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Since August was our smallest month of the game, I'm combining the three summer months into one post here. No pressure - just want to get this up for anyone who's ready to move on...

Here are the pdf links:




(BTW at this pace, approximately 6 weeks per year, we will be re-reading for just under a year... on the other hand, as we get into the months and years with lots longer files / higher numbers of posts, it take two months to re-read the year - or longer! In which case we'll be finishing the re-read...this time next year, or so. Alternity never dies!)
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We're getting into some shorter months, so I am going to combine the posts for February and March. This is not to make anyone feel guilty for not reading this fast! I'm not near March myself, but I will also be away this weekend, so I don't want to stifle conversation for those who may read ahead....

PDF Links:

As always, remember that there will certainly be spoilers in the comments!
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I haven't quite started January yet, but I'm close.... In case others are ready to move on:

Here is January's pdf file. Or as always, you can find the Year One recap tags in the community and read directly on the journals.

No need to avoid spoilers in the comments below!
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We're up to December already in our re-read!

Here's the link to the pdf file: December

As before, there is no need to avoid spoilers in the comments.

(Question for the group: We are coming up on several months where we logged a lower number of posts. Do you still want each month to be its own post or should we combine months (i.e., Feb-Mar instead of Feb, Mar) when the post count is about half the larger / longer months? I don't mind either way....)
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Continuing our re-reading....

The pdf version can be found here.

Also: Happy Birthday, Hermione!
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As with September, here is the October pdf file.

This post is spoiler-free, but there is no need to avoid spoilers in the comments.
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Okay, because we can't let go, either, we're starting a re-read!

I will post one of these for each month, and try to keep the post itself relatively spoiler-free, but feel free to comment with thoughts, reactions, etc., to the posts for the month. If months have particularly low numbers of posts, we may combine two months in a single post. Since this is specifically a re-read, please do not feel you have to avoid spoilers for later months in the comments.

If you need the PDFs, here is the link to September: September

Or you can read via the weekly recaps by choosing the "Year One" tag on the community, and scrolling back.

Comment away!


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