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I really enjoyed reading the game (except, omg, I couldn't help but think how much more fun it might have been if Ron's player had been able to participate -- I miss Ron! [I'm making an assumption here, obviously, and hope that all is well with Ron's player]). I hope that the students will play this again or play other games. It's fun to see them being kids, and it was a great vehicle for letting them express their personalities. I enjoyed Draco's attitude about the game, and Padma's hesitations (which her player expressed with a nice touch -- not too heavy-handed, though it would have been so easy to have overdone), Lavender's girly reservations and boy-motivated reconsiderations, Millicent's disdain.

I'm guessing that not all the players were available to participate actively, but it was good fun, nonetheless.

I especially appreciated that this game was something Megan excelled at. (How much do I love Megan's self-censoring, cautious personality -- she is emerging as a really well-crafted example of what this society's disdain for half-bloods causes. Sally Anne, too, but Megan is only now blossoming, and I appreciate that each of them has a different set of issues as a result of her upbringing and semi-marginalized place in this AU.)

I also appreciate the way AK produced two kinds of winner (as Quidditch sometimes does): the last-standing and the points-winner. Cool.

Some good Percy-baiting and Weasley twins mischief... but I confess surprise that the twins did not win. I thought that over the break they had surely liberated the Marauders' Map, which would have been dead useful in this game (both for hunting and evading other players). Perhaps they haven't yet figured out how it works?

I loved Neville's decision to abstain. I'm so pleased that someone had a principled objection to the nature of this sport -- and it makes sense to me that it would be Neville who would have this scruple (despite the fact that in this game he lacks his canonical reason for being appalled by the Unforgiveables). Also. This is one time where I especially missed Hermione's presence in the ranks of the students and missed the Gryffindor trio, who might have squabbled over the ethics of this game.
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We've just been given (via the shiny new website) a list of everybody in Harry's class at Hogwarts. Let's discuss it! Here is the list copied out and cross-checked with the canon universe using HP Lexicon—canon characters in purple, new characters in blue, missing book characters in green.

The List )

Am I missing anything? Where do you think the new names come from? Where do you think the missing characters are right now?

Edit: Turns out that there are no new students in Harry's year. All the ones that I hadn't found previously were mentioned in canon but not affiliated with a specific house, which is why I missed them the first time. (The fact that Bund vs. Bundy mattered made me go check again).

Edit 2: I'm putting known half-bloods in bold, just for the sake of keeping track and because I'm curious what the ratio of halfbloods to purebloods is in this group.
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Not that I have the foggiest what it means, but here's an attempt at collecting all the instances to date of Pansy, Ron and Sally-Anne's code-talking posts.

To kick it off, Pansy tells us that "There's a black leopard sleeping in a tamarind tree tonight." [6 Nov] Discussion in comments of whether the leopard can appear blue in certain lights; agreement that the leopard is definitely not red.

Next, in Harry's Quidditch post, Ron and Pansy discuss Ron's hypothetical kittens. [8 Nov] Kittens are projected to be all or mostly gingers, with the possibilities of one black one and/or an oddball with blue eyes.

Pansy reports "There's a dead black raven on my windowsill." [11 Nov] Ron asks if it's after the blueberry Bertie Botts again.

Unclear if this is an instance, but in her post on warming charms Sally-Anne says "Also I found a feather, but it was a black very ordinary feather from a crow, I think. I picked it up to take it with me but then I dropped it out a window to watch it fall." [14 Nov] Discussion between Pansy and Sally-Anne in comments deals with the color red, but in relation to Sally-Anne's warming-charm-induced "sunburn."

Sally-Anne writes "I found a black chess piece in the corridor today. Pansy, is it yours? Or Ron, maybe?" [17 Nov] Ron asks if it might be blue; Pansy says she doesn't know anyone with blue chess pieces and guesses it might belong to a Ravenclaw.

Other instances of code-talking? Guesses at what might be going on? I'm a little worried from Pansy's comment in the most recent post that the new charm on Pansy's quill might interfere with her ability to write in their code - unless she's trying to allude to something with her Ravenclaw remark.

Ron asks Pansy if she needs "strong black tea or something?" [19 Nov] Pansy doesn't reply in color code and seems to brush him off.

Pansy tells Sally-Anne to remind her to tell a joke that Ron will like - "He'll laugh so hard his ears will turn bright red." [22 Nov] Sally-Anne responds with " I once saw someone laughed so hard he almost turned blue."


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I find Pansy very interesting. She seems to have a solidly dysfunctional family background (most promising!); she's prickly; and she's the most conventionally Slyth-centric of the students we are meeting (yay for someone who feels canon-familiar!). I don't, by the way, mean that as a complaint about the other Slytherin characters: I'm very interested in the way this game is showing them to have developed differently than their canonical counterparts. Certainly their life experiences and perhaps their ideological training has been substantially different than in the books -- and I'm really enjoying the glimpses we are getting of cause and effect with regard to these (and other) pureblood children. It's just that I'm glad to have one character who reminds me of the fierce rivalry between the Houses.

Zorb, I think you were the one who prompted us to think about what difference the circumstances of this AU might make in the Slytherin children's ability to see beyond the ideologies of their parents. I'm still cogitating on this and am watching the game with great interest as we continue to get hints. (It will obviously be central to Harry Marvolo's experience in this game.)

But back to Pansy...
The other thing that has really struck me about this Pansy is that she calls other people's parents by their first names -- or, anyway, she calls Lucius Malfoy "Lucius". I can't wait to see what this is meant to signal about her or about her parents and their connections. (She refers to Lucius as her father's best friend.)


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