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30 August
Megan offers to scavenge for Sally-Anne out of the Strettons' stock. Daphne reports on a party she attended. She also flirts with Barty Crouch.

31 August
Barty Crouch comments on the Prophet's spin on Nott's murder.

1 September
Lana Sandoval-Pennifold relies on her father and grandfather to understand the finer points of her teaching assignment. Remus reads of some disturbing news regarding the werewolves. Draco struggles with conflicted feelings about the start of term. Headmaster Dolohov receives a summons from Voldemort. Ron inquires among the Junior Order after Hydra, Padma, and Seamus are also summoned. Barty discusses with Dolohov the sudden reversal of Voldemort's favor. Sally-Anne clarifies their new professors' forms of address. Charlie feels wistful for better Hogwarts days. Daphne reschedules her and Linus' meeting with Professor Dolohov. Evelyn referees an altercation between two first-year Gryffindors.

2 September
Padma recovers from her Cruciation. Seamus wonders how she is doing. Hydra professes to feel no ill effects. Professor Dolohov shepherds Lana through her class preparation. Daphne makes her first announcement as Head Girl. Neville checks on Evelyn. George misses Pansy.

3 September
Sally-Anne relates an encounter she had with a particularly horrible Healer. Rodolphus digs into Rabastan's past.

4 September
Narcissa learns she must go to Court for an audience with Voldemort.

5 September
Harry observes the oddness of returning to Hogwarts without Draco or Teddy. He also announces Quidditch tryouts.
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23 August
No posts.

24 August
Barty Crouch wraps up a hard day with Voldemort's undead army.

25 August
No posts.

26 August
Professor Dolohov changes the curriculum at Hogwarts considerably. Sally-Anne seeks opinions about the options for the N.E.W.T. students. Madam Pomfrey offers a number of housekeeping aids to the Doughty Conduit/Grimmauld Place household. Professor Dolohov decides that it is time to end Nott Sr.'s misery.

27 August
Professor Dolohov invites Justin to accompany him and Barty Crouch on their errand. Linus prioritizes work over rescheduling lunch with his father. Justin arranges to meet Sirius and Remus to report his evening opportunity. Blaise asks Daphne to go with him to a party on Friday. Draco plans to ask for notes and assignments from the returning students to keep up with N.E.W.T.s. Sally-Anne discusses putting her new skills to use at Moddey by giving eye exams.

28 August
Justin reaches out to Hydra for support. Professor Dolohov contacts Rod to offer him Nott's (and Rabastan's) wand. Justin informs Sirius and Remus of the outcome of his mission with Dolohov and Crouch. Ron checks on Justin.

29 August
Professor Dolohov receives a summons from Voldemort. Alice announces the arrival of four new Order members. Justin welcomes his former dormmates with a hasty confession.
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16 August
Daphne jubilates. Linus preaches Byronic advice as Head Boy. Justin congratulates Sally-Anne on tying for top students. Daphne announces to the Order that she's been named Head Girl. Pansy celebrates Daphne's success. Seamus grouses to Padma about their exclusion. Evelyn learns she has been named Prefect.

17 August
Professor Dolohov reassures Seamus and Padma that they were not lightly rejected. Daphne asks Professor Dolohov about protocol with three students who will be Council members. Lana Sandoval-Pennifold extends her felicitations to the Head Boy and Girl. She also informs her girlfriends that she has decided to accept the teaching position.

18 August
Ginny shares Honoria's news about her sister being the new Dark Arts professor.

19 August
Professor Sinistra warns Professor Dolohov that Professor Vector is still quite miffed over the Head Student appointments. Alice thanks Professor Sinistra for visiting Moddey Dhoo and Sherwood. Fred communicates his and George's decision to shake Molly out of her paralysis. Justin proposes a get-together in Diagon Alley at the week's end. Ginny observes to Ron that the twins poured ice water into Molly's bed.

20 August
Molly wonders whether she can make use of Percy's death by planting something advantageous at Hogwarts in his name.

21 August
No posts.

22 August
Molly writes to Headmaster Dolohov to make her request.
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Recap for the week of 9 August, Year 6

9 August
No posts.

10 August
Alice updates the Order on progress outside of Moddey and New London.

11 August
Fred and George wish Ginny a happy birthday.

12 August
Professor Dolohov invites Justin to the Ouroboros obstacle course.

13 August
Tonks expresses thanks for a fun night with the girls.

14 August
Barty Crouch achieves a glimmer of hope in controlling Voldemort's secret army.

15 August
Cedric promises to take his brother school supply shopping.
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2 August
Professor Dolohov opens negotiation with Lana Sandoval-Pennifold to teach at Hogwarts. Lana discusses her thoughts on it with her husband.

3 August
Professor Sinistra talks with Alice about her potential contributions to the Order.

4 August
Auror Lamont wishes Lana a happy birthday.

5 August
Rachel Brodie reports what she learned from meeting Lana for drinks. Pansy asks Daphne if she is helping on any of the committees Narcissa used to serve on.

6 August
Professor Sinistra catalogs her strengths and weaknesses for the Order. Daphne apologizes for the strength of the charm. Neville celebrates his coming of age.

7 August
No posts.

8 August
Evelyn succeeds at Apparation.
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26 July
Cedric discusses his friends as prospects for the Order. Ron recommends coming to a food festival in New London. Lana Sandoval-Pennifold notes her husband's absence at luncheon at Snowdonia. Professor Dumbledore ponders the Order's options regarding ongoing projects. Harry offers to bring anything to his visit with Professor Sinistra. Ginny calls her brothers home. She also reaches Ron off the Order lock. She further consults Sally-Anne and Madam Promfrey to treat her mother's shock. Rachel Brodie confirms that Percy has been killed. Bill reports it to Alice and Remus. Alice passes the news to the rest of the Order. Neville expresses his condolences to Ron. Ginny writes a message to her father. Seamus reflects on how Percy's death will affect the Gryffindor dormitory. Justin provides his support.

27 July
Charlie looks to Tonks for comfort. Molly extends an olive branch to Penelope Clearwater. Hydra fishes for a report on the occurrence from Lana Sandoval-Pennifold. Draco clarifies his statement about Percy to Bill. Sally-Anne plans around Ron's schedule. She also gossips to Pansy about Bill's overnight guest. Terry keeps the twins company as a dog. Hydra evaluates her progress training with Barty Crouch. Bill receives Percy's wand and discusses its disposition. Seamus conveys his sympathies to Ron.

28 July
Molly leans on Arthur's memory. Professor Sinistra joins the Order. Charlie solicits advice about Percy's eulogy. Barty Crouch gloats with Professor Dolohov.

29 July
Sally-Anne reminisces to Pansy about their earliest friendship. Daphne approaches Draco with an early memory. Hydra acknowledges her debt to Tom Riddle. Luna praises Ginny's eulogy. George muses about the way he and Fred used to tease Percy. Molly discovers Dolohov's calling card on Percy's body. Snape posts a remembrance of Lily. Remus waxes nostalgic for simpler days. Daphne reminds Barty Crouch about the flowers he once sent her. Pansy shares one of her better memories of Padma. Harry thinks about the time he and Ron flew Arthur's car. Daphne remembers that she still dislikes Barney Bole. Ron thanks Seamus and Neville for coming to the funeral. Sally-Anne rereads some of her early posts to relive the memories. Professor Dolohov fixes his thoughts on his choice of protègé.

30 July
Snape traces people's sentimentality to a charmed flower arrangement. Daphne apologizes for the strength of the charm. Neville celebrates his coming of age.

31 July
Bill seeks help cleaning out Percy's flat. Lavender prepares for Parvati's wedding. Auror Crouch coordinates security for Freedom Day.

1 August
Lavender returns home after the wedding was disrupted. Padma assures her and Seamus that there were few casualties. Lana Sandoval-Pennifold assists with the investigation. She also presses for details to give to Padma. Harry states his gratitude for his birthday wishes and celebrations.
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19 July
Tonks inquires after Narcissa's well-being. Lana Sandoval-Pennifold wonders if Padma and Seamus have been invited to a hunt on the following weekend. Narcissa admits to Barty that she's confused by Tonks' sudden contact.

20 July
Sirius asks Tonks to tell him how the tea went. Padma verifies that Seamus is also coming to the hunting weekend. Barty Crouch checks whether it's safe to return.

21 July
Percy describes some of the practical changes in his life since joining the Council.

22 July
Justin fills Alice and Remus in on some of his activity. Alice marshalls efforts in upcoming missions. Luna shares a disturbing conversation she overheard. Sirius frets about his radio persona. He also alerts the public to the impending likelihood that journals will be monitored again.

23 July
No posts.

24 July
Evelyn brings two friends forward for consideration for the Order. Hydra declines Mulciber's invitation to Snowdonia. Bill worries about Percy.

25 July
Madam Pomfrey endorses Professor Sinistra as a potential recruit for the Order.
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12 July
Daphne contacts Sally-Anne and Ron to arrange to join the Order. Sally-Anne checks with Alice and Bill about the journals' safety. Draco catches up with Sally-Anne and Ron after missing them earlier. Hermione complains to Sally-Anne about Draco's double-standards.

13 July
Madam Pomfrey postpones her visit to Professor Sinistra.

14 July
Daphne introduces herself to the Order. Sally-Anne offers to answer any of Daphne's questions. Barty Crouch assigns Hydra to assist him for the rest of the week.

15 July
Harry calls for Padma and Seamus to come with him again on another inspection. He also asks Hydra if she wants to get together. Madam Pomfrey meets with some Order contacts while at her seminar. Sally-Anne describes her internship to Madam Pomfrey. Ron reports his involvement in MLE raids through the London underground.

16 July
Bill learns that Percy is concerned someone has been snooping at his flat. Frank confirms that Terry is still interested in adoption.

17 July
Barty brings two prisoners to MLE. Alice invites the Order to witness Terry's adoption ceremony. Hermione inquires after Harry's efforts with Seamus and Padma. Harry puts Hermione's advice into practice.

18 July
Hermione works through her reaction to Terry's adoption. Arista Selwyn writes to Ron about the ceremony as well. Padma seeks Lana Sandoval-Pennifold's advice regarding a directive from Harry. Barty Crouch alerts Hydra to an overnight mission.
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5 July
Lana Sandoval-Pennifold holds a small celebration in honor of having lower Councilwizards on the totem pole. Colin asks if a thestral skeleton would be useful. Ron makes arrangements to rekey the wards on his and Justin's flat. Frank discusses with Neville and Evelyn the prospect of adopting Terry.

6 July
Draco insists that the Order drop the notion of saving his parents. Pansy confirms the plans for Weasley family dinner. Charlie summarizes the Weasleys' discussion about Percy, for the benefit of Alice. Professor Dolohov announces his appointment as Headmaster. Justin wonders whether Hydra is experiencing after-effects from their bonding magic.

7 July
Bill assures Rachel that family dinners are usually less subdued. Alice thanks Draco for bestowing gifts on Moddey Dhoo, but not without a caveat about further excursions. Arista Selwyn conveys her gratitude without any such reservations. Sally-Anne discovers she and Pansy have received mystery gifts. She also checks with Ron to see if he or Justin got anything. Professor Dolohov requests that Cedric conduct certain matters of correspondence. Cedric complies by writing to Charlie. He also relays Dolohov's instructions to the Board. Sally-Anne tells Draco what she thinks about his present. Ginny suspects Ron might be her benefactor. Neville seeks answers from his parents. Remus reports to Alice that Draco's expedition has sparked a row at Grimmauld over the morality of the act. Barty Crouch orders Hydra to meet him for sparring in the morning.

8 July
Draco accuses the Order of hypocrisy regarding his shoplifting. Harry informs Padma and Seamus that they will be accompanying him on a camp inspection the next day. Professor Sinistra issues a statement in support of Professor Dolohov and confirming her return to Hogwarts in the autumn. Harry arranges a photo op.

9 July
Alice invites Ginny for tea. Hydra responds to Justin's question about her magic changing slightly. Barty directs Hydra to meet him again.

10 July
Colin describes the effort to recover the thestral skeleton. Terry joins one of Sherwood's Zulu companies.

11 July
Professor Dolohov plots with Barty. Hydra lets Alice and Sirius know that Bella has instructed her to spy on Harry. Percy solicits advice on reading material from Professor Dolohov.
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28 June
Barty Crouch probes into Lucius' arrival at Azkaban. Harry learns that he is free to leave Buckingham again. Sally-Anne posts the minutes from the Order meeting.

29 June
Hermione suggests that Harry could spend his summer trying to learn from Voldemort about his prized possessions for potential horcruxes. Rodolphus plots to protect himself and others in their faction. Jeremy permits Sally-Anne to identify him to Daphne as a freedom fighter. Justin admits his own involvement to Daphne directly. Madam Pomfrey shares a drawing of a goat with Colin.

30 June
Sally-Anne relays more information about the Order to Daphne. Hermione wrestles with the prospect of fancying boys. Charlie marvels at the implications of Tonks' pregnancy. Hydra wonders what's to happen with the Council challenges now that Draco has been reported dead. Barty Crouch receives a summons to bring Narcissa before Voldemort in the morning. Molly remarks on the different feeling of the Burrow with only one child at home.

1 July
Professor Dolohov observes prayers for Draco's soul. Ron balks at Dolohov's message header. Draco explains to anyone else who might wonder. Sally-Anne invites Ron and Justin (as well as others whom Daphne might want to meet) to come talk about the Order with Daphne at Pansy's house. She also sends Professor Dolohov her condolences about the Malfoys. Bill prepares Rachel for a dinner invitation from Molly. Hermione follows Sally-Anne's and Hydra's advice and writes to a new friend. Madam Pomfrey checks on Professor Sinistra. Professor Dolohov promises to make Narcissa's situation as comfortable as possible.

2 July
Snape opens the door for Hermione to begin brewing with him again. Padma readies herself for an appearance at Court. Seamus inquires whether Ron received the same summons. Padma finds out about whether Zach did, too. Ron realizes that the summons can only mean a decision about who will be chosen to join the Council. Rachel Brodie accepts Molly's invitation for dinner. Ginny watches the Weasley clock. Sally-Anne thinks to ask Hydra if she is going to Court as well. Lana Sandoval-Pennifold congratulates four new members of the Council. Percy states his intention to be worthy of his new status. Neville expresses his congratulations to Seamus. Molly has trouble dealing with the news about Percy. Sally-Anne tells Hermione and Draco they can join an impromptu party at Pansy's. She also tracks down Justin after he disappeared from the pub. Professor Dolohov welcomes the four new Council members. Pansy tries to get Justin to rejoin the party. Blaise offers his congratulations as well. Rachel Brodie reports that Percy was responsible for the evidence that sent Lucius to Azkaban.

3 July
Snape pledges to help Hydra however he can. Bill reads a major article on the Malfoys that exposes Percy's part in betraying Lucius. Hydra rethinks her and Justin's actions of the night before. Sally-Anne thanks Hermione for bringing hangover potion. Rachel Brodie discusses the pros and cons of warning Percy he's in danger. Pansy volunteers to mind Weasley's Wizarding Whizbangs while the twins spend time with Molly. Daphne relates some news about Sam Montgomery's convalescence. Ron attempts, subtly, to tell Percy to watch himself.

4 July
No posts.
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21 June
No posts.

22 June
Alice reveals that another horcrux has been destroyed.

23 June
Pansy discovers that her parents' servants sympathize with the resistance. Madam Pomfrey comforts Professor Sinistra.

24 June
Harry posts a public appeal to Draco to return.

25 June
Bill meets his new boss. Auror Lamont proposes a surprise inspection at Argyll. Alice weighs the morals of the Order's planned course of action.

26 June
Hermione wishes Draco and Snape good luck. Auror Lamont informs the Malfoys that Draco was killed. She also warns the Order that MLE have arrived. Bellatrix goes to Argyll to check out the incident with Draco. Evelyn delivers her forest report. Bellatrix sends Barty for Draco's body. Barty tells to Narcissa that he's brought Draco to the undertaker. Sally-Anne surfaces from her internship to ask Ron about his. Rachel ponders questions of identity and motivation.

27 June
Justin reminds Ron about shared bathroom courtesies. Sally-Anne breaks the news about Draco to Daphne. Daphne expresses her grief to Blaise. Seamus shares the bad news with Padma. Justin inquires of Sally-Anne how Daphne took the report. Lucius writes a final set of requests for Barty. Narcissa vents her rage at Barty as well. Madam Pomfrey updates Professor Sinistra on her summer progress. A student questions the veracity of the report that Lucius was arrested. Someone wonders why. Another asks simply, "Wot?" Someone else corroborates the story. They also clarify their source. Yet another reacts with sympathy and horror. Rachel Brodie hears the news and reports it to the Order right away. Harry consults the Order about what to tell the Galleoneers. Pansy sympathizes with Draco. She also issues a Galleon saying she knew about Draco but not Lucius. Harry offers Narcissa his support. Ron reconnects with Daphne. Sally-Anne discloses to Alice that she has begun revealing some of her connection to the Order to Daphne. Remus looks for Sirius. George contacts Pansy to arrange to keep her company.
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14 June
Susan offers Pansy a chance to get together. Pansy prepares Hermione and Draco for her visit to Grimmauld. Draco teases Arista Selwyn about missing his visit to Moddey. Sirius checks in on Pansy.

15 June
Draco thinks about what he is really giving up. Professor Sinistra arranges for Harry to collect his legacy from Rabastan. Pansy refocuses on Weasley's Wizarding Whizbangs.

16 June
Alice makes plans for Neville and Evelyn to visit over the summer. Frank provides a listening ear for Terry. Alice pushes forward with plans for Draco's role within the Order. Harry offers the broom, wand, and library he inherited from Professor Lestrange for the use of the Order. Pansy proposes a night out to relieve the gloom.

17 June
Lucius updates his sister to the family's situation and his presumed death sentence.

18 June
Hermione gets a new wand. Colin returns from the forest with unicorn hair. Jeremy distills the latest theories on Octoboros locations. Justin invites Daphne for a cup of tea.

19 June
Harry rescindshis offer to fly when he learns he is being kept close at Buckingham. He also consults Professor Dolohov for advice about a request from the Malfoys. A Galleoneer asks whether the rumors about Private Messages are true. Someone confirms the story. Another person wonders about retroactive reading once monitors are restored. Someone explains that the messages will only be readable going forward. The discussion turns to the resistance's radio programming. A Galleoneer describes how people get away with listening. Another mentions a different program offered by the resistance as well.

20 June
Professor Dumbledore invites Alice to observe and assist in destroying a horcrux. Bill prompts a status report on the solstice mission to disrupt the Octoboros.
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Strap in, folks: This week's recap is a doozy. (Caution: contains spoilers!)

7 June
Corax Mulciber prepares to travel to Hogwarts. Draco sends Hermione a message to meet. Sally-Anne reports that Ron succeeded at the Animagus transformation. Megan meets his animagus form with less successful results. Bellatrix invites herself to Hogwarts. Corax attempts to deflect her. Professor Lestrange signals Professor Sinistra. Daphne looks for Draco. Hydra concerns herself with locating Teddy. She sends out a request by Galleon. Sally-Anne realizes that Hermione is missing, too. Molly goes spare at the thought of Ron slithering loose around the castle. Corax interrogates Draco in light of Teddy's accusations. Sally-Anne shifts from searching for Ron to searching for Draco, Hermione, and Teddy. Hydra activates the Galleoneers to find Teddy as well. Harry coordinates the Junior Order's efforts. Professor Sinistra encounters difficulty with the Floo. Linus chastises the students for overreacting to Megan's overreaction. Neville locates Teddy. Harry thanks him. Snape continues to be concerned for Hermione and Draco. Bellatrix employs Hydra in her investigation. Snape ensures that everyone knows the Floos have been disabled. Rachel Brodie suggests that Sirius should show his face to pull Bellatrix onto a more important hunt. Hydra relays the information she gleaned from helping her mother and interrogating Hermione. Harry deploys the Galleoneers to set off disturbances throughout the castle in an attempt to divert MLE. He also reminds them to watch the Galleon for updates. Professor Dolohov alerts Professor McGonagall to the upheavals. Linus loses his temper. Bellatrix decides to offer Draco a way out. Barty Crouch sounds the alarm regarding Sirius's appearance in public. Alice determines that more drastic measures are required. Padma demands that all students vacate the corridors. Harry countermands Padma's instruction. Hermione expresses her anguish. Hydra explains that Snape and Professor McGonagall just sent her out of the room and doesn't know what's happening. Snape declares that Hermione is safe, Mulciber and McGonagall are dead.

Susan instructs her sister to collect their brother in case they need to evacuate. Draco challenges Teddy to meet him outside. Professor Lestrange warns Lucius and Narcissa not to let Draco leave if he turns up. Harry calls to Draco. Lavender spots Severus Snape at large in the castle. Kingsley observes the duel that kills Rabastan Lestrange. Sirius gets Remus to come help with their new houseguests. Snape finds Draco so they can leave. Linus exhorts the students to get to their common rooms quickly. Lavender advises keeping an eye out for Justin, who was assisting Professor Dolohov. Kingsley leads the retreat. Rachel Lamont contacts Professor Dolohov to ask what's been happening at Hogwarts. Professor Dolohov notifies Bellatrix and Rabastan that Snape was there. Sally-Anne returns to Slytherin after Ron transforms back. Susan releases the Galleoneers to go back to their common rooms. She also provides some excuses to use if they are questioned. Justin lets his fellow Hufflepuffs know that he's in the Hospital Wing. Professor Sinistra reacts to Rabastan's demise. Harry announces his intent to learn what happened. Molly offers to come to Grimmauld to tend to the wounded. Professor Dolohov arranges care for Professor Sinistra. Rodolphus discovers Rabastan's death from the family tapestry. Lucius requests Narcissa join them at the castle. He then appeals to Draco to return so they can get him out of his fix. Frank confirms that Alice will be staying at Grimmauld overnight. Snape claims responsibilty for Draco's disappearance. Bill proposes raiding Corax Mulciber's office immediately. Snape reassures Harry regarding Hermione and Draco's safety but tells him to disavow Hermione completely.

8 June
Snape presses the Order to carry out some urgent tasks to cover the sudden escape. Professor Dolohov inventories Milland's office and quarters. Sally-Anne is pleased to have an excuse not to sleep. Jeremy closes the beer garden for the night. Professor Dolohov enjoins the students not to go wandering in the morning. Professor Sinistra pledges to honor Rabastan's devotion to Harry. Professor Sprout oversees the extraction of fluxweed. Daphne wants help taking down Draco's party decorations. Percy conveys his condolences and support to the Malfoys. Lucius tracks down the real Milland. Seamus compares status reports with Padma. Madam Pomfrey tends to Professor Sinistra. Draco assumes the blame for everything that happened the day before. Sally-Anne stashes the other poison rings in the junk room within the Room of Requirement. Harry undergoes questioning by MLE. Snape confirms to Alice that Draco is beginning to open up. Sirius ejects Snape and Draco from the potions lab at Grimmauld Place.

9 June
Snape summarizes the infiltration plan for the Ministry journal archives. Professor Dolohov shares his distress with Barty. Linus invites Evelyn to help him help Professor Sinistra. Rachel Lamont discloses news of the Ministry fire to Lucius. Arista Selwyn writes to Draco, with a little help from Alice. Bill briefs the Order on the status of things at the office. Sally-Anne deplores the joint memorial service held for Nott, Jr., McGonagall, and Lestrange. Cedric proffers his condolences to Professor Sinistra. Madam Pomfrey provides the widow with medicinals. Cedric completes his tasks for the end of the year. Sally-Anne feels anxiety in the wake of the crisis. Terry congratulates Ron on his transformation. Narcissa convinces Rodolphus to join her at Malfoy Manor rather than stay by himself. Pansy threatens Sally-Anne. Justin supports Hermione and Draco in a quiet way. Sally-Anne gets help from Ron and Harry. She also consults Sirius on the matter of Regulus's locket. She then dispatches Justin and Luna to protect Padma. She futher brings Ginny in to answer questions about the cursed tiara. Ginny suspects something amiss. Harry recognizes the locket as one of Tom Riddle's prizes. He also asks Hydra to help them.

10 June
Ron exults over destroying the locket. He also imparts to Pansy and Sally-Anne that Dumbledore wants to see the remains. Sally-Anne tells Pansy that she's not cross with her for what happened. Jeremy Stretton tries to donate Nott Sr.'s wand to Hermione. Pansy apologizes to Sirius for coopting Regulus's tragedy. Remus searches for Sirius. Jeremy opens the floor for friendly get-togethers. Blaise urges Daphne to protect herself before protecting Draco. Justin forewarns the Order that MLE is using another Legilimens in their interviews. Alice marshals the energy of the group. Hermione reaches out to Draco. Terry relates his own experiential perspective.

11 June
Remus detects loud music in the middle of the night. Molly cooks for the comfort of the Grimmauld Place refugees. Sally-Anne starts off on the wrong foot with her internship. Tonks complains of unpleasant odors due to a spill at the shop. Pansy survives her interrogation. She also bids George to come meet her at her house so they can talk. Justin ponders which destination he should tell the school Floo. Bellatrix braces Barty and Dolohov for the impact of Draco's case. Snape gives Pansy credit for having destroyed the horcrux. Bella lays out the case against Draco for Lucius and Narcissa to absorb. Cedric angles to keep working for Dolohov. Professor Dumbledore receives an unexpected parting gift from Professor Slughorn. Cedric conspires with Harry to create excuses to hang out over the summer. Professor Dolohov consoles Lucius and Narcissa. George spends the night at Pansy's flat. Draco considers his future. Harry discusses Cedric's idea of a way to continue their defence training under Professor Dolohov. Barty Crouch promises to help Narcissa and Draco however he can. Bellatrix delivers Voldemort's answer to Lucius in the form of an ultimatum. Lucius summons Percy in to the office to work on Draco's recapture. He also cancels his tryst with Rachel.

12 June
Narcissa begs Draco to turn himself in to save Lucius. Rachel touches base with Ron regarding the Animagus transformation. Draco informs the Order about his father's fate. Bill comiserates with the treatment Rachel received from Draco. Hermione implores Draco to let her bring him dinner. Hydra pinpoints Draco's state of mind. Harry does his best to be useful. Madam Pomfrey supplies Professor Sinistra with additional remedies.

13 June
Professor Sinistra issues a public statement in remembrance of her husband. Hermione credits Hydra's message to Draco for bringing him out of his despair. Rachel assesses Lucius's situation and vulnerabilities. Lucius assembles a to-do list to put his affairs in order. Ron celebrates finding a flat for him and Justin by inviting Harry to lunch. Professor Dolohov becomes the new Headmaster. He also visits Professor Vector in person to deliver the news.
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31 May
Evelyn reports an uneventful trip to the Forest. Molly asks Bill his dinner plans. Harry hears about the next challenge.

1 June
Alice remains amused by the antics of Bea's birthday party. Justin sees a listing for a flat for him and Ron.

2 June
Padma celebrates her sister's engagement to the right suitor. Madam Pomfrey makes some of her summer plans. Charlie brings dragon's blood to Hogwarts.

3 June
Madam Pomfrey consults Professors Sprout and Dumbledore on an urgent matter. Seamus talks with Padma about Parvati's news.

4 June
Hermione wonders how Draco feels about his upcoming birthday and his relationship with Daphne. Professor Sinistra coordinates her to-do list with Professor Lestrange. Ron receives his official acceptance into the Auror internship. Evelyn seeks additional reading over the summer.

5 June
Narcissa wishes Draco a happy birthday. Sally-Anne congratulates him, too. Daphne adds her two cents about his party Friday night. Sally-Anne learns that her mother is expecting a child. George tries to get Pansy's input on business decisions. Colin promises speedy delivery of supplies for Terry and Sherwood.

6 June
Jeremy extends Rachel his official welcome to the Order. Hydra reads a gossipy article about the next generation of Councilwizards. Harry plans many training sessions with the junior Order courtesy of Raz, over the summer. Bill checks on Rachel's assimilation process. Linus notes the pleasures that end of term brings. Pansy approves of Daphne's hostessing skills. Draco copies a note apparently from Hermione into his journal.
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24 May
Hydra reveals that she cheated on her O.W.L.s by legilimizing the examiners.

25 May
Professor Dolohov passes some information to Narcissa. Professor Lestrange plans to continue training Harry and his friends.

26 May
Professor Dolohov cancels lessons in response to a summons to the Lord Protector.

27 May
Justin offers to complete his group's Noble Arts project essentially by himself. Padma comments to Seamus that they are content to let Justin take on the brunt of the assignment. Bill frets over the death of one of the children put on the mine work detail.

28 May
Snape engages Pansy and Hermione in potioneering. Hermione divides her attention between the potions and helping Harry and Draco study.

29 May
No posts.

30 May
Charlie wishes Bea a happy birthday. Sirius prepares for her birthday party. Lucius informs Narcissa of some kind of success. Alice announces that Rachel Lamont has been formally sworn in to the Order. Rachel confers with Bill. She also inquires of Ron and Justin whether they really want to be interns with the Aurors.
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17 May
Frank updates the Order without Colin's assistance. Alice opens dialogue with Susan.

18 May
Terry decides to go back to Sherwood. Harry enjoys the thought of a Hogsmeade weekend. He also insists that no one will fail O.W.L.s. He further charges the Galleoneers to notify him if anyone's in danger. Colin describes the latest trip into the Forest.

19 May
Susan contemplates her assets as they might benefit the Order.

20 May
Sirius shares remembrance of Regulus with Pansy.

21 May
Harry returns Teddy Nott's wand at Mr. Nott's insistance. Alice makes progress in Goblin relations.

22 May
Evelyn encourages her boyfriend on his last day of O.W.L.s.

23 May
Daphne complains to Draco about Teddy's invasive questions. Luna takes a stand in her Dark Arts exam. Harry asks Hydra about her tests. Ginny relates her bad Dark Arts experience to Ron and Evelyn.
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10 May
Linus resolves to recommit himself to the service of the Protectorate. Molly takes comfort in the nursery at Moddey Dhoo. Cedric arranges to bring Terry back to the sanctuary. Sally-Anne removes a hex forcing Linus to apologize for his existence.

11 May
Evelyn calls for medical assistance for Colin. A Galleoneer (Jack Sloper) reports that Teddy has put Michael Corner in the Hospital Wing. Betsy Corner worries about her brother over the Galleon. Sloper explains. Someone reminds them to cover their bases with a private message. Sloper complies. Cedric summarizes the danger Teddy represents. Sally-Anne wonders if Harry can somehow neutralize Teddy by taking his wand.

12 May
Blaise justifies several recent charitable contributions to his fund manager. Seamus gloats to Padma about the hex affecting Blaise.

13 May
Harry confiscates Teddy's wand. Colin recovers from his injuries in the Forest. Linus defends Professor Dolohov to his father.

14 May
Professor Slughorn invites Blaise to answer questions in MLE's investigation into his step-father's death.

15 May
No posts.

16 May
Ron runs afoul of NEWT students. Blaise mollifies his mother. Madam Pomfrey warns of students over-agonizing for their exams. Cedric celebrates his tests' conclusion.
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3 May
Charlie checks on Tonks. Hermione loans Evelyn her portkey for the trip to the Forest. Draco decides to work on transfiguring his colocation box into a ring. Colin uses Frank's journal to report on the wand core materials hunt.

4 May
Seamus completes his task. Harry shares the information he received regarding the next challenge. He also activates the Galleon network to protect likely victims.

5 May
Lucius reports killing his opponent in a duel. Rachel Lamont verifies that he is all right. Harry requests viewing the memories of Voldemort's regeneration ritual again.

6 May
Sally-Anne notes that Julius Avery was reported killed in a 'wand-cleaning accident.' Draco offers his condolences to the Avery family. Pansy comments on a book Professor Dolohov displayed in class.

7 May
Sally-Anne wonders if Ron is responsible for Dean Thomas missing class. Seamus looks for Dean. Professor Slughorn assumes that Dean is either ill or injured. Cedric cautions the students regarding returning or protecting themselves against a missing book. Hydra discusses what to do about Thomas and the book. Harry asks the Galleoneers if they have seen Dean. Professor Dolohov locates him. Hydra reveals that Padma was involved in Dean's disappearance. Professor Dolohov confirms that Dean was not working on a Council challenge task. He also summons Padma to answer for her part in the tragic outcome. Cedric calls off the search for Dean. Someone inquires if he is dead. Cedric answers. Ginny frets about him on the Order lock. Padma worries about the impact of Dean's death. Hermione focuses instead on Harry's and Draco's reactions. Professor Dolohov informs Professor Sinistra of the sad news.

8 May
Linus proposes a late-night meeting with Lavender. Sally-Anne expresses her dismay that Ron is still in the competition. Justin makes sure everyone knows that there have been reassignments of sponsors. Lee coordinates rescuing a mundane member of Parliament from her camp. Harry eulogizes Dean. Padma argues with Harry over her share of the blame. Colin tests whether the journal will allow Frank to start posting again.

9 May
Lavender reflects on her brush with MLE. Hydra delivers her report on the candidates' inner thoughts. She also badgers Padma a bit over a contraband book.
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26 April
Padma pours out her love-potion-soaked heart to Draco. Lana Sandoval-Pennifold questions Padma's methods. Professor Sinistra compliments her guests on their networking skills. Cedric tells the Lestranges how much he enjoyed the party. Hydra thanks Harry for escorting her. Draco requests information about Padma's condition. Lavender talks to Parvati about the incident. Padma informs Seamus and Lavender that the love spell has been lifted but she's in St. Mungo's. Ron asks Draco if Padma's all right. Padma tries to approach Blaise. Evelyn connects with Ginny over touring Moddey Dhoo. Blaise blames Draco for Padma's display. Draco threatens to quit the Order. Alice demands the truth from Ron. Blaise shuts down Padma's attempts to apologize. Susan complains to Neville about the effects of the contest on their friends. Hermione reassures Alice that she's calmed Draco down. She also takes Sally-Anne and Pansy to task. Snape proffers Alice his perspective on the issues. Ron apologizes to Draco. Seamus sends his affection to Remy Jugson. Alice regroups at Grimmauld Place.

27 April
Ron seeks out Ginny. Professor Lestrange extends Draco some sympathy for having been embarrassed. Hydra wonders if Draco really has quit. Sally-Anne tenders her apology for not telling Draco once they realized he was Padma's target. Alice sets expectations for planning around the remaining challenges. Ron watches Seamus for signs that the other love potion is working. Snape lists the newest muggleborns in the book, all born in freedom. Lavender feels relieved but worried.

28 April
Madam Pomfrey patches Ron up after a late-night dormitory altercation. Ron receives a follow-up challenge from his sponsor. Alice warns Draco and Hydra about the deadly turn the challenges seem to be taking. Jeremy reveals the Order's areas of focus for the May Day Octoboros search. Seamus arranges another date with Remy. He also checks on Padma. Harry summons Padma to a secret meeting. Pansy prepares the potion for Sally-Anne to meet her challenge.

29 April
Lucius invites Percy to participate in his meeting with the Unspeakables. Daphne inquires whether Blaise opened Padma's birthday present. Sirius reminds Harry that he's around for support. Someone calls for a book exchange on Saturday. Harry indicates that he will attend. Molly consults Alice about Ron's role in Padma's curse and what to do or not do. Ron affirms to Sally-Anne that he wants to be on-hand when she takes the potion.

30 April
Ron alerts the Order to the news that Blaise's step-father was murdered. Charlie wrestles with the instructions he received from Dumbledore. Corax Mulciber tasks Bill with a delivery for the newly widowed Amara Cooper. Bill learns from Percy that Bode was not just terminated, but killed. Neville grumbles to Evelyn about his dormmates. Tonks discloses to Alice that she and Charlie have a side-mission on May Day.

1 May
Sally-Anne worries about the effects of the potion she's about to take. Sirius detects the Octoboros on Skye. Harry comments on Ron's and Padma's duel during Noble Arts. Professor Dolohov expresses his opinions on it, as well. Ginny wants to know if Ron will be able to attend practice. Ron recovers in the Hospital Wing. Hydra discusses the finer points of mind-reading. Fred and George offer to keep Molly company in the Burrow. Sally-Anne records her observations during the potion-induced visions. Charlie delivers his somewhat giddy report to Dumbledore.

2 May
Professor Lestrange looks through old photos for a pointer on the way forward. Justin notes apartment listings for him and Ron to consider. Sally-Anne wakes up but can't remember much about her vision. Cedric discovers that Professor Dolohov's office has been breached. Seamus confirms to Padma that he has baited a trap. Professor Dolohov explains that he has been delayed in meeting Professors Sinistra and Lestrange. Cedric second-guesses his reporting to Dolohov without first checking with the Order to see if anyone had business in the professor's office.
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19 April
Hydra chews Draco out for manipulating her and Harry into dating each other. She also tells Justin that she's agreed. Alice welcomes Rachel Lamont to the Order. Frank gets cut off in the middle of a post. Evelyn describes the rescue effort after a cave-in at Saltash. Harry cancels cards. Blaise turns to Padma for backup plans. Corax Mulciber recalls Bill to the office. Neville sends his father encouragement. Barty Crouch speculates as to where blame may fall. Lucius oversees disaster relief. Bill divides his attention between Saltash and the Ministry. Justin reports that Frank has been rescued. Colin fills in the details.

20 April
Professor Dolohov celebrates Easter. Hydra arranges for Justin to take custody of their cat. Sally-Anne discusses Muggle healing methods with Madam Pomfrey. Hydra intercedes with Hermione on Draco's behalf. Mulciber instructs Bill to supply child labor for a mine. Alice makes a general update on Frank's condition and Saltash's status.

21 April
Draco wants to know what Hermione told Hydra. Evelyn begs off attending an astronomy lecture. Justin floats the idea to Ron that they room together in New London over the summer. He also lets Professor Dolohov advise him on language studies and other topics. Harry proposes a long-distance flight for the next day.

22 April
Snape provides hangover potion for Alice. Sally-Anne thanks Professor Dolohov for the introduction to his Healer contact. Linus consults Professor Dolohov regarding his next challenge. Justin wonders how Ron, Sally-Anne, and Pansy fared on their Apparation tests. Nymphadora confirms whether Hydra will be able to attend the Order meeting. Ron worries about Pansy's mood.

23 April
Lavender shares a premonition with Linus. Zacharias balks at his next task. Barty issues an official enquiry to Lucius. Lucius invites Auror Lamont to tea. Ron finds Pansy's reaction to his summer plans perplexing.

24 April
Lucius changes his weekly calendar. Professor Lestrange contemplates the best course of action. Ron receives his next task. Pansy looks forward to the Lestrange party.

25 April
Ron double-checks the twins' instructions for use of their potions. Blaise synchronizes his agenda with Padma. Sally-Anne plans her entrance as well. Lavender informs the Divination Professor of her successful reading. Susan wishes her parents a pleasant evening at the party. Sally-Anne tracks Padma and Seamus. Harry frets over Katie's welfare. Pansy compliments Professor Sinistra on the entertainment.


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