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Bellatrix is organising as the force who will take over, heavy emphasis on blood purity (unsurprising), but that actually makes her a better ally to Rod with his creepy dynastic castlebuilding (only blood lasts) than they have been in a while.

There's clearly a subset of DEs who want to keep being horrible people (see conversation about Yaxley).

Barty and Tosha reveal that they are relieved to be free of the Mark.

Bella wanted Tosha to "turn himself in", Tosha is communicating with her in friendly fashion in the journals, ish, but will not object to her turning up dead. Barty appears thrown in entirely with the DE side, Tosha is less clear to me.

Tosha appears to not have issues with blood status among people raised in wizarding community but may have muggle/muggleborn problems. Various people are poking his buttons to see which way he may jump. (Siz, Sally-Anne, and Justin - "father" and "patron" are in his latest, according to Google translate, my! - but I think also Rachel got him, with the 'the people I'm with have been working for years to protect children from people like you' line.) I am deeply curious to see how that plays out for sure.

Montague appears to me to be cheerfully playing both sides in order to see which way he wants to jump. I hope Rachel is assuming that's what he's doing. I hope Bella isn't.

The DEs seem to be amusingly underestimating Rachel.

Alice wants less mayhem. I'm not sure she's likely to get her wish, there. The Order/remnants of Dogstar cooperation appears solid, though I wonder how much is left other than Inderpal and Haruman at this point!

Justin appears to have an assassination target.

Also, the last aftermath thread was nearly full of comments.
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That a thing that's been set up is that Barty will now make a serious attempt on killing Moody so that he can bring home a triumph in the hope of putting V in a good enough mood that there will be fewer repercussions on Tosha.

Given we just saw a Moody post go up giving his intel and mentioning that he's got a lead on the "slippery bastard", and we got the Barty "JUST NEED ONE MORE STAY PUT" post, I am thiiiinking we are indeed aimed at a showdown.


May. 5th, 2014 11:53 am
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With Julius Avery's sudden demise, what do you suppose will happen to his three candidates, Ron, Vince Crabbe, and Zach Smith? They can't get directions anymore, after all, and though Avery wasn't punished for a crime, surely his candidates might not be looked upon quite as... enthusiastically. If this keeps Ron off the Council, that'll be great, but I'm worried that it won't be entirely positive for him :O

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So did anybody else just copy Ron's subject line into a text editor and change the case to all-uppercase to see whether he wrote a lowercase l, an uppercase I or the numeral 1?
...and is anybody else deeply concerned for Ron right now?

I mean, best case scenario he 'attempts' and 'fails' to kill her, but then she (and Finnegan, if not also Blaise) really attempt to kill him. *gnaws nails*

(I mean, potentially he could 'attempt to kill her' and really have her kidnapped by the Order, but I don't think succeeding here is good for him, and I don't think she'd be readily convinced of her kidnappers' benevolence.)

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Draco's comment to Daphne a few weeks ago seemed to me to imply that he fancies someone, and I started wondering who. Then his comment to her today that "If [he] well and truly fancied a girl there are very few things that would stop [him] from asking her out" seems to imply that if there is someone he fancies, there's something big standing in the way. Perhaps she's a Muggleborn, who's in service to a friend of his?
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So Ginny has just told us two very interesting things:

1. The diadem is a horcrux in this universe, too
2. Ginny Weasley has been influenced by a horcrux in this universe, too

On its own, this looks like a bit of "Well played, players! Way to bring it back around."

But in light of Lucius's comment and Cedric and Harry's plans, it looks like some other things may be true in this universe, too. Like Cedric Diggory not living to finish school at Hogwarts, and Harry being unable to cast AK even when he's been driven to try.

I'm concerned, given that canon shows us Harry attempting AK against Bellatrix in revenge for Sirius's death, that Harry in this 'verse is going to be driven to AK against Umbridge in revenge for Cedric's death, after Cedric is the one to "slam the bludger right down the middle" and stand against her.

On the other hand, if Harry takes action against Umbridge and succeeds in destroying the diadem that would ultimately be helpful toward Voldemort's downfall.

And speaking of things coming back around, is anyone else simultaneously worried that Crouch's tracking spell will lead to the Institute being caught AND hoping that it fills the role Grawp had in canon and provides inspiration for someone(s) leading Umbridge into the Forbidden Forest and ultimately into the path of the centaurs?
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Remember Umbridge's PM to Sinistra back in January, about her relationship with Raz? "A wizard’s public face and his private face can be so very different. I know you’ve not the greatest experience out in the world. If by any chance he is pressuring you into the slightest thing you do not wish to do, I am sure you know I would be glad to help any way I can."

I wondered then, especially in light of her previous poking at Siz about her "keeping company with him for some time now and he doesn’t seem inclined to take the next step", if her perception of others' relationships is framed by something unfortunate in her past, specifically some kind of "who wants to buy the cow when he's already got the milk" attitude (so to speak).

And now it's coming up again in her comment to Lavender: "Now, it is a fact that men - young and not so young - can forget themselves and lead innocent and untainted women astray."

Anyone else wondering what dear Headmistress Umbridge might have in her past? What teensy moments might be causing her to be hyper-vigilant about other women's sexual conduct?

Also, I hardly think this is intentional, but Bellatrix's dig at Umbridge about not being a useful tool of the LP, "If one has gone to rust, best to leave it on the shelf, hmm?" brings to mind the use of the Love Shack lyric "Tin roof, rusted" as a euphemism for pregnancy. It's a little fun to speculate what Bellatrix might know about Umbridge's past, especially given her renown at legilimency.
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When Umbridge decided to punish Sally-Anne in a way likely to make her fail exams and then Slughorn and Dolohov vowed to help her anyway, I started to wonder if that part of the book 5 plot belongs to her - the "Potter will never be an Auror" / "I will help Potter become an Auror if it's the last thing I do!" bit.

And now, in light of that and of Cecilia Perks coming to Grimmauld this week, I'm starting to wonder if that means Sally-Anne's going to be the one to lose a parent(al figure) at the end of the year.

Anyone else have speculation about which parts of HP5 belong to which characters in-game? Or about the mechanism by which Umbridge will receive her well-earned and possibly fatal comeuppance?
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Okay, bear with me here because I just moved across the country and so I have not researched this post properly. But. I want to talk about the end of the term in-game and how it compares to the end of HPSS. (We may have listened to the audiobook of HPSS in the car. *g*)

First off, Ron's still involved in the chess match even though it's Harry, Draco and Hermione down there. Interesting that it's Draco who sacrifices himself as Ron did in the book - this sets Draco up as the heart, the role that Ron arguably fills in the original heart-mind-hand reading of the trio. (They could also be read as body-mind-soul - in both cases, Hermione's the mind. More on this immediately!)

Second, Hermione's able to use Draco's wand to defend Harry because "their turn of minds are similar enough that his wand worked perfectly well in her hand". Now Draco's being paralleled with canon-Hermione as the mind. Fanonically Draco is very intelligent; one AU even had him sorted into Ravenclaw, to his father's displeasure. Draco seems to be standing outside the canon trio rather than slotting into one of their roles - he's borrowing from them and creating his own element.

Third, in canon Harry makes it to the final confrontation on his own and is protected by his mother's love and sacrifice. In-game, it's Hermione's actions that protect Harry. I am only a sometime-H/Hr 'shipper and this is not an argument for romantic love between eleven-year-olds, but it does seem that Hermione acted out of her affection for Harry, saving him at great risk to herself. Hermione may be here paralleled with Lily-and-James, in that she both cares for Harry, placing herself in harm's way as Lily did, and actively fights for him as James did.

Finally, it's Hermione's parents that end up making the sacrifice. Just as we know that Harry's parents canonically died for him, McG tells Hermione that she "needed to remember that my parents were strong and they loved me and they would rather them than me." And although they are, as Hermione says, not dead. Just werewolfed it comes to something very much the same in this universe. In-game-Hermione and canon-Harry are connected here; in-game-Hermione and in-game-Harry are connected here as well, possibly, if Harry knows that his parents died protecting him before he was "adopted" by the LP.

Also, Percy telling off Sally-Anne strikes me as similar to McG's telling off of the trio in canon as they try to contact Dumbledore. And yet it's quite different in that Sally-Anne is seeking help during the climactic scenes rather than before and is not directly involved. That Percy's a prefect and not a professor seems to be a good in-game translation of the increased visibility and power of prefects, who did not seem as prominent in canon.

What do you all think? Are these specious parallels? Or ones worth following up on? How do you think the roles of the in-game characters shook out relative to canon?
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So, remember how Percy described the fifth year Charms class's treasure hunt? I'm guessing the twins took note of his discussion of revealing spells and that's why they nicked his textbook. Smart boys: they're going to figure out the Marauders' map any day now! (That's my guess, anyway.)
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We have our "one tiny change back when it all started."

Sirius has all but confirmed that everyone thought Lupin was the secret keeper.

Since Peter seems to not be around, we have two scenarios. One Lupin did actually betray the Potters to V. I find this unlikely given Lupin's personality both in the books and as portrayed here. Two Lupin did the same switch that Sirius did in the books. He's the one that cornered Peter afterwards, but unlike Sirius did actually manage to kill him. I see no reason for Peter to have gone into hiding in this world if Lupin had only managed to harm him and every reason for Lupin to have done so after this version of events.
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Another worldbuilding question:

Is Christmas (and, by extension, Christianity) a Wizarding thing, a Muggle thing, or some combination of the two? If Jesus is considered to be a wizard, was he always a wizard, or has there been a historical rewrite? Or is the whole thing glossed over as not religious but cultural, which perhaps has not-to-be-discussed roots in Muggle history?

It seems to be acceptable for wizards to reference and swear by Jesus - [ profile] alt_mcgonagall's Oh Christ Jesus on Halloween's Grim Truth, which prompted an [ profile] alt_fen discussion with an [ profile] alt_player. It looks from that discussion as though general mention of Jesus in a "language developed in a predominantly Christian culture" kind of way is acceptable, but worship or belief in Christianity wouldn't be.

We have a few mentions of Christmas and the Christmas season, holiday parties, and so forth. More recently [ profile] alt_sirius gives us a passage in the latest Grim Truth that reads
And this time of year is perfect for it. The season of Christmas is approaching, and I see from much of your writing that you are all preparing for the pleasantries as your means permit. But amid the bustle, I ask you to pause and think about the things they would rather you not consider. I ask you to pause in your scurrying about laying in the pudding and the goose and the presents, and think about the true lessons and spirit of the festival. It’s not just a time to gather our loved ones and neighbours to us. It’s not just about our gifts to our own, but the affirmation of generosity and graciousness to all—and that includes halfbloods, Muggle-borns and Muggles alongside ‘purebloods.’ ... Especially in this season, the time of year when tradition encourages us to remember those less fortunate, to give to loved ones and neighbours, do not allow the lies to cloud the Grim Truth.

So perhaps this is another case like McG's mention of Jesus - more cultural than religious, with Sirius invoking a general sense of "peace on Earth, goodwill to all" without carrying the religious tradition with it?

I'm wondering if this is a case where my Americanism makes it hard for me to read this properly - the US is awfully sensitized to invocations of specific religious traditions and inclined toward replacing those invocations with nonspecific terms. Hence "Winter Break" and not "Christmas Break/Hols," "Spring Break" and not "Easter Hols." If Christmas is the generic term for the winter holiday season in British culture (and please tell me if I'm reading that right!), then it seems like Christian terminology in that regard is not only nonthreatening to the LP's regime but also too much trouble to change.

Are there wizards who follow religious traditions, or is that solely a Muggle thing? Were there wizards who formerly followed Muggle-based religions and can't do so (openly) any longer? Has Jesus been retconned to be a wizard, as I think we saw done earlier with Muggle musicians? (Reference for that, anyone?)


Dec. 4th, 2008 08:43 pm
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I love a good mystery!

So Draco is itchy and having trouble breathing.

Have we got a situation where [ profile] alt_amycus is poisoning pigeons students? Or is it just really cold in the castle? (Others, including McG, have noted how cold this early winter is in Scotland.) Is Draco having an allergic reaction to something? (Pansy suggests that you can develop allergies as you get older; Draco says no one in his family has allergies. This Muggle wonders if in-breeding has unfortunate effects...)

Or has someone hexed Draco? (And have the house elves suddenly this term happened to forget how to make savory food?) Or is it a dry run for a student game of AK? Or is there something going on we don't yet have enough information to understand?

Does this take us back to Halloween and the mystery of the troll? (Who set it loose in the castle?) Does it connect with Harry's broom's malfunction during the first Quidditch match? Does it connect with the reported sightings of Quirrell?


Or is it really the obvious (a situation where [ profile] alt_amycus is poisoning pigeons students)?

Oh, how wonderful is a well-crafted mystery!!

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Assuming alternity continues to incorporate big canon events, we should expect Harry to find the Mirror of Erised in a little under a month.

"It shows us nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts." -Dumbledore

What do you predict Harry Marvolo will see there?
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In the context of Arthur's explanation of the Order Only spell to Kingsley and in the shadow of Sirius' current difficulties, it occurred to me that I don't know whether the Order Only spell completely protects marked entries or not. What happens if an Order member's journal should fall into the wrong hands? Does the spell mean that the entries appear to ANY reader of a journal that belongs to an Order member or are such entries truly only visible if the reader is an Order member?

This would become a significant issue if Sirius (or Alice or Kingsley or others) were to be caught or if Hermione's journal were to be stolen of if Percy were to mix up his mother's journal with his own over the holidays.

Perhaps no journal can be read by a person other than its owner. That would be comforting, but I suspect it's more useful to the game in the long run if a journal can be picked up and read by someone who is not its owner. If so, the question is whether the Order Only spell is powerful enough to recognize and exclude non-Order readers if they should come into possession of an Order member's journal.

Perhaps this will become evident in time. In the meanwhile, I appreciated Arthur's reminder of how the Spell works.

Also. Yay, Kingsley!!

ETA This would be a good place to note that Pansy mentions knowing how to filter the entries she reads in her journal (though she "forgot" to exclude boot's entries from hers as Draco has apparently done in his own journal).
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Am I the only one disturbed by the number of students feeling ill after having eaten the food in the dining hall?

Susan is the most recent. I haven't tracked the others down yet, but there have been several over an extended period of time.

Go back to early speculation about Carrow's pigeon references for why I'm fingering him in this instance. Short version: Pigeons may equal students and there were references to Tom Lehrer's Poisoning Pigeons in the Park


Dec. 1st, 2008 09:00 am
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Why does Pansy keep trying to give her father's sweater to Boot? (

How come none of the Order-Only folks noticed/commented when Lucius said that Sirius' import company was a front? ( "Magical Commerce met Monday; provided report on the status of the Laszlo account via the Dover agent. Still no satisfaction from the petitioner; looking more like they were a front after all. Most disappointing, but no sense in dwelling on the circumstances.")

Is the high mortality rate in the muggle-born camps another source of students for Alice?
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Not that I have the foggiest what it means, but here's an attempt at collecting all the instances to date of Pansy, Ron and Sally-Anne's code-talking posts.

To kick it off, Pansy tells us that "There's a black leopard sleeping in a tamarind tree tonight." [6 Nov] Discussion in comments of whether the leopard can appear blue in certain lights; agreement that the leopard is definitely not red.

Next, in Harry's Quidditch post, Ron and Pansy discuss Ron's hypothetical kittens. [8 Nov] Kittens are projected to be all or mostly gingers, with the possibilities of one black one and/or an oddball with blue eyes.

Pansy reports "There's a dead black raven on my windowsill." [11 Nov] Ron asks if it's after the blueberry Bertie Botts again.

Unclear if this is an instance, but in her post on warming charms Sally-Anne says "Also I found a feather, but it was a black very ordinary feather from a crow, I think. I picked it up to take it with me but then I dropped it out a window to watch it fall." [14 Nov] Discussion between Pansy and Sally-Anne in comments deals with the color red, but in relation to Sally-Anne's warming-charm-induced "sunburn."

Sally-Anne writes "I found a black chess piece in the corridor today. Pansy, is it yours? Or Ron, maybe?" [17 Nov] Ron asks if it might be blue; Pansy says she doesn't know anyone with blue chess pieces and guesses it might belong to a Ravenclaw.

Other instances of code-talking? Guesses at what might be going on? I'm a little worried from Pansy's comment in the most recent post that the new charm on Pansy's quill might interfere with her ability to write in their code - unless she's trying to allude to something with her Ravenclaw remark.

Ron asks Pansy if she needs "strong black tea or something?" [19 Nov] Pansy doesn't reply in color code and seems to brush him off.

Pansy tells Sally-Anne to remind her to tell a joke that Ron will like - "He'll laugh so hard his ears will turn bright red." [22 Nov] Sally-Anne responds with " I once saw someone laughed so hard he almost turned blue."
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Hermione posted that Amycus has been taking a creepy interest in her and she's now, according to Dennis, absent without amulet.

We also know from Hermione's post that Amycus (or someone/thing else) drew pictures of a sleeping Terry on the wall in reddish brown ink. Hermione doesn't want to think too closely about what that ink might be; I'll go out on a limb and guess that it's blood. [ profile] alt_player tells us that "The pictures play into it because of the ink used," so if it's not blood it's something else of significance.

Assuming it's blood, whose blood is it? Pigeon blood? Or is it Terry's? Amycus's most recent post tells us that Terry's "been really lethargic and pale lately." It also tells us that the new clothes come from Alecto, who recently had a dream in which she was on "her knees on a hill in a storm. hands covered with blood."

Amycus also made a reference yesterday to 731 which looks to be a reference to human experimentation.

So, here I go with crackpot theory #1 (more to follow in comments, surely):
We know from [ profile] alt_lucius that research on the process of Magical Tranference is underway:
Even now, specialists in the Department of Mysteries are working to discover how it is that Muggles are able to steal magic from its rightful heirs and implant it into the capabilities of their issue. It is essential work, to discover the linkage between Mudbloods and Squibs, and to determine how that transfer is accomplished.

We also know, again from Lucius, that Professor (Alecto) Carrow teaches Muggle Studies and is familiar with the history of torture.

And we know, from all over the place, that Professor (Amycus) Carrow is the Transfiguration teacher. Transfiguration, we may recall from canon, involves the changing of one thing in to another thing. At its advanced levels, it can involve Animagery. One or both Carrows (probably Amycus) recently changed Terry in to a dog.

Putting it all together, the crackpot theory for which you've presumably been waiting is that the Carrows are conducting their own research on Magical Transference, possibly in an unauthorized fashion, using Terry and (probably) now Hermione as subjects. One wonders if the creepy blood-pictures of Terry and his recent lethargy are the result of attempting to transfer magic out of a Muggleborn wizard. Oh dear.

Now with rampant music-related speculation! )


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