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In the context of Arthur's explanation of the Order Only spell to Kingsley and in the shadow of Sirius' current difficulties, it occurred to me that I don't know whether the Order Only spell completely protects marked entries or not. What happens if an Order member's journal should fall into the wrong hands? Does the spell mean that the entries appear to ANY reader of a journal that belongs to an Order member or are such entries truly only visible if the reader is an Order member?

This would become a significant issue if Sirius (or Alice or Kingsley or others) were to be caught or if Hermione's journal were to be stolen of if Percy were to mix up his mother's journal with his own over the holidays.

Perhaps no journal can be read by a person other than its owner. That would be comforting, but I suspect it's more useful to the game in the long run if a journal can be picked up and read by someone who is not its owner. If so, the question is whether the Order Only spell is powerful enough to recognize and exclude non-Order readers if they should come into possession of an Order member's journal.

Perhaps this will become evident in time. In the meanwhile, I appreciated Arthur's reminder of how the Spell works.

Also. Yay, Kingsley!!

ETA This would be a good place to note that Pansy mentions knowing how to filter the entries she reads in her journal (though she "forgot" to exclude boot's entries from hers as Draco has apparently done in his own journal).
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Oh, Arthur.

I was totally unprepared for the ways this game would break my heart. Between this and Minerva's having taken the Mark, I'm fairly shattered. We knew early on that it would be rough - early in the game, Minerva posted about "the frustration, the anger, that I am constantly crushing down" - but to know the true sentiment underneath and to see the exterior they must present is awful.

Sirius, of course, has been operating secretly and thumbing his nose at the idea of detection in typical fashion. This is more worrying than crushing, espeically as I suspect he has motivations not tied directly to his own safety - Sirius may be hoping that if he can project enough dash about his sometimes precarious concealment, he can bring some courage and heartening to others in more dangerous and thus more oppressively secret positions.

This raises some interesting questions, I think, about the long-term ramifications of the roles the Order members are having to play. How long can one mouth the positions required for one's cover before they begin to corrode one's soul? Not necessarily in a "You become what you pretend to be" kind of way (although that is a risk too! How long before one of Our Heroes is horrified by the automatic bigoted responses that spring to mind before anger at the injustices?) but more in the wearing, stifling kind of way. Sissela Bok, in her book Secrets: On the Ethics of Concealment and Revelation, writes "Scientists working under conditions of intense secrecy have testified to its stifling effect on their judgment and creativity. And those who have written about their undercover work as journalists, police agents, and spies, or about living incognito for political reasons, have described similar effects of prolonged concealment on their capacity to plan and to choose, at times on their sense of identity."

From a literary standpoint, I'm intrigued by the character arcs this is likely to construct. My emotional attachment to the characters, though, means I'm dreading the toll this will likely take on them.
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Just was re-checking the friends page and realised Arthur's post has a new comment, which goes someway to explain how Minerva managed to keep such a privileged position despite her previosu close links to Dumbledore etc :
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Okay, I've got to say it. I've been wondering, but now it's grown to the size of an elephant in the room that everyone's pretending isn't there...

...what about Peter Pettigrew? Where is he in this AU? What's his story? Has he somehow been erased? (Has he been mentioned?)

It's impossible to understand the grounds for the Order's apprehensions about Remus when they don't ever refer to the fourth Marauder.

Relatedly, do you guys have theories about what happened on the night the Potters were murdered? What are all of the differences? I'll start.

    1. Tom Riddle didn't die.
    2. Harry seems not to have been cursed. He seems to have no scar. (In other words, it seems not to have been Tom Riddle's plan to kill Harry, just to steal him. What interpretation of the Prophecy does this hint at? How much of the Prophecy does the Lord Protector know? Is the Prophecy the same?)
         2a. Harry's status: he is not the Boy Who Lived; he is (only) the Lord Protector's son.
    3. Sirius is not the friend suspected of treachery. (And, since the event did not play out as in canon, he did not "kill" Peter and did not get sent to Azkaban.)

    What else?

A small point, since in this AU Tom Riddle has established himself as "Lord Protector," I'm finding it hard to call him Voldemort. And now that enough playing time and so many posts have slipped by, I can't remember whether anyone in-game has called him Voldemort. It seems to me there was an early reference to his given name, but I can't think whether he's been called anything besides "Lord" and "Lord Protector" since.
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I've been reading back through recent posts to catch up on comment threads I might have missed by reading the post too soon. (How do you manage this aspect of the game?)

I thought we might do well to begin a list of references to those characters we've not yet seen:

    * in an early exchange w/ Remus [livejournal.com profile] alt_sirius strikesout the start of a mention of Hagrid
         (who, perhaps, has Sirius' original, enchanted motorbike in his care in game as he does in canon)

    * [livejournal.com profile] alt_arthur mentions to Sirius that he's had an owl from Kingsley Shacklebolt
         (who is undercover somewhere & thinks his cover has been compromised)

    * during the Order Only thread re. the Quibbler fine, [livejournal.com profile] alt_mcgonagall mentions Mundungus Fletcher
         (who seems to be a fence/money-launderer as in canon)

    * there's the heartbreaking thread in which Neville "meets" his Mum and she mentions Frank
         (who seems from other mentions to be working separately from Alice? is that right?)

Who am I overlooking? Of course, we've heard about Umbridge and Scrimgeour and the Lovegoods and some students (Oliver Wood, most recently) who aren't [yet?] being played actively. Have we had a reference to Tonks yet? Others?

I'll close by saying that I'm thrilled to see that Poppy Pomfrey has made her entrance into play, moving from the ranks of the "mentioned" to active status!
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As has been mentioned in the comments to a different thread, [livejournal.com profile] alt_arthur all but confirms that [livejournal.com profile] alt_mcgonagall is the one who has, and has hidden the Philosopher's Stone at Hogwarts. So it looks like they are fairly closely mirroring the books, both in retrieval and hiding of the stone. We have yet to see if the reason is similar or if anyone is helping her protect it. Not sure who of the staff that could be given the character of the rest. With her distrust of Lupin, Slugghorn is unlikely to be in the Order, Carrow certainly isn't, Sprout *might* but we've seen no evidence of Order sympathies there, I doubt she'd take Lockhart's help even if offered and I'm blanking on the rest it's looking very like McGonagall is very much alone.

Just thought this deserved it's own post for any discussion.

As an aside, since I'm talking about the professors, has there been any mention yet of Snape? I certainly haven't noticed it if there has been.


Sep. 19th, 2008 11:13 am
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Interesting update from Lucius!

I remain interested in whether the Order Only spell is working, and on its face, this post would seem (by its account of a Ministry crisis at dark-thirty o'clock; by Lucius' apparent outrage; by its assertion that the Protector's circle has been monitoring Sirius Black's posts, but that they've until now found them benign and judged them likely to alienate rather than draw readers) to indicate that Lucius and Voldemort are wholly unaware of Sirius' Order Only posts.


Might [livejournal.com profile] alt_lucius not post exactly this if he and Voldemort have been reading ALL the posts all along? Obviously, Sirius expects to get some reaction: this gives him a predictable and satisfying reaction. Obviously, Voldemort and Lucius have a vested interest in bringing Sirius to ground, in bringing his threat to a quick head that will enable them to crush it once and for all: so it would do no good to tip that they are reading his secret posts, and this response robustly suggests they have not.

I'm not really suggesting that I think the Order Only spell doesn't work. I think it's most likely that it works just as billed. And I suspect that we can take Lucius at his word when he writes, "Meanwhile, this alerts the Ministry to a drawback to the journals, namely their ability to spread rumour, lie, and blatant treason if anyone is so foolish as young Black."


I want to keep myself mindful that there IS another possibility. A possibility that would be fully consistent with Slytherin-style, Death Eater-ish, Dark Lordly behaviour.


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