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Okay so. They've made a big deal about how inferi can't be controlled by anyone other than the creator, with Tosha and Barty trying to figure out how to make them behave and stuff.

And this.

Which means Barty is controlling the inferi by waving a bloody chunk of V's soul at them.

It's fucking brilliant, in that horrible Alternity way.
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That a thing that's been set up is that Barty will now make a serious attempt on killing Moody so that he can bring home a triumph in the hope of putting V in a good enough mood that there will be fewer repercussions on Tosha.

Given we just saw a Moody post go up giving his intel and mentioning that he's got a lead on the "slippery bastard", and we got the Barty "JUST NEED ONE MORE STAY PUT" post, I am thiiiinking we are indeed aimed at a showdown.
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Antonin's recent post, while fascinating, confused me quite a bit on my first readthrough.

Looks like, thanks to the ever confusing DoM organisation, he doesn't really know who was there, apart from (mainly) those he fired spells at.

The first line utterly confuses me. Help?

I'm reading the rest of the first paragraph as notation of which spells he hit them with (though could possibly be some reference to which rooms they were in? Probably not, but it's what I thought at first): Bonefire for Hydra looks pretty self-explanatory, given that she felt like her fingers were broken. Nihil sensorum (lit. nothing of having-been-perceived in Latin, so something causing lack of sensory function, I guess?) was what he hit Justin with, though why Justin was screaming I don't know. Just a particularly nasty side effect of the curse, I guess.

"w/B" is one thing where I have very little idea what it's meant to mean.

Infidi ("I have cut/ploughed a path into" seems like the most likely Latin translation) would be what he attacked Sally-Anne with. I'm guessing it has the same effect as stabbing someone with something sharp.

The next section looks fairly straightforward, though I'm quite amused with him thinking Linus Moon was helping. Those initials confused me a lot at first. (Especially since LM usually refers to Lucius Malfoy. The idea of him acting as distraction for them was rather odd.)

And of course, he is very confused as to the logistics of it. I don't think I want him investigating the destination of it all anymore than he has already. Fingers crossed.


Sep. 17th, 2012 11:55 am
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Meanwhile, I am fascinated by Dolohov's presence and his long-standing role as one of the top "trainers" in the Dark Arts (excuse, please, Noble Arts), and how that changes the dynamics among the Death Eaters with respect to the Dark Lord.

For example, the latest exchange with Barty. First off, oh, Barty, you were in a total "I'm such a FUCKUP" drunk mode last night, weren't you? Come here and let me pinch your cheeks, you adorkable homicidal maniac, you.

But second, one of Barty Crouch, Jr.'s defining characteristics from canon is that he was so estranged from his father that he found in Voldemort's situation a kinship, a point of commonality. It's almost as if he sought from Voldemort himself the kind of pride that (we perceive) Barty, Sr., never showed him during his formative time.

The introduction of Dolohov as that mentoring, proud, and even affectionate parent-figure deepens the ranks that we have thus far seen among Death Eaters even as it introduces someone who serves as a hierarchical layer between Voldemort and his Chosen - and thus, also serves as a potential rival for V's power and glorification.

It stands to reason that V didn't necessarily bother teaching all these dark spells to his minions. I mean, it's up to them to learn that stuff and acquire their own power - that's what he had to do, after all! But what's interesting here is that we are told that Tom Riddle was excessively dynamic and was completely capable of at least feigning affection, of gaining supporters and endearing himself to the people he needed. We've been given hints in Alternity that that was so, and it is a large part of how he succeeded in his total takeover even before he'd made himself practically invincible.

And yet, here is a person whom he clearly trusted to groom his major Inner Circle lieutenants and who clearly has a very close and personal relationship with several of Voldemort's top players. It's interesting to me the ways in which those relationships both reinforce and simultaneously threaten Voldemort's supremacy in all their eyes.

Anyone else find this really really cool?
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I've begun to feel badly about the fact that we got so carried away yesterday with the emergence of a brilliantly-played new Evil character that we overlooked this past week's bigger news: we have LOTS of new characters (and probably some new players, too).

    I'm so glad for [livejournal.com profile] alt_hannah that she now has some companionship in our virtual Hufflepuff, and I've really enjoyed Susan, Ernie and Megan's entry into the game. They've fit right into this strange new world we're seeing where Slytherins are happy to study and play and create in-jokes with students from other Houses. (I wonder how long this will last? Will it be an important strength for the students in the days ahead? Or will we see them grow disenchanted and fall out so that someday they will dislike as strongly as they now seem to like one another?) For right now, though, I'm really enjoying that Slytherins can gently poke fun at Michael Corner's post about magical stuff he's dying to see; they are poking fun because they genuinely like him, and that's very cool.

    I've also enjoyed meeting [livejournal.com profile] alt_horace this week. He's already establishing his canonical brand of Slytherin personality type: he's inviting particular young people to chat with him (presumably, as in the books, to forge connections now with young ones he believes will grow up to positions of influence) and passing over others. I was amused to note that Draco had to assert himself in order to win an invitation. Poor Draco, even in this game, you aren't one of Slughorn's chosen! I note, too, that he's (so far) by-passed Sally-Anne. I assume that this is reinforcement of the game's subtle picture of the prejudice against half-bloods.

    [livejournal.com profile] alt_frank arrived (more than a week ago? not much) with a bang of big news about Alice's pregnancy. I look forward to seeing what role they play going forward. Lots of potential for poignancy, peril, and pathos, I should think!

    Death Eaters:
    [livejournal.com profile] alt_crouch_jr is a welcome addition. I'm hopeful that he and his new house-mate, Regulus, will inspire each other to post more frequently than we've seen yet. I think that I'm looking forward to meeting Alecto Carrow if her part gets cast. (I had been sort of hoping the Carrows would remain uncast and off-stage, but now that we have such a beautifully horrifying Amycus, I'm changing my mind.)

    I'm going to include Dennis here because his first week injected a new set of interesting issues and personality dynamics into the game, and I'm hoping to see much of him as we go along.

So, hi to all! (I hope I haven't missed any of you...!)


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