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Two questions/comments:

I'm too lazy to go search through it all. Has Sirius identified Harry as Lily and James son or has Draco pulled a Flint?


Would wizards really swear by Jesus? I know this is something that has been discussed elsewhere, but I haven't seen anything one way or the other in Alternity's context.

On the other hand, oh is this going to be kicking a hornet's nest. This is going to be fun to watch.


Sep. 21st, 2008 08:11 pm
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Hey, folks:

I just received a reply from [livejournal.com profile] alt_player (in this case, the player who plays Sirius), who wants us to know that Sirius really *did* Order Lock his birthday greeting to Hermione (though there was a player-slip in this case). I was afraid the rest of you might miss this important bit of official correction because I may be the only one who will have gotten email notice of the comment.

The discussion in question is here.
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Not sure if this is a legitimate comment or an opportunity for clarifying the alt_fen rules:

In the first version of Hermione's post this morning, she mentioned in detail the elaborate breakfast the House Elves made for her. But the current version has been edited to be more discreet about signs of kindness that might get the Elves -- or someone else -- into trouble.

Is this a case of the "15 minute rule," so that the edit should not be noticed or remarked upon? The indiscretion -- and her second thoughts -- say interesting things about Hermione's character and situation; but this sort of thing may not be legitimately in play for the watcher community. Guidance appreciated!
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Someone commented on this on a blog post I made, but I thought I'd mention it here:

The game is using the 2008 calendar in some respects. September 16, 1991 was *not* a full moon. Of course, this is well within the bounds of "Just go with it, it's a game thing" but I would be betraying the principles of HP fandom nitpicking if I didn't point it out.

Similarly, in February, game time should experience a leap day (Feb 29 1992) but we won't see it.

ObPamelaDean: Remember to watch for comet Shoemaker-Levy hitting Jupiter in 1994!


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