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We are all enjoying your speculation and squee so much, but this post about a Death Eater roster made a few of us think it would be kinder on you to give you a list, especially considering that some of the Death Eaters Councilwizards are mentioned so infrequently.

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Sep. 17th, 2012 11:55 am
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Meanwhile, I am fascinated by Dolohov's presence and his long-standing role as one of the top "trainers" in the Dark Arts (excuse, please, Noble Arts), and how that changes the dynamics among the Death Eaters with respect to the Dark Lord.

For example, the latest exchange with Barty. First off, oh, Barty, you were in a total "I'm such a FUCKUP" drunk mode last night, weren't you? Come here and let me pinch your cheeks, you adorkable homicidal maniac, you.

But second, one of Barty Crouch, Jr.'s defining characteristics from canon is that he was so estranged from his father that he found in Voldemort's situation a kinship, a point of commonality. It's almost as if he sought from Voldemort himself the kind of pride that (we perceive) Barty, Sr., never showed him during his formative time.

The introduction of Dolohov as that mentoring, proud, and even affectionate parent-figure deepens the ranks that we have thus far seen among Death Eaters even as it introduces someone who serves as a hierarchical layer between Voldemort and his Chosen - and thus, also serves as a potential rival for V's power and glorification.

It stands to reason that V didn't necessarily bother teaching all these dark spells to his minions. I mean, it's up to them to learn that stuff and acquire their own power - that's what he had to do, after all! But what's interesting here is that we are told that Tom Riddle was excessively dynamic and was completely capable of at least feigning affection, of gaining supporters and endearing himself to the people he needed. We've been given hints in Alternity that that was so, and it is a large part of how he succeeded in his total takeover even before he'd made himself practically invincible.

And yet, here is a person whom he clearly trusted to groom his major Inner Circle lieutenants and who clearly has a very close and personal relationship with several of Voldemort's top players. It's interesting to me the ways in which those relationships both reinforce and simultaneously threaten Voldemort's supremacy in all their eyes.

Anyone else find this really really cool?
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Hermione posted that Amycus has been taking a creepy interest in her and she's now, according to Dennis, absent without amulet.

We also know from Hermione's post that Amycus (or someone/thing else) drew pictures of a sleeping Terry on the wall in reddish brown ink. Hermione doesn't want to think too closely about what that ink might be; I'll go out on a limb and guess that it's blood. [ profile] alt_player tells us that "The pictures play into it because of the ink used," so if it's not blood it's something else of significance.

Assuming it's blood, whose blood is it? Pigeon blood? Or is it Terry's? Amycus's most recent post tells us that Terry's "been really lethargic and pale lately." It also tells us that the new clothes come from Alecto, who recently had a dream in which she was on "her knees on a hill in a storm. hands covered with blood."

Amycus also made a reference yesterday to 731 which looks to be a reference to human experimentation.

So, here I go with crackpot theory #1 (more to follow in comments, surely):
We know from [ profile] alt_lucius that research on the process of Magical Tranference is underway:
Even now, specialists in the Department of Mysteries are working to discover how it is that Muggles are able to steal magic from its rightful heirs and implant it into the capabilities of their issue. It is essential work, to discover the linkage between Mudbloods and Squibs, and to determine how that transfer is accomplished.

We also know, again from Lucius, that Professor (Alecto) Carrow teaches Muggle Studies and is familiar with the history of torture.

And we know, from all over the place, that Professor (Amycus) Carrow is the Transfiguration teacher. Transfiguration, we may recall from canon, involves the changing of one thing in to another thing. At its advanced levels, it can involve Animagery. One or both Carrows (probably Amycus) recently changed Terry in to a dog.

Putting it all together, the crackpot theory for which you've presumably been waiting is that the Carrows are conducting their own research on Magical Transference, possibly in an unauthorized fashion, using Terry and (probably) now Hermione as subjects. One wonders if the creepy blood-pictures of Terry and his recent lethargy are the result of attempting to transfer magic out of a Muggleborn wizard. Oh dear.

Now with rampant music-related speculation! )
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My first thought on reading [ profile] alt_boot's post is: house elves are set free when they receive clothes from their owners; it's a pity it doesn't work that way for Terry. Next thought: what if it does work that way in some terrible ironic sense? What if the clothes are going to kill him? Or nearly so.

This morning [ profile] alt_amycus's second post reads differently to me, not only in light of Terry's report on the "soiree" but also in retrospect of our conversation with Amycus' player yesterday:

tidbit's getting quite the sense of self-esteem!

So, tidbit, to celebrate, Alecto and I are holding a little soiree tomorrow night. I've got a surprise for you that will, I hope, drive you mad.

Be sure to wear your new clothes, too.

In other news, the pigeons are driving me crazy. The twittering's been worse than ever. Ha. When they see me coming, the birds all try and hide. But I'm onto them.

So, this morning, with a bit of hindsight and in the cold aftermath of a strangely anti-climactic soiree, I think Amycus has been practicing on the pigeons for a formula he has now applied to Terry's new clothes. The pigeons didn't like it very much. Amycus hopes it will "drive [Terry] mad". I hope Terry catches on and finds a way to get help before too much harm is done by his lovely new jumper, soft corduroy trousers and new boots.
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Is there supposed to have been another Grim Truth post from Sirius? (Arthur tells him he saw his "entry last night.") If so I didn't and can't now see it. I did catch the exchange on Harry's journal where Sirius and Lucius exchanged barbs. Is that all that's meant when Arthur and Bellatrix say that Sirius provoked the attack Lucius led on the Cherwell camp?

Interesting bits and bobs in McGonagall's post tonight, too. (About the book's forgery; mention of Flitwick -- deceased, apparently -- from Molly; about the castle's protections; McG's note that Lucius is not a Legilimens and her clear anxiety about facing someone who IS one.)

ETA. Lucius talks about the provocation as though it was just Sirius' intrusion into Harry's comments thread.

More interestingly, Lucius links the disturbance in the camp with the "robbery" at Gringotts:
After the blackguard (no pun intended) retreated from the journal where he made a nuisance of himself, he apparently decided to incite an attempted break-out at Cheswell. It's all in the papers. He must have accomplices in this country, whom he induced through some method (doubtless an illicit and indecent form of magic) to disrupt the camps. Bella believes, as do I, that these culprits are the same miscreants who corrupted the Goblins enough to gain access to Gringotts and rob the bank last month. It makes sense: Their modus operandi seems to lie more in encouraging - possibly forcing - members of these inferior castes to rise up in revolt, creating chaos and bother for the rest of us.
I take Arthur's account as a truer representation of what happened at Cherwell (Lucius calls it Cheswell), which is to say that Lucius, Bellatrix and others went to the camp and took out their frustration with Sirius on the helpless captives (no uprising, no escape, no initiative on the Muggles's part, just a bit of Death Eater Muggle-baiting like we see canonically at the World Cup match).

I wonder if Lucius' linkage of the Cherwell and Gringotts incidents is more than just a matter of PR spin: perhaps the Gringotts episode was equally a matter of Lucius, Bellatrix, et. al. having done something extra-legal. Perhaps they went to Gringotts with a plan to empty a vault of something of value (the Philosopher's Stone, presumably) only to find that the vault in question (one they did not have legal power to access -- so what would their way around the Goblins have been? maybe I'm wrong) had already been emptied, though they thought that impossible, its rightful owner having been thought to be out of the country. In other words, I'm proposing that the substantial link between the camp riot and the Gringotts "robbery" might be that Lucius and cronies are the active agents in each case and that in each case they've concocted a story of insurgent lawlessness to cover their own dodgy dealing.

Also. It's not lost on me that Lucius hints that Sirius and his insurgent blackguards (a great pun) make use of Imperius to control Muggles.
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Just was re-checking the friends page and realised Arthur's post has a new comment, which goes someway to explain how Minerva managed to keep such a privileged position despite her previosu close links to Dumbledore etc :


Sep. 19th, 2008 11:13 am
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Interesting update from Lucius!

I remain interested in whether the Order Only spell is working, and on its face, this post would seem (by its account of a Ministry crisis at dark-thirty o'clock; by Lucius' apparent outrage; by its assertion that the Protector's circle has been monitoring Sirius Black's posts, but that they've until now found them benign and judged them likely to alienate rather than draw readers) to indicate that Lucius and Voldemort are wholly unaware of Sirius' Order Only posts.


Might [ profile] alt_lucius not post exactly this if he and Voldemort have been reading ALL the posts all along? Obviously, Sirius expects to get some reaction: this gives him a predictable and satisfying reaction. Obviously, Voldemort and Lucius have a vested interest in bringing Sirius to ground, in bringing his threat to a quick head that will enable them to crush it once and for all: so it would do no good to tip that they are reading his secret posts, and this response robustly suggests they have not.

I'm not really suggesting that I think the Order Only spell doesn't work. I think it's most likely that it works just as billed. And I suspect that we can take Lucius at his word when he writes, "Meanwhile, this alerts the Ministry to a drawback to the journals, namely their ability to spread rumour, lie, and blatant treason if anyone is so foolish as young Black."


I want to keep myself mindful that there IS another possibility. A possibility that would be fully consistent with Slytherin-style, Death Eater-ish, Dark Lordly behaviour.


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