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Previously On Alternity: Year Three, Summer Term
May 1 - August 31, Year Three (2011, realtime)
As always, this summary does not include all the subplots, etc., and it's not in precise date order, but it should provide a starting point!

Also as always, there may be spoilers in the summaries. Finally, we generally choose not to warn readers about possible triggers in Alternity due to the nature of play (unfolding in real time, often improvised) and the nature of the fictional universe (extremely unpleasant in every way). However, please be forewarned that Year Three, Summer Term includes plots which may trigger those who have suffered from eating disorders or sexual harrassment.

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27 August
No posts.

28 August
Madam Pomfrey complains about the officiousness of the St Mungo's inspection. Sally-Anne plans her wardrobe for the Final.

29 August
Susan waits for their section to be seated. Blaise snarks about the manners of some of the Bulgarian contingent. Fred and George predict the outcome of the match. Kingsley coordinates the Players' seats with the rest of the Order's. Neville wishes Seamus good luck for Ireland. Ginny admits her disappointment at the Weasleys' seats. Sally-Anne describes the stages of her travel to the Cup. Ron finds his seat (and the treatment) in Director Selwyn's seats to be perfectly acceptable. Nymphadora lets Remus know that she's arrived safely. Seamus spies the players taking the pitch. Dean pays more attention to the Veela. Pansy is not so impressed by the Bulgarian mascots. Bill contradicts Pansy's assessment. Ron recognizes some of the plays. Seamus celebrates the Irish win. Ginny hears a disturbance. Barty Crouch, Jr. mobilizes the security details. Sally-Anne takes stock of the people she is nearby. Kingsley searches for the source of the explosion. Sally-Anne enlists Madam Pomfrey's aid for the Muggleborn servants who are in a precarious spot. Lavender panics when her father is injured. Lana Sandoval shouts for a healer to help her grandmother. Ginny calls for Percy to check in. Madam Pomfrey gets the Order's attention to help with the Muggleborns. Dean detects a fire. Pansy encounters a DoA elderly man. Remus arrives on the scene. Susan remains calm. Director Selwyn broadcasts an appeal to find his daughter. Lavender makes contact with her uncle. Remus verifies where they should take the Muggleborns they have rescued. Barty reports the Aurors' progress to Selwyn. Selwyn sends the mob out to avenge themselves on a nearby Muggle camp.

30 August
Sally-Anne arrives back at the Strettons' but soon moves to Pansy's. Draco sorts through his reactions to the day's events. Hermione relates her experiences to the ISS kids. Arthur locates Percy again. Seamus apologizes to Neville in anticipation of the Irish Muggle Army being held accountable for the QWC attack. He also says a sort of goodbye to Padma. Percy manages Lucius's affairs while Lucius is recovering. Madam Pomfrey praises Hermione for her decision to remain with Harry. Professor Sinistra commends the CCF kids for their actions. Blaise confers with Teddy Nott over the construction of the bombs. Charlotte Smythe claims credit for the attack on behalf of the DogStar Company. Lavender notes that her brothers will not tell her much about the reprisals after the bombing. Barty pushes the investigations forward.

31 August
Ron boggles at the number of groups trying to claim credit for the bombing. Barty narrows the list of suspects and leads in MLE's inquiries. Bill learns that the Prophet has a photo of Sirius from the Cup. Barty seeks permission to brief Lucius on the discoveries about how he came to be so seriously injured. Narcissa goes with Bella to the Ministry. Alice informs the Order what they've learned about Moddey Dhoo's new residents. Pansy shares her sympathies and her worries for Lucius with Narcissa. She also offers succor to Draco. Penelope confides her insecurities about being Head Girl to Percy.

1 September
Blaise alerts his fellow Slytherins to the article about Sirius. Dean notices it, too. Seamus expresses his relief to Padma, on learning that the IMA are no longer suspects in the bombing. Sally-Anne denies MLE's claim that the picture of Sirius is a fake. Justin returns to France and apologizes for his abrupt departure. Madam Pomfrey teases Sirius about his new notoriety. Neville reassures Seamus regarding the decision that the IMA were not responsible for the Cup disaster. Penelope issues her first official announcement as Head Girl.

2 September
Pansy writes a personal note to Lucius for when he recovers enough to read it. Sirius condemns the bombing while asserting that he is, in fact, very much alive. Barty approves of Narcissa's press statement. Narcissa reposts the text to reinforce it after her conference. Percy responds to her, as well, about a Ministry employee's attempt to visit Lucius. Sally-Anne consults Madam Pomfrey on the subject of recurring nightmares. Ron insults the first-years. Penelope comiserates with Percy. Bellatrix asserts that Sirius cannot possibly be alive. Director Selwyn compliments Professor Sinistra on the CCF kids' performances during the QWC incident.
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20 August
Zacharias gets excited about the Quidditch World Cup final. Harry prompts Hermione to answer Hydra. Ron realizes that their Cup tickets are not as wonderful as they might have hoped. Professor Sinistra recuperates from her summer. Ginny experiences some distress. Rodolphus checks on Lana's progress in her training.

21 August
Lucius finalizes the week's agenda for the visiting dignitaries.

22 August
Narcissa implores Barty to keep his mother away from the first ladies. Sirius doubts the news that the final will be played in England. Sally-Anne looks forward to it.

23 August
Nymphadora tries to get Narcissa to help with their portkey placement.

24 August
Percy manages an unwelcome visitor to Lucius' office. Arthur worries while Ron has a private chat in Director Selwyn's office. Ron reports Selwyn's efforts to make him inform on his family to the rest of the ISS kids. Justin Finch-Fletchley introduces himself! Fred and George solicit business names.

25 August
Sirius wonders what Justin's presence in England signifies. Blaise asks Harry's and Draco's opinion of their new companion. Ginny invites Honoria Sandoval to spend her first photo shoot with her. Luna responds to a secret admirer. Blaise offers Daphne the chance to sit with him in the top tier of the Cup. Padma explains to Seamus that her family continues to struggle with losing her brother.

26 August
Justin tours the Ministry and other national sites.
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13 August
No posts.

14 August
Poppy recounts her weekend at Laszlo's of London.

15 August
Nymphadora announces her intention to return to work.

16 August
Bill volunteers to set aside some funds for Snape's library. Draco assesses the final challenge and the end of the CCF program.

17 August
Penelope proposes to spend time with Percy now that the YPL programs are over. Harry congratulates Draco formally on his win. Hermione enjoys more latitude now that Harry is home.

18 August
Draco commends Penelope Clearwater on her presumed appointment as Head Girl. Hydra needs Hermione's assistance. Seamus shares with Dean his guardian's opinions about his conduct during CCF. He also invites Padma to come over. Terry checks on whether Hermione's friends have made anything of the potion residue he passed along.

19 August
Padma wonders what the plan is for the Quidditch World Cup. Ron speculates about it as well. Hydra apologizes to Hermione for her awkwardness the day before. Sally-Anne suggests a shopping trip with Pansy.
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6 August
Nymphadora discovers that Laszlo's stock is dwindling.

7 August
No posts.

8 August
No posts.

9 August
No posts.

10 August
Molly reads Fred and George the riot act for breaking all the windows. Dean remarks on his experience of the CCF. Snape instructs Remus to keep meticulous notes on his condition. Ron praises his team for their success.

11 August
Dean wishes Ginny a happy birthday. Ron offers to do his sister's chores when he gets home. Draco anticipates that he and Harry will be pitted against one another. Narcissa expresses her concerns about Barty's mother to him. Dean congratulates his team on their victory. He also tells Seamus privately that he was impressed.

12 August
Harry tries to tell Ron how to deal with things as they are.
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30 July
No posts.

31 July
Sirius confirms with Hermione that his birthday present for Harry arrived. Alice updates the Order regarding their camping trip with Neville and Evelyn. Remus reports sightings of a frequent customer who may be more than he seems. Sally-Anne thanks Harry and Draco for their party. She also tells Neville she had a great time at his party too.

1 August
Padma wonders whether the CCF will kill everyone with the exertion. Sirius prompts Hermione to tell the Order about the changes Voldemort has been undergoing. Terry reconsiders staying with Amycus Carrow, despite the man's threats.

2 August
Lucius learns of his previous clerk's death. Lana Sandoval discusses running into Professor Sinistra at the Malfoys' that weekend. Sirius calls Tonks back from her walk. Hermione warns the Order that Terry might try to run. Terry has a problem when he does. Frank meets an unexpected refugee. Amycus Carrow summons his sister to Lincoln. Remus goes with Frank to try to find Terry. Hermione tries to put Terry on the lookout for them. Frank loses the entire castle but gains a few new escapees. Remus admits to Sirius that while the adventure was unsuccessful, it was also fun. Terry explains to the ISS kids what happened - and what didn't happen. Sally-Anne learns some practical healing spells. Professor Sinistra feels the strain of the CCF schedule.

3 August
Penelope issues reminders to the CCF participants.

4 August
Terry steals a flask with potion residue inside. Arthur verifies the claims made by Mellisandra Ollivander. Fred and George take suggestions as to their career path. Madam Pomfrey writes of her continued medical training during the summer break. Lana suffers a disappointment. She also begs off an obligation to her family. Alice imparts the decision to admit Mellisandra to Moddey Dhoo. Remus brings word to the Order of a Ministry official who has been demanding a bribe to keep their business open.

5 August
Luna catalogs her activities during the holiday so far. Wil Wagstaff incites more clever ways to evade the Ministry. Barty Crouch, Jr. assures his mother that he can take care of himself.
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23 July
Narcissa glosses over the unsettling interruption of her party the night before. Blaise confirms the arrangements for Draco and Harry to visit. Barty Crouch Jr. updates Lucius on the attempts to glean evidence from his former clerk. Ron assesses his readiness for the CCF training program.

24 July
No posts.

25 July
Padma tracks her training regimen. Seamus imparts some inside information about the severity of Hooper's injuries to Padma. Terry meets other servants in Lincoln Castle. Dean mocks Ron privately to Seamus.

26 July
Madam Pomfrey recounts her travels and summer collecting. Luna makes the best of her YPL trip.

27 July
Lucius instructs Percy to change the location of the Hogwarts board meeting, last-minute. Ginny credits Draco for his tip about Purest Sparkle, which turned out to be a lucky break for her. She also announces her good fortune as one of their newest models.

28 July
Seamus confers with Dean over which birthday party to attend: Neville's or the one Draco is throwing for Harry, since they conflict.

29 July
Neville tells his friends that he won't mind if they leave his party early for Harry's. Draco reveals that there is much more overlap between the two events than Neville may have realized - at least for the boys. Percy feels glum about a mishap with the Board meeting relocation. Sally-Anne asks Pansy to borrow a bathing suit for both birthday parties.
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16 July
Barty Crouch, Jr. admonishes his mother against dropping in unannounced.

17 July
Madam Pomfrey suspects that her movements are being scruitinized. Terry checks in with the ISS group. Sally-Anne describes her foster-sister's plans for amateur theatre.

18 July
Lana Sandoval arranges to see Barty's clerk while visiting the Ministry. Pansy tells Sally-Anne about her "date" with Draco. Barty grumbles about progress at the Ministry. Sally-Anne discourses on the Cruciatus curse.

19 July
Neville looks forward to his annual camping trip with his great-uncle. Padma returns from shopping with new trinkets.

20 July
Penny wonders whether Percy can meet for lunch. Lana cautions her sister against embarrassing the family. She also asks Ned if her application is being considered by Auror Crouch. Nymphadora discovers something about her daugher. Remus informs Sirius.

21 July
Nymphadora observes Bea's development toward individuality. Barty orders his clerk to fetch supper. He also summons Lucius to help MLE with their interrogations.

22 July
Lucius directs Percy to send over a file quickly. Barty rails at the head of MLE for releasing one of the suspects. Lucius shares Barty's frustration. Bill senses the tension throughout the Ministry. Penelope gets a last-minute invitation to the Malfoys' party. Sirius communicates the news of clinic shutdowns to Poppy.
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9 June
Tonks challenges Sirius to make good on his offer to help in New London. Terry receives Pigwidgeon's delivery of books and other necessities.

10 July
Sally-Anne succeeds at a CCF exercise by reading the footnotes. Sirius unloads his complicated situation to Remus. Snape makes notes on various topics. Ron invites the ISS kids over. Alice provides the news from Moddey Dhoo.

11 July
Padma plans a shopping trip with friends. Wil Wagstaf resurfaces, claiming invulnerability to the Ministry's attempts to stop his posts. Snape imparts some advice to Hermione and through her, Terry. Professor McGonagall meets with Snape and Macnair.

12 July
Narcissa sets her social network in motion for the summer.

13 July
Percy updates Lucius on the status of several projects. Molly bustles about with her children's guests. Draco proposes an evening on the town with Pansy.

14 July
Ginny thanks Honoria Sandoval for coming over. Ron dislikes the fancy tea that Honoria's parents sent as a hostess gift.

15 July
No posts.
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2 June
Sally-Anne finagles Daphne into providing books on glamour spells.

3 July
Sally-Anne also asks Madam Pomfrey about healing internal injuries. Director Selwyn objects to Beauxbatons' intention to bring a part-Veela student.

4 July
Hermione tells the ISS kids about her week with Harry and Hydra both at Buckingham. She also reports to the Order on Harry's reactions to the end of the year events. Hydra writes about her visit. Bill provides the credentials Frank and Sirius need to get into Lincoln Castle. Professor Sinistra gathers her strength for the coming YPL summer programs. Zacharias finds the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) to be well worth the process of getting accepted.

5 July
Professor McGonagall swears Snape and Macnair into the Order. Lana Sandoval passes on information about a former classmate.

6 July
Madam Pomfrey frets while waiting for word from Sirius and Frank. Sirius obliges with their tale of Terry's status. Padma sets some goals for herself. Alice gives Frank some encouragement. Ron enjoys much of the activity at the CCF camp. Rodolphus wonders whether Barty has heard the same rumors about the reducing spas as he is hearing. Sirius spurs the Order into more productive action. Terry informs the ISS that his wounds have been healed.

7 July
Barty Crouch, Jr. confirms for Lucius that his clerk is breaching confidentiality. Lucius takes swift action. He also skips a hiring process to offer the job to Percy. Molly finds out only after checking on Percy where he was supposed to be working. She then notifies Arthur urgently. Fred and George evacuate to Lee Jordan's. Percy promises Lucius to live up to the opportunity he has been given. He also glows about it to Penny.

8 July
Ginny congratulates Percy on his change of venue. Arthur explains to the Order why Percy's fortune is not a potential chink in the Death Eater's defences. The twins put Pigwidgeon through a few paces and send him to Terry. Blaise proposes a training holiday for the Slytherin CCF boys.
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Previously On Alternity: Year Three, Spring Term
January 1 - April 30, Year Three (2011, realtime)
As always, this summary does not include all the subplots, etc., and it's not in precise date order, but it should provide a starting point!

Also as always, we generally choose not to warn readers about possible triggers in Alternity due to the nature of play (unfolding in real time, often improvised) and the nature of the fictional universe (extremely unpleasant in every way). However, please be forewarned that Year Three, Spring Term includes a plot which may trigger those who have suffered from eating disorders.
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25 June
Sally-Anne settles back into life at the Strettons'. Arthur works late due to the many arrests. Ginny is thrilled by her makeover day.

26 June
Madam Pomfrey reflects on the arrests of DogStar operatives whom she had seen previously. Ron confirms that Oliver was not brought down by his family's arrests. Percy debates with Penny whether he should reach out to Oliver or not. Bellatrix punishes her daughter and husband in equal measure.

27 June
Sally-Anne tests the new owl. Lana pledges to be careful as she continues to work with Rodolphus. Arthur speaks in a meeting about the disposition of the muggles recovered from Oliver Woods' family. Alice pours the contents of a letter from Neville into a post to Frank.

28 June
Albus Dumbledore issues a directive to allow Snape and Macnair into the Order. Remus accepts Dumbledore's word that they're worth keeping. Ron meets Pigwidgeon. Lucius lays a trap for his clerk.

29 June
Padma prepares for the coming CCF introductory week. Arthur struggles with the decision about the muggles from the Vale of Glamorgan. Kingsley reports that Snape and Macnair already have their journals but have been waiting to be able to use them safely. Pansy gets her summer planning in order.

30 June
Doris Purkiss decries the Vale of Glamorgan arrests. Sally-Anne evaluates the new owl's performance. Amycus Carrow receives a shipment. Fred and George try to reach Terry. Percy lands a job at the Ministry. Terry claims to be happy.

1 July
Arthur pinpoints Carrow's (and Terry's) position. "Charlotte Smythe" clamors for the deaths of Crouch, Lestrange, and Voldemort. Narcissa determines to be cheerful despite the impassioned declamation. Pansy gets Pigwidgeon back and plans to send him off again. Terry explains what's been happening to him.
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18 June
Harry talks with Draco about the implications of their adventure. Sally-Anne reveals the name of the student who has been bothering her. Pansy worries about being connected to Sirius Black. Hermione tells the Order that she's to receive Voldemort's Cruciatus curse. Frank tests Snape's knowledge of ways to mitigate the curse's effects.

19 June
Hermione survives the curse. Draco recognizes a close call when he feels one. Ron speculates further about his parents' odd behavior. Ginny accepts Daphne's invitation to meet at the spa. Pansy hears her punishment for the hippogriff's escape.

20 June
Hydra succeeds. Narcissa enlists Barty's help on a time-sensitive matter. Kingsley receives the Pensieve to test Macnair and Snape.

21 June
Percy indulges in a little self-pity at not finding a job. Lucius confers with his former clerk. Barty arranges a meeting with Narcissa. Frank describes the memories that Snape and Macnair provided as proof of their intentions. Sirius remembers that they were supposed to meet his Laszlo contact at the solstice.

22 June
Ron jubilates over Wood's professional signing. Padma hears about her acceptance to the Combined Cadet Force.

23 June
Susan observes Hannah's birthday. Ron checks on Neville following the YPL announcement in the paper. Neville struggles with his feelings about Hannah, the YPL, and other topics. Lana effuses over an unexpected extension to her assignment with Rodolphus. Professor Sinistra clears up some questions about the CCF program. Frank continues to babysit Snape and Macnair. Lucius lifts Narcissa's protection.

24 June
Penelope reads about the large number of arrests made by MLE overnight.
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11 June
Ron presses Sally-Anne to tell him who was harassing her. Daphne bids farewell to several who are not staying. Remus arranges to bring Tonks and Bea to Poppy for a checkup. Narcissa sticks close to home instead of traveling. Sally-Anne writes behind the ISS lock about the driving forces behind the Unforgivable Curses.

12 June
No posts.

13 June
Ron struggles through the first day of YPL testing. Arthur remarks on the changes to his children - and the Burrow - with everyone back home. Dean compares notes with Seamus about the testing so far. Hydra lists her favorite and least favorite foods. Frank misses Alice.

14 June
Padma reasseses Draco's opinion of Neville based on an article about him. Molly clips the article for Frank and Alice. Fred and George tease Neville about his coverage. Sirius assures Poppy that he's safe. Penelope thanks Percy for his birthday present. Sally-Anne fixes one of the instruments she acquired from Professor Slughorn. Bellatrix confronts Rodolphus about his coaching Hydra. Susan observes how strange it is to be the only ones left at school.

15 June
Seamus takes stock on the testing process. Neville contacts Fred and George for a way to skive off the next day's tests. Lucius refuses to intercede for Buckbeak's life. Rabastan wakes in the hospital wing. Dean taunts Neville over his broom crash. Poppy reports that Neville may have crashed deliberately. Pansy decides to take a walk. Narcissa calls on either Barty or Rod to escort her in Lucius' absence. Harry grows impatient for Draco to join him as they attempt to save Buckbeak. Pansy acts as a lookout at Harry's request. Professor McGonagall fails to stop Buckbeak's transfer of ownership. Sirius discovers Snape and Macnair heading straight for Harry. Pansy warns Hermione that MLE are arriving. She also tries to signal Harry and Draco to return. Bellatrix doubts her summons to Hogwarts is worth while. Hermione tells the Order that Bellatrix and other Aurors are on the grounds. Seamus casts aspersions on Neville's motives for going to the hospital wing. Pansy awaits rescue. Lucius summons the Dementors. McGonagall asks Poppy to put Pansy out of the picture for a while. Kingsley looks for Sirius and Remus. Lucius captures Snape and Macnair. Linus watches the lunar eclipse. Harry states his position in the hospital wing. Pansy requests a diversion from Ron and Sally-Anne. Ron freaks. Harry states his position in the hospital wing - again. Hermione believes they were successful. Bellatrix reveals a discovery made during the night's adventures.

16 June
Lucius rouses his clerk early to address the fallout. Sirius provides a partial explanation of everything that happened. Lucius corrects his clerk's attempts to rearrange his schedule. Sally-Anne inquires after the sequence of events. Harry posts his official version of the story. Susan confers with Pansy over their plan to invite Luna to tea. Lucius checks on Narcissa after being alerted to an alarm at the Manor. Barty snaps at his father. Professor McGonagall assesses the extent of the damage from the escapes. Ron hopes that the rest of the YPL trials go better.

17 June
Lavender recovers from several gruelling challenges. Draco wonders if he actually saw a particular person in the Shrieking Shack. Kingsley ennumerates the Order's options with respect to Snape and Macnair. Nymphadora expresses her relief that Remus - and the baby - both survived the full moon intact. Professor Sinistra hangs on through a few more deliberations. Percy finds his time in New London to offer significant recuperation. Sally-Anne celebrates the end of the YPL testing.
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4 June
Draco announces a party for those bold enough to attend. Rodolphus decides to pull Hydra out of school a week ahead of schedule. Wil Wagstaff directs his readers on how to make arsenical soap.

5 June
Rodolphus employs the Socratic method with Lana to examine the pieces recovered from the arrests. Ernie MacMillan writes his YPL letter to Arthur Weasley. Michael consults Professor Sinistra about his letter. Pansy congratulates Draco on his party. Narcissa catches up on her correspondence.

6 June
Susan Bones sends her YPL letter to an author, Gwyneth Pendarvis-Tremayne. Lavender posts hers to Violet Carpenter, who shares her apparent talent at Divination. "Goyle" continues his explanation of Occlumency. Zacharias repeats the news that Wood is being approached by Quidditch scouts.

7 June
Professor Sinistra informs the third-years that their YPL testing will occur at the school the week after everyone else goes home. Padma wonders what happened to Michael, who was not chosen to continue. Pansy asks after the Gryffindor boys' success.

8 June
Bill makes plans for the week Percy will spend with him in New London. Sally-Anne devises a plan to get Fred and George's extra journal to Terry. Penny gives Professor Sinistra the list of YPL counselors who will stay the extra week to mind the third-year students.

9 May
Rodolphus inquires whether Narcissa could take care of Rigel for a few days. Zacharias challenges everyone to a race. Penny arranges her time in New London with Percy. Narcissa warns Lucius about their two-year-old guest. Nymphadora explains her daughter's name. Madam Pomfrey fills out her end-of-year paperwork.

10 June
Ginny wins the magazine makeover contest! Ron wants to know how Fred and George were punished for their altercation at breakfast. Percy shows his gratitude for their intervention. Padma solicits Lana Sandoval's advice about ways to prepare for YPL testing. Lucius adjusts his responsibilities for the coming year. Percy reminds the students of the departure procedures for Saturday in his final announcment as Head Boy.
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28 May
Ernie misses Hannah. Draco sifts through the rumours to get to the truth of what happened. Rodolphus issues a brief statement on his brother and daughter. Percy relies on Penelope to shield him from all and sundry. Professor Carrow shows no remorse. Bill offers Percy a few days in New London at his flat once he finishes at Hogwarts. Professor McGonagall conveys a message to continue as best as possible while awaiting the decision regarding Carrow's actions. Charlotte demands Carrow's punishment.

29 May
Barty presses for information about Raz from Rodolphus. Professor Sinistra reacts to the situation in a letter home to her mother. Professor Slughorn warns the students to leave Hydra alone. Fred and George defend Percy's right to privacy while wishing they could find out more about what's going on. Nymphadora goes into labor.

30 May
Pansy tells Percy "Thank you" for his intervention. Remus announces it's a girl! Penelope chews out Pansy for contacting Percy. Professor McGonagall relays the verdict in Hannah's murder. Carrow wants Terry back before he'll leave. Hermione tries to get Terry to run to Sirius. Terry shouts his rage via ISS. He also says goodbye to Hermione and the twins. Hermione screams at the Order. Professor Slughorn objects to Fred and George walking out on their exam. The twins learn that Terry left with Carrow. Penelope thanks the Malfoys for taking her and Percy to dinner in Hogsmeade. Hydra apologizes, though no one is quite sure why. Nymphadora coos over the new baby. Arthur reads Percy's interview in the Prophet. Ron wishes time could speed up, slow down, or reverse as-needed. Harry fails at something Hermione suggested trying. Ginny asks Percy for help choosing her electives. Sally-Anne realizes that Hermione let slip that Sirius is alive and she talks to him. Susan works with Pansy on the song she wrote. Lavender requests time with the Divination Professor.

31 May
Fred and George ensure that Terry knows he can still write to them whenever he has the chance. Ginny looks to Bill for support. She then chooses her electives on her own. Padma resurfaces with a little news. Rodolphus gives Lana a present. Susan writes to Hannah to blow off some steam. Hermione explains to the ISS group how Carrow blackmailed Terry into going with him. Lana gushes over her gift.

1 June
Sally-Anne copes with exams. Lucius manages his commitments through his clerk. Harry takes a stand on (Miss) Professor Carrow's threats against Hermione. Linus contemplates using his journal again. Pansy sends her YPL letter to Nolan Tenebridge of Presto Records. Linus gets his letter out to Daedalus Deller, a Protectorate-approved historian.

2 June
Remus invites Sirius to be godfather to their daughter. Dean focuses on the lowered threat level in Gryffindor now that Carrow is out. Neville writes to Rufus Scrimgeour, head of Magical Law Enforcement. Rodolphus accuses Madam Pomfrey of casting Imperius on Hydra. Blaise notices Neville's letter address with derision. Alice helps Remus and Dora with the new baby. Ginny apologizes to Percy and Penelope.

3 June
Percy receives a notice from the Ministry about his casting Imperius without a licence. Barty catches more rebels. Lucius circumvents legal action against Percy. Bill hears the rumours about Barty's DogStar arrests. Penelope checks with Percy about Arthur's answer to his distress.
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21 May
Ron shows his Gryfindor pride. Millicent sees the Grim. Professor McGonagall goes spare at Sirius. Zacharias sends his YPL letter to Ludo Bagman. Pansy congratulates Harry and Draco on their flying.

22 May
Blaise adds his praise for their performance in the match. Madam Pomfrey follows-up with Sally-Anne after tea. Millicent attempts to write a letter to Mrs Malfoy. Hydra looks for her uncle. Rodolphus calls Lana Sandoval back to work earlier than planned. Pansy approaches Susan for help with a composition. Barty checks in with Lucius and Narcissa. Sally-Anne notices Hydra's weight loss. Alice lays down the law with Sirius. Padma concludes that the Grim Seamus (and Bulstrode) saw was an ordinary dog.

23 May
Draco dashes off a quick YPL note to his father. Blaise composes a much lengthier letter to Aristotle Baddock. Poppy cancels her plans with Professor Sinistra. She also alerts Madam Hooch concerning Vicky Frobisher. She further counsels Demelza Robins on the job she did as Vicky's minder. Percy offers his own remarks to Demelza. Fred and George inquire as to whether Sally-Anne used the hex they provided. Bill sighs.

24 May
Professor Lestrange asks Professor Sinistra's opinion about Hydra's condition. Daphne pens her YPL letter to Athena Belby. Padma addresses hers to Aldofilius Leach of the Potioneers' Guild. Sally-Anne reports her concerns about Hydra to Madam Pomfrey. Lana observes some peculiar properties in the device recovered from the attack on Narcissa. Susan consults Hannah Abbott about whom to write for the YPL. Rodolphus informs Lucius and Barty that Narcissa was actually the victim of a botched assassination attempt. Alice confides to Sirius her pride over Neville.

25 May
Draco resolves to post openly more often instead of through private messages. Sally-Anne follows suit. Blaise wishes Padma and Parvati a happy birthday. Lavender cheers them as well. Seamus thanks them for sharing their cakes.

26 May
Hannah loses her kitten. Barty finds two of his quarry. "Charlotte" pops back up to taunt the Aurors. Lana notes the obvious allusion in Charlotte's post. Rodolphus shares his worry with Bellatrix. Lavender remarks on the commotions in Gryffindor Tower. Seamus discusses his return owl from Lucius' clerk.

27 May
Percy arranges to meet Penny for lunch. He gets waylaid at the Transfiguration classroom. He also alerts Professors Slughorn and Sprout. Lavender feels queasy. Penny wonders what's happened to cause so much distress. Professor McGonagall makes a serious announcement. Neville disbelieves her news. Bill tells his parents to catch up on their journals. Professor Slughorn notifies the Lestranges about their family members' statuses. Lavender worries about Padma and the other Ravenclaws. Remus warns Sirius to lie low. Pansy searches for Hydra. Madam Pomfrey updates Rodolphus and Bella regarding Hydra and Raz's care. She also provides a less clinical assessment to the Order. Molly comforts Percy as best she can. Terry ponders his fate. Professor Sinistra steps in to help. Ron looks for Neville. Susan needs something to do. Luna extends her sympathies to Hufflepuff House.
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14 May
Wil Wagstaff discusses recipes involving cows' bladders. Nymphadora ponders suitable names for her soon-to-be-delivered baby.

15 May
Professor Sinistra announces the plan for the YPL summer programs. Lavender consults Padma and Parvati about the summer exercises.

16 May
Fred and George take their OWL exams with a grain of salt. Barty Crouch, Jr. notifies Narcissa of more developments in the threats she has been receiving.

17 May
No posts.

18 May
Sally-Anne addresses her required YPL letter to Madam Pomfrey. She also presses Linus for more decisions on their Runes project.

19 May
Dean defers to his guardian's advice about his YPL letter. Professor Sinistra clarifies the requirements for the letter portion of the program application. Ron prepares a rough draft of his letter.

20 May
Dean sends his letter to Auror Travers. Sirius remembers his brother's birthday. Blaise hears rumors that Harry will get back his "new" broom, which had been confiscated at Christmas. Lucius calls his assistant on the carpet. Wil Wagstaff recommends additional substances to create a spot of chaos. Barty summons Lucius away from an important meeting. Lucius leaves instructions with his clerk. Ron writes his final draft to Director Selwyn. Narcissa makes light of her attack at the hands of a supposed photographer.
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7 May
Sally-Anne tests the journals to ask Fred and George a question.

8 May
Draco offers his point of view regarding Ron's intervention with the hippogriff. Seamus gives Ron a bit more credit than Draco does. Ron objects to the Prophet's spin of events.

9 May
Neville observes that the paper does seem to indicate more cameraderie than may really be the case. Wil Wagstaff advertizes his skills via the journals.

10 May
Harry supports Ron, somewhat, for his role in the hippogriff incident. Professor Lestrange questions Professor Carrow's methods. Narcissa receives another disturbing letter. Hannah Abbott gets a much preferable present.

11 May
Terry wants to talk to Hermione privately. Sirius does too. Poppy reminds Sirius that it's NEWTs week and he should keep extra scarce. Neville thanks a schoolmate for giving his sister a kitten. Wil Wagstaff provides helpful hints about household chemistry.

12 May
Terry reports a good mood. "Doris Purkiss" insists that her posts can be trusted as a close associate of Sirius Black's during his life. Percy demands sensitivity to the NEWT and OWL students undergoing or preparing for exams.

13 May
Sirius confides to Alice and Remus that he has met Terry Boot. Padma warns of frivolous behavior by seventh-year students completing their examinations. Sally-Anne confers with Linus Moon on their joint Runes assignment.
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30 April
Ron wonders why Daphne's flowers are significant to the other girls at school. Lavender revises her opinion of Blaise.

1 May
Padma verifies the gossip about Daphne with Pansy. Madam Pomfrey requests Professor Slughorn's intervention with a Slytherin student. Hydra complains of toothache and tummy pains after glutting on sweets. Sirius receives some very unsettling news from Terrie Taylor. Poppy asks Professor Slughorn to send Hydra for a dental exam. Ginny consults Daphne to vet her entry in a makeover contest. Headmistress McGonagall reports the arrival of a detail of Aurors to inventory the Restricted Section of the library. Frank returns from a visit to the Sherwood rebels. Ginny tells off Ron for threatening Draco and Blaise.

2 May
Michael describes a near-collision during May Day celebrations. Someone claiming to be Doris Purkiss posts a Grim Truth decrying other articles advising violent overthrow of the regime. Barty seeks Narcissa's advice about the situation with Daphne.

3 May
Sirius comes out strongly against following any of Snape's advice.

4 May
Linus congratulates Daphne on her engagement to Barty - more than a little prematurely. Rabastan invites Barty to clarify. sally-Anne teases Daphne about the rumors growing in the school. Daphne quashes the reports that Mr Crouch made any proposal or has any interest in her. Luna offers a few helpful tips about the meanings of specific flowers. Director Selwyn handles inquiries from parents concerning Barty's alleged connection to Daphne. "Goyle" changes the name of his "Grim Truth" articles to "The Draught." Bellatrix arranges a visit to her daughter. Minerva contemplates Snape's motivations for continuing to post.

5 May
Millicent Bulstrode denies any involvement in a hippogriff accident during Care of Magical Creatures. Pansy frets over Ron, who was injured. Percy updates his parents on Ron's condition. Amycus Carrow advocates on behalf of the hippogriff. Sally-Anne checks on Ron. She also intercedes between Milli and Pansy, using Daphne as a go-between. Susan worries that CoMC will be dangerous for the Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw lesson. Neville assures everyone that Ron will be okay.

6 May
Ron confirms his restored health. Wil Wagstaff finds his journal, after what appears to be a long absence from posting. Lucius confers with Draco and Pansy regarding their reactions to the incident. Lana Sandoval praises one of her fellow trainees' efforts in the programme. Fred and George question Pansy about Lucius' message to her. Blaise mocks Ron's wounds. Percy is mystified by the sentiment toward Ron in the wake of his act of heroism. Lavender retracts her earlier reassessment of Blaise's character.


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