry (and Hermione) what she learned when she asked her father about the ritual Voldemort had tried to have Harry perform at the end of the Third Task. Susan tells Neville it's probably just as well he's not in CCF. Lavender anticipates that Parvati will have a hard time not being a Prefect along with Lavender and Padma.
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18 August
Narcissa pauses before going to observe the CCF closing ceremonies. Professor Sinistra announces her resignation from heading the YPL. She also admits to Poppy and Pomona that it was not voluntary. Draco reflects on the remainder of summer.

19 August
Madam Pomfrey suffers through an interminable training seminar. Justin speculates about what having Umbridge means for the YPL.

20 August
Sirius rides to Poppy's rescue. Lucius confers with Barty Crouch, Jr., over the news from Professor Sinistra. Bill dishes the dirt on Stint.

21 August
Madam Pomfrey regains her vigor. Lee reveals some feedback on Arthur's new Ministry recruit. Professor Sprout tries to be patient while Sirius baits a trap for Stint. Barty confirms that Narcissa's holiday location is safe.

22 August
Professor Sinistra notes a remarkable observation opportunity for her students. Ron wishes Percy a happy birthday while simultaneously asking for his room. Molly assumes Percy and Penny will come for supper. Sirius shares Pomona's apology with Remus and Dora. Ginny offers to arrange a cooking lesson for Percy. Professor Lestrange checks in while Draco goes flying. Penny waits for Percy to come home. Lucius ties up various affairs before joining his family on vacation. Penny burns dinner.

23 August
Professor Sprout tells the Order that Poppy was, in fact, being poisoned. Barty directs the surveillance detail. Justin writes to Hydra. Remus proposes that Hermione might be able to wrangle a visit while Harry is not at home.

24 August
Barty welcomes an old friend back to the fold. He also prompts Lana Sandoval-Pennifold to report in. Sirius notifies the Order as to his and Poppy's progress. Lana responds to Barty's urging. Sirius guesses that Molly will not like the recently returned Death Eater. Remus works on Terry and Hermione's playdate.
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11 August
Ron wishes Ginny a happy birthday. Lee Jordan greets the Order of the Phoenix. Molly says happy birthday to Ginny as well. Professor Lestrange invites his brother's commentary on his engagement to Professor Sinistra.

12 August
No posts.

13 August
Remus pushes Sirius to answer an owl from Sally-Anne. Ginny thanks her mother for her cake. Justin confides in Sally-Anne and Hydra about Remy's distress and his own misgivings. Nymphadora attempts to answer Sally-Anne's questions as well.

14 August
Sally-Anne takes note of Professor Sinistra's ring. Luna worries about Darius Warrington.

15 August
Ginny calls attention to Dean's birthday. Professor Sinistra arranges a meeting with Professor McGonagall to discuss housing plans. Harry checks on Seamus after a harrowing day's training. Sally-Anne shares the answer Sirius sent her.

16 August
Terry skives off his lessons. Harry considers quitting CCF. Ron goes crazy trying to decode his assignment. Padma praises her team on their decoding. Alice counsels Frank about Terry.

17 August
Frank offers Terry a listening ear.
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4 August
Padma congratulates Lana and Ned on their wedding. Penelope borrows money from her mother. Terry suffers nightmares and insomnia. Seamus explains himself to his guardian.

5 August
Terry regrets his previous warning to the ISS. Blaise aborts a post. Lana Sandoval thanks Rodolphus for his interventions. Madam Pomfrey accounts for her training course in water safety. Nymphadora looks for the photographs of Lana's wedding. Alice prepares Moddey Dhoo for a storm. Sally-Anne tells the ISS about the coming exercises. Barty Crouch, Jr. gives Lana and Ned little time for themselves.

6 August
Lee Jordan bids the ISS lock farewell. Alice takes stock of the damage caused by the weather. Professor Sinistra learns that her services are no longer needed for the YPL.

7 August
Fred and George celebrate Lee Jordan's birthday. Harry assesses his team's performance in the day's activities.

8 August
Draco fails to say what he seems to want to say. Ron feels pretty triumphant about his day's efforts.

9 August
Barty Crouch, Jr. demands the CCF training reports moving forward. Arthur informs the Order that Lee is considering joining.

10 August
Professor Sinistra receives some welcome news. Barty Crouch, Jr. provides his own congratulations to Rabastan.
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28 July
Lucius charges Draco to keep an eye out for conspiracy. Justin tries to stay awake. Ron asks to move into Percy's room. Dean worries whether he or Seamus will suffer Capper's fate.

29 July
Padma disapproves of losing practice time for the Freedom Day performance. Molly praises Ginny's offer to Percy. Barty Crouch, Jr. congratulates Selwyn for following through on the change in Capper's status. Professor Sinistra lets off some steam about the direction of the YPL.

30 July
Harry checks on Hermione. Sally-Anne wishes Neville a happy birthday. Padma organizes an impromptu practice session. Percy prioritizes work over spending time with Penny. Alice inquires of Snape whether Neville discussed his plan to ask his parents for information. Frank seeks permission from Arthur and Minerva to tell Neville and then Obliviate him. Alice further invites Terry to come and talk to Neville before he is Obliviated. Remus speculates about the flurry of the Longbottoms' private messages. Sirius makes sure Alice and Frank have the situation under control. Frank discloses the situation to the whole Order.

31 July
Lana Sandoval writes herself a panicked message she wishes she could send. She then sends a much more acceptable note to the recipient. Sirius weighs in on the Order's discussion from the previous night. Narcissa marks the observation of Freedom Day. Harry posts proudly about the parade performance. Remus offers to give Neville and Evelyn lessons on boggarts. Padma thanks Daphne and Blaise for their help with the CCF's routine.

1 August
Madam Umbridge commends those who worked hard on the Freedom Day celebrations. Alice shoos Frank away while she and Evelyn have a mother-daughter talk. Madam Pomfrey expresses her support to Frank and Alice. Nymphadora reports that Ellie is managing Bea with no problems.

2 August
Lana Sandoval meets her bridesmaids for their bachelorette spa day. Ron warns the ISS that the collectible dolls may be charmed to spy on their owners.

3 August
Terry fears that his friends may be falling for the Protectorate's temptations. Sally-Anne discusses her concerns with Professor Sinistra. She also shares what she learns with Ron and Pansy. She further tells Hermione and asks if she should warn Harry.
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21 July
Percy reserves a table to celebrate Penny's second week on the job. Justin feels a little homesick. Ginny suspects someone has discovered her romantic relationship. She also warns her secret boyfriend.

22 July
No posts.

23 July
Barty Crouch, Jr. recommends action to put the St. Mungo's staff in their place. Hydra asks Nymphadora if some of her friends can come visit the cafe at Laszlo's of London. Remus considers the request. Daphne arranges a semi-private dance lesson with her instructor. Hydra relays the invitation to tea to the ISS.

24 July
Kingsley confirms the Longbottom annual polyjuice camping trip. Penelope finds a flat for her and Percy. Hydra invites Draco and Pansy to tea. Draco discusses the offer with Pansy. Padma surprises herself by enjoying a dance with Blaise Zabini. Hydra extends another invitation to Harry.

25 July
Lana Sandoval reassures herself about her impending marriage. Rodolphus consults his brother on his health records. Terry considers the challenges of learning proper magical technique. Sally-Anne thanks the Ponds for hosting tea. Molly reacts to the news that Percy is moving out. Remus relates his close encounter with Sally-Anne. Justin writes his thank you note for tea appreciation.

26 July
Padma receives her Prefect's badge. Professor Sinistra shares a happy secret with Narcissa. Kingsley hands off the custody of the Order's prisoner to the other Players. Ron comiserates with Neville over the Prefect decisions. He also inquires about Sally-Anne's luck.

27 July
Dean congratulates Seamus on making Prefect. Neville leaves himself a cryptic message. Lucius gives Pansy a pep talk. Michael replies to the news that his classmate's brother was expelled and his status revoked after failing O.W.L.s. Ginny offers to improve Percy's cooking skills.
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14 July
Ron inquires after Sally-Anne and Pansy's recovery from their flight.

15 July
No posts.

16 July
Madam Pomfrey reports an unexpected encounter with an adversary. Bill socializes with his new boss.

17 July
Professor Sinistra checks in with Madam Pomfrey. Bill recounts his conversation with Mr Rosier for the Order's benefit. Arthur passes along some unfortunate findings regarding Terry's family.

18 July
Professor Lestrange confirms the arrangements for dinner with Siz's family. Seamus invites Padma over to visit. Alice imparts to Sirius and Arthur how Terry responded to the news. Fred and George make sure Hermione knows how Terry is doing.

19 July
Ron gossips about the other counsellors and students on the YPL London trip. Sally-Anne wants to hear how things are going. Professor Sinistra worries about the implications of another run-in with Stint. Madam Pomfrey discusses the possible threat with the Order. Harry offers to get Hermione away from Buckingham during the CCF trip. He also asks Professor Sinistra to arrange it.

20 July
Barty Crouch, Jr. edits a colleague's memo. Pansy prepares to go home. Padma thanks Seamus for a good visit.
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7 July
Susan confers with Sally-Anne about her sister's bullies.

8 July
No posts.

9 July
Harry plans for the Quidditch club for the week. Professor Sinistra thanks the counsellors for their assistance during the YPL camping trip. Luna proposes a magical creatures club. Molly drops a hint to Ron about Sally-Anne's father's movements. Ron plots with Sally-Anne and Pansy to go visit Mrs Perks while Sally-Anne's father is away. He also confirms the plan once it's set in motion. Sally-Anne experiences an abrupt change of attitude from Madam Umbridge.

10 July
Fred and George spend time at Grimmauld Place. Sally-Anne likes the broom that Ron fixed up for her.

11 July
Sally-Anne returns from visiting her mother.

12 July
Ernie gets back from distance flying and is exhausted.

13 July
No posts.
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30 June
Pansy anticipates the taste of Burmese food.

1 July
Sally-Anne gets her journal back from the Strettons. Nymphadora takes Bea on a picnic.

2 July
Sally-Anne asks Neville if he'd consider adding Evelyn to the lock.

3 July
Professor Sinistra reports on the YPL camping trip.

4 July
Lana Sandoval discovers a particularly intriguing lingerie shop. She also thinks hard about her upcoming wedding.

5 July
Dean orders the YPL campers to stop complaining about the rain. He also dispenses a little counselling to one student in particular. Ginny works on all her various training. She also invites Honoria Sandoval to meet for ice creams in Diagon Alley. Sally-Anne goes to Draco for help controlling some of the rising 2nd-years. She also tells Susan that her sister's being bullied by the same group. Ron leads an expedition to Rye.

6 July
Madam Umbridge confirms her fears about the YPL programme's oversight. Narcissa orchestrates several different social events. Justin writes to Hydra under the lock.
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23 June
Remus submits his minutes from the Order meeting. Lana Sandoval congratulates two colleagues on their engagement. Ron relays the twins' opinion on adding Hydra to the lock. Terry indulges in the ability to write to both Fred and George.

24 June
Hermione welcomes Terry to the Order. Justin arranges a meeting with Hydra to tell her about the ISS lock.

25 June
Neville returns home to his grandmother. Madam Pomfrey survives another run-in with Stint. Ginny receives a letter from an admirer. Justin imparts to the ISS that Hydra has no interest in Legilimency. Penelope weighs the two job options she might have before her. Ginny solicits Pansy's opinion of Troy. Alice senses that Frank needs steadying. Dean blames himself for Seamus's problems.

26 June
Arthur pursues hiring Nicholas Towler in the wake of all the Purity Control shakeups. Wil Wagstaff parcels out his brand of advice. Draco lists a dizzying array of social clubs for Harry's calendar. Kingsley conveys Scott's decision to join the Sherwood band.

27 June
Lucius rearranges his schedule. Harry surprises himself by enjoying running the Quidditch club.

28 June
Terry explains to the ISS that he has a new home. Percy breaks the news to Penny that they weren't able to secure the flat they wanted. Hydra struggles to come up with a secret for her first ISS post.

29 June
Pansy checks on Sally-Anne. Ron starts a long-distance flying club.
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16 June
Madam Pomfrey sings the praises of a (nearly) empty castle. Frank contemplates getting Alecto to tell the secret before she leaves for Lincoln. Hydra works through the implications of Justin's latest revelation. Fred and George conclude that Justin did not need them to Obliviate Hydra. They also propose that Arthur look into offering Nicholas Towler a place in the Ministry, where Arthur can also groom him for the Order.

17 June
Professor McGonagall forbids Frank and Sirius from coming to deal with Alecto Carrow. Ron spoils Draco's birthday surprise in his exuberance. Amycus Carrow discovers the source of Alecto's wasting illness. Zacharias approves of Pansy's preparations on behalf of Draco. Professor Lestrange confronts his brother about Alecto. Pansy compliments Draco on his Seeking. Justin cautions Hydra to stay where Alecto can't come after her. Hermione expresses conflicted feelings about admitting Hydra to the ISS lock.

18 June
Professor McGonagall finds Alecto dead. Amycus reacts. Terry does too. Sirius looks with Frank for Terry. Frank reports that Terry and Dudley are with him and Sirius outside Moddey Dhoo. Sally-Anne reads that Lincoln Castle has reappeared. Luna observes the activity surrounding Alecto's death. Lee alerts the twins. Ron logs the miles on distance-flying. Alice recounts how the twins' arrival at Moddey Dhoo made integrating Terry and Dudley possible. Terry confirms to the ISS that he is free. Lucius fishes for the gossip from McGonagall and Rodolphus.

19 June
Remus reflects on Terry's accomplishments. Professor Sinistra changes the location of part of the exams. Lee passes Terry's message to the twins. Luna encourages her housemates in the CCF trials.

20 June
Frank heads out to sea for the solstice smuggling run. Luna consoles two of the CCF hopefuls.

21 June
Sirius offers to host the Order meeting at 12 Grimmauld Place on Friday. Ginny receives compliments on her flying. Justin copes with the skills testing. Fred and George love visiting Moddey Dhoo. Ginny tells Molly that she has another weekend photoshoot in New London.

22 June
Barty Crouch, Jr. commends Lana Sandoval for (finally) completing her assignment. Professor Sinistra posts the list of rising-4th-year CCF members. Snape shows sensitivity to Alice's feelings regarding the Order's discussion of Neville. Percy complains to Penny that Charlie is giving the twins preferential treatment. Remus imparts something Terry told him to Sirius.
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9 June
Fred and George make it through their exams. Harry learns that the Third Task is not the only ordeal he'll face Monday. He seeks help from multiple sources. Remus observes Ellie once again protecting her placement at Laszlo. Sirius asks Molly's opinion about Sally-Anne's mother after receiving a letter from yet another teen correspondent.

10 June
Justin sues the ISS group on behalf of adding Hydra.

11 June
Sirius receives Harry's distress call. Sally-Anne reports Viktor's conviction that he ought to lose the Tournament, as imparted by Cedric. Zacharias gripes to his housemates that they can't properly root for their own. Professor Sinistra describes the tension of the feast to Madam Pomfrey. Hermione stays at the castle on Harry's orders. Percy joins Penny in the audience for the task. Blaise wishes the Champions good luck. Ron reacts to the alterations to the Quidditch pitch. Lucius grows impatient for the event to start. Padma watches while Fleur gets caught by Devil's Snare. Zacharias confirms that Delacour is out of the running. Pansy worries. Susan feels the excitement and stress, too. Pansy sees Krum behaving strangely. Susan approves of Cedric's method to stop Krum. Padma spies the Sphinx. Lavender is less impressed by the giant spider. Sally-Anne hopes Cedric will be okay. Pansy cheers Harry on as he wins. Ron congratulates Harry. Lucius does too. Harry gets his leg treated. Madam Pomfrey shoos out all the interlopers from her infirmary tent. Lucius consults with Rabastan on the nature of Harry's real test for the night. Barty Crouch gives his all-clear. Sally-Anne looks for Draco. Lucius collects Draco but is interrupted by a summons. Director Selwyn sends his wife home in order to attend on Voldemort. Kingsley acquires a second charge to watch.

12 June
Harry encounters Voldemort as he has never seen him. Madam Pomfrey arranges to admit Sirius to visit Harry in the Hospital Wing overnight. Professor Sinistra closes her door to students but keeps her journal handy. Harry wishes his competitors well. Justin defects officially. Narcissa comments on the Tri-Wizard Tournament's end. Sally-Anne remarks on Harry's victory and Justin's defection. Remus wants Sirius to tell him about Harry. Madam Pomfrey plays catch-up in the aftermath of the last two days' events. Bill returns from lunch with Percy. Frank plans to obtain Lincoln Castle's secret from Alecto or end her to force the castle to appear. Sirius responds to Remus's earlier request.

13 June
Madam Pomfrey grouses to Dumbledore about his lack of cooperativeness. She also informs the Order of the dissatisfactory nature of her conversation with him. Justin spends his first night in the Hufflepuff dormitories. Amycus Carrow sends a creepy love letter. Barty offers his condolences to Malvasius Travers' brother. Terry overcomes another milestone in his quest to become an Animagus. Barty chides Lana Sandoval over her performance on her assignment. He also struggles to answer Narcissa. Eventually, he finds a few words.

14 June
Professor Sinistra issues some last instructions regarding the CCF and YPL schedules for summer. Pansy touches base with Percy and Lucius regarding Draco's birthday party. Professor Sprout passes on to the Order Alecto's decision to quit Hogwarts. Penelope Clearwater grumbles to Percy that her father sent a belated birthday note.

15 June
Terry tells the ISS that Alecto Carrow will be coming to live at Lincoln with her brother. Lavender thanks her parents for her birthday presents. Pansy thinks about the summer ahead. Ron invites people down for chess in the Great Hall.
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2 June
Barty Crouch, Jr congratulates one of his Aurors on finishing her assignment. Lavender fumes that she and her friends continue to be blamed for the slur on Pansy.

3 June
Narcissa checks on how Barty is coping. Remus makes plans to avoid Ellie during the full moon. Fred and George cram for Potions.

4 June
Madam Pomfrey issues a recall for students who have taken dangerous potions. Barty answers Narcissa. Professor Lestrange clears his conscience with regard to Daphne's paternity. Justin moves quickly to finalize the arrangements for his defection. Kingsley works with Scott (Arthur's colleague's widower) to learn more about DogStar and decide what to do with him and his young son. Justin wonders whether Hydra would find it important to be at his Sorting.

5 June
Harry contemplates the Third Task. Justin learns that he's to come and be Sorted before supper. Sirius reports that Kreacher oddly seems to miss them when they're away. Neville extends his welcome to Justin as a new Hogwarts student. Narcissa meddles in Barty's grieving process.

6 June
Neville encourages his sister. He also threatens her tormentor. Barty monitors the Aurors' progress in the final stages of the DogStar mop-up. He also chivvies Lana Sandoval along on her role. Professor Slughorn discusses the staff meeting with Professor Sinistra. Professor Sinistra welcomes Justin to Hufflepuff House.

7 June
Snape informs Frank and Alice of Neville and Evelyn's difficulties. Lucius denies his sister's requests to stop Justin's defection and to let her stay in England longer. He also manipulates the Muggleborn Labour Committee's agenda to add a higher priority discussion.

8 June
Terry has been having unfamiliar but pleasant dreams. Penelope restores order in the exam hall. Sally-Anne explains the need for Penny's announcement. Penny describes what happened, as well, to Percy.
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26 May
Neville consults Professor Sprout on the care of a plant he received. Barty Crouch, Jr. plans the cover-up of several Ministry employees' involvement in DogStar. Susan goes on a flight. Lana Sandoval postpones a dinner party in her honor. Professor Sprout tells Alice and Frank that she has invited Neville to a memorial for Hannah Abbott. Sirius reports his observations of Ellie in the wake of the DogStar arrests. Susan converses with Neville in the middle of the night.

27 May
Lucius obtains a confession instead of his sleep. Susan warns Zacharias Smith that Neville will be at Hannah's remembrance. Pansy makes her loyalty to her friends unquestionably clear. Justin receives conflicting pressure from the Ministry and from his French chaperon. Arthur learns through the papers that his colleague, Norma Brownmiller, was a member of the DogStar company. Ron struggles to understand the DogStar's motivations.

28 May
Susan experiences her first hangover. Narcissa orchestrates the planning of an award presentation for the MLE operatives who broke the DogStar. She also invites Barty to have lunch with her. Terry gets an owl with some valuable advice. Justin neutralizes Professor Froissart with a compelling, if simple, argument.

29 May
Molly tends her garden and livestock. Barty mocks his father's interest in his mother's memory. Susan posts a public eulogy for Hannah. Barty finishes a task before taking on a new assignment. Arthur calls emphatically for Kingsley to come urgently to the Burrow. Harry heads down to the edge of the forest for a Champions' meeting. Barty loses hold of his father and goes searching for him. Arthur explains his earlier distress: His shed has been the hiding place of a father and son fugitive. Narcissa worries about Barty's messages to his father. Harry looks for Milland (AKA Snape). He also summons Madam Pomfrey and Professor Lestrange for help. Professor Sinistra wonders what's going on and if she can help Raz.

30 May
Sirius examines the DogStar's motives and its choices and what choices it leaves those who remain behind. Ginny alerts Draco to a nasty cartoon in the girls' bathrooms. Penelope dispatches the Prefects to remove the cartoons from bathrooms all over the school. Lee thinks the jokes hit way below the belt. Draco sends Daphne to get rid of one of the drawings. Pansy rides out the wave of ridicule. Barty submits his reports from the last few days. Professor Sinistra opens her office to Sally-Anne, Pansy, and any of their friends who wish to avoid the other students. Eloise gossips about the slogan on the drawings and whom it might reference. Padma denies any involvement to Pansy. Professor Sprout gathers Hufflepuff for a House Meeting. Blaise checks on Draco. Sally-Anne contemplates the wisdom of showing a little weakness. Nymphadora celebrates Bea's one-year birthday. Hydra doubts her ability to publicly support social outcasts. Kingsley makes progress with their refugee.

31 May
Pansy apologizes to the ISS for bringing more attention than deflecting it. Harry prepares for the Third Task. Narcissa arranges for Barty to receive a full restoration before he receives his award. Lana confirms she is not a lesbian. Sirius continues to observe Ellie in her private reactions, this time to his own Grim Truth.

1 June
Professor Sinistra discusses contraceptive methods with Madam Pomfrey, on behalf of her sister. Barty notifies Lucius of a suspicious visitor. Professor Lestrange conspires with Daphne to settle her paternity for both their curiosity.
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19 May
Professor Sinistra takes stock with Rabastan. Lana Sandoval asks Ned to look after things for her at home.

20 May
Alice updates the Order on Moddey and makes summer plans.

21 May
Barty Crouch, Jr. leaves a note for Narcissa. Penelope survives her NEWTs and catches Percy up on the Hogwarts gossip. Pansy starts planning a celebration for Draco's birthday. She also enlists Lucius to help.

22 May
Susan wishes Megan Jones a happy birthday. Sally-Anne discusses Thomas Capper's fate since he is failing almost all his OWLs. Professor LeStrange returns from confronting Daphne's mother, without the desired results. Charlotte Smythe declares doom on the DogStar's enemies. Pansy coaxes Daphne out for a walk. Draco guesses that Pansy is planning his birthday party.

23 May
Professor Sinistra reminds the students of the final YPL event and the CCF tryouts. Ron explains why he's so tired, after sitting up all night with a student who believes his father had been a DogStar operative. Fred and George convey the situation to the Order, since the deceased was actually one of theirs, not DogStar's.

24 May
Terry describes his burgeoning friendship with Dudley. Ron puts together a chess match for distraction.

25 May
Lana Sandoval signals the heads of the Aurors and MLE. Barty Crouch, Jr. reports in as well. Bill reads the newspaper with alarm. Neville fears for his parents. Lucius tells Narcissa not to worry. He also makes Percy fetch some lists and the people behind them. Professor Sprout relieves Professor Sinistra of any guilt for missing the planned Hufflepuff gathering over the weekend. Padma considers the magnitude of the DogStar arrests. Snape gives Hermione a nudge toward easing Neville's mind. Bill lets his mother know that he and Arthur are going to get dinner together. Lana clarifies the fate of Charlotte Smythe's journal. Bellatrix requests Barty work on her project for his next assignment. Narcissa inquires of Barty for her own satisfaction. Kingsley relays a report gleaned from Davidson and other contacts in the field.
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12 May
Pansy tries to understand how Daphne stayed involved with Bole so long. Padma offers Daphne her support. Sally-Anne invites Daphne to walk down to Hogsmeade with her and Pansy. Ron calls the group up to a row of traveling pedlars' carts on the edge of the village. Remus worries that Ellie will not adjust well to her new environment.

13 May
Blaise assures Daphne of his protection. Penelope reminds all to be nice to the NEWT and OWL students who are undertaking their exams in the next weeks. She also writes herself a note of encouragement. Professor Sinistra announces the YPL counselors for the next year. Padma sympathizes with Seamus and Linus for not getting counselor positions.

14 May
Percy sends his own well-wishes to Penny. Arthur arranges his visit to evaluate Ellie Summer. Professor Lestrange requests Professor Slughorn's presence to meet with Daphne and Blaise. Professor Slughorn summons Madam Pomfrey and Professor McGonagall after learning the extent of Bole's abusiveness toward Daphne. He also dispatches the Head Boy to secure Bole. Pansy keeps tabs on the situation. Molly presses Bill into helping with some household chores. Dean comiserates with Seamus. He also sticks up for Seamus with Professor Sinistra.

15 May
Professor Slughorn checks on Rabastan after what was apparently a long night. Rabastan unburdens himself to Barty. Justin attempts a bit of levity with Hydra. Madam Pomfrey feels responsible for not saving Daphne sooner. Arthur reports on his visit with Ellie.

16 May
Ron appreciates the Hufflepuffs' modifications to the stairwells. Terry takes a step forward in his Animagus transformation. Fred and George need Sirius's help to change Terry's claw back to a finger. Sally-Anne brainstorms what sort of animal Terry might have been channeling.

17 May
Terry wakes the next morning back to normal. Luna continues her correspondence with her YPL mentor. Justin proposes sharing a draft of a letter to Mr Rosier with the ISS.

18 May
Professor Lestrange comes clean to Aurora. Justin posts his draft for feedback. Hermione cheers Harry after he's been studying with Snape.
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5 May
Daphne chews out Milli for confessing all to Sally-Anne and Pansy. Sally-Anne regroups with Pansy after their attempt to intervene with Daphne goes sour. Madam Pomfrey engages Professor Slughorn in aid of Daphne.

6 May
Justin thanks his guests for coming to his picnic.

7 May
Ginny writes her CCF letter to Mr Rosier.

8 May
Kingsley finds Ivy Lovell and learns that she's safe from the camps already. Sirius alerts the Order to the Ministry's inspection.

9 May
Remus receives the official notice that the Ponds have passed inspection and have been assigned a muggleborn servant.

10 May
Nymphadora pauses to think through the implications of their new addition to the house. Sirius wonders whether Arthur smoothed the way. Bill feels sorry for himself in his loneliness.

11 May
Daphne explains to Blaise how Professor Slughorn helped her break up with Bole. Professor Slughorn instructs the Head Boy and Girl in case Daphne's ex-boyfriend has a hard time accepting the rejection. Lana Sandoval coordinates some mission with Barty Crouch, Jr. Wil Wagstaff offers a solution to a reader with an inconveniently healthy dowager aunt.
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28 April
Blaise thanks his fellow Slytherins for his surprise party. Sally-Anne expresses to Pansy her astonishment that Daphne didn't attend. Padma inserts herself into the conversation regarding Daphne's relationship.

29 April
Harry asks Hermione's advice.

30 April
Nymphadora remarks on Bea's continued growth.

1 May
No posts.

2 May
Justin arranges a picnic after getting a hamper from Mr Rosier.

3 May
Sirius hates waiting. Professor Sinistra prepares the YPL counselor interview process. Justin bounces the idea of inviting Harry (and Hermione) off of Hydra.

4 May
Justin checks with Hermione about how secure Harry's private messages really are. Sally-Anne pursues information on Daphne from Milli. Bill confirms to Sirius that Rosier is trying to court Justin's defection. Hydra seeks her mother's advice about who to write for her CCF application.
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21 April
Wil Wagstaff advises a Hogwarts student with questions about failing OWLs. Professor McGonagall leads the charge into Alecto Carrow's rooms. Professor Sinistra welcomes participants and visitors to the mural unveiling. Ginny cancels her arrangements to study with Honoria Sandoval. Dean reaches out to one of his cousins. He also decides to apply for a YPL Counselor position. Blaise attempts an intervention between Daphne and her boyfriend. Padma seizes the opportunity to ask Blaise about Daphne's situation. Fred and George report that Terry did not find anything and that Slughorn has agreed to let them test for Potions. Sally-Anne appreciates the birthday party Pansy threw for her with help from the ISS.

22 April
Michael completes his YPL Counselor application. Justin solicits Hermione's input as to whether he should stay in the Protectorate.

23 April
Ron inquires about Ginny's condition after she collapses. Dean tells Ron that he saw Ginny being taken to the hospital wing. Sally-Anne checks on Hydra. She also asks Justin if Hydra's okay, on the theory that Ginny's fainting might be connected to Hydra's possessions their first year. Luna implores Ginny to write to her when she's feeling up to it. Justin expresses his sympathy to Ron and Fred (and George). Kingsley informs the Order that Emmeline might have a lead on one of the muggleborns. Penelope writes to Ginny's parents. Amycus Carrow threatens Minerva and Poppy again. Sally-Anne relates the choice that Professor Sinistra presented to her over lunch.

24 April
Professor Sinistra issues a number of reminders. Padma sorts through the rumours about Ginny for the most probable one.

25 April
Ginny replies to Luna. She also rejects the rumours about herself publicly and forcefully.

26 April
Sally-Anne chooses to be a YPL Counselor over a potential Prefect. Draco receives a massive food hamper for Blaise's birthday party.

27 April
No posts.
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14 April
Ron presses Sally-Anne to make sure that she's really okay. Justin shocks the ISS with the news that he's considering defection to the Protectorate. Terry experiences discomfort. Seamus catches up with Padma. Ron relays some messages to the ISS from Fred and George.

15 April
Terry recovers from his setback. Ron tries to get back in the mindset of school. Fred and George ask to see Professor Slughorn. Percy reassures Penny on the subject of their flat-hunt. Alice provides an Order update on the growing numbers at Moddey Dhoo.

16 April
Sirius digs through the Grimmauld library for spells that might be controlling Terry. Arthur arranges to lift Hermione's Unbreakable Vow. Harry welcomes his classmates back from holidays.

17 April
Professor Sinistra opens applications for YPL counselors. Sally-Anne receives several birthday presents. Fred and George give the Order an update on their activities since returning to school. Penny misinterprets a statement made to her by Professor Sinistra. Sally-Anne thanks Ron for his card.

18 April
Padma overthinks her answers to the YPL counselor application. Ron turns to Sally-Anne and Pansy for editorial assitance on his. Penny berates the Head Boy for shirking his duties. Sirius awaits Dora and Remus's opinion of Pansy's latest letter. Fred and George acknowledge the highly difficult position Hermione has occupied in her double life behind both the Order and ISS locks.

19 April
Snape runs tests on the sample of Terry's blood that Fred and George obtained. Terry reports that Carrow owns neither of the books thought to contain the right spells. Ron flatters his mother by asking for honey from home.

20 April
Professor Slughorn agrees to let Fred and George prove themselves in Potions, with his own conditions. Professor Sinistra consults Professor Slughorn on the Slytherin YPL counselor options.


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