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Thanks to the master librarian powers of [personal profile] jenett, we've been using a wiki to keep track of everything for the last few years. After one last round of sweeping the cat hair out from under the couch because company's coming over, we're now ready to let y'all see the Alternity "show bible" -- everything we noted down because we knew we'd probably need it later.

[personal profile] jenett will be along in a few hours to give you a rundown of other things you might want to know, but she previously wrote a Guide for alt-fen, explaining the structure of the wiki and what you can find where.

Not everything is in the wiki yet -- we only started putting it together in Y5. (The existing indexing system had been close to collapse for a while, and shortly after I joined the game, the Yahoo mailing list that had been used for game planning started slowly imploding too. Since it's hard to coordinate things semi-realtime when Yahoo randomly decides to delay messages for up to 12 hours, I set up a self-hosted mailing list, and Jen suggested also setting up a MediaWiki install to handle the documenting, thus volunteering herself for endless wiki-elfing (it's like house-elfing) for the next three years.)

You may be tempted to expand the existing documentation as you reread things! In fact, we hope you will. Because MediaWiki installs are a huge-ass spam magnet, you can only edit a page when you're logged in to a wiki account, and you can't create an account on your own -- Jen or I have to create one for you. But we're happy to do so -- just ask. (You can get in touch with Jen on the entry in her journal with screened comments: leave your email address and she'll get back to you.)

One technical caveat: to save on hosting costs, the machine that runs is a wee bit underpowered, and MediaWiki is a bit of a resource pig. (The story of my last three years: "Fuck, the wiki's fallen over again.") I've done as much as I can to improve performance, but if a bunch of people are trying to load a page, it may very well fall down under load. If that happens, wait five minutes and try again; if that doesn't work, I'll be along when I can to raise it from the dead.

Without further ado: The Alternity Docs Project. Feel free to share the awesome stuff you find.
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 So, I've been following along with Alternity for a couple months now (and had previously spent most of a year catching up), and had been trying to get my little sister to read it.  She finally agreed, but when we went to the website, it wasn't there!  It looks like someone forgot to renew something or some such thing, i don't know much about websites.  

In the meantime, does anybody have the pdfs so I can send them to my sister (who doesn't have a dreamwidth account)?
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Nothing new on the site, but there's a new look and also a slightly different casting call format out. Check it out! The [ profile] hpalternity profile has also been updated to reflect that information.

I'm working on the "Previously On Alternity: Spring Term" recap and I'll be posting that soon!
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22 November

Megan reports that she and Susan went exploring the castle. Padma got a care package. Theodore has been practising for the chess tournament with Michael all day. Millicent finds chess dull. According to Arthur, Kingsley Shacklebolt has resurfaced.

23 November

Nymphadora got a job! Professor Sinistra gives out House points in her first post. Hermione has been fixing a lot of other people's books lately. Sally-Anne announces the details of the chess tournament.

24 November

Pansy writes about her time away from Hogwarts. Neville might get a tank for Trevor. Lucius tells his side of the Pansy-visit story.

25 November

Molly mentions that it's Luna's mum's birthday today. Megan writes about learning to play chess. Amycus Carrow has a headache. Padma's excited over DADA; they got their troll essays back! Sinistra discusses astronomical topics - the Leonids and stars from the southern hemisphere. Pansy wants a kneazle.

26 November

Amycus Carrow needs a drink after dealing with uppity students. Neville wonders what's going on with the Hufflepuffs today. Ernie wants to know if Wayne Hopkins is fine - turns out that Amycus Cruciated him. Terry writes, in reference to Cruciatus, "you get used to it." Hannah doesn't want people asking her about what happened. Penelope wants to know if anyone cares to wager with her about the upcoming Quidditch match. Lucius mentions that he passed along an invitation to Nymphadora for tea. Sally-Anne writes her thoughts about the Cruciatus incident.

27 November

Harry had a bad dream. boot finally threw away all his old rubbishy clothes. Susan doesn't want to talk about the Cruciatus incident any more than Hannah did.

28 November

Theodore can't sleep and reveals something about his experiences. Millicent can't understand why everyone is so fussed over the Cruciatus incident. Megan considered not writing in her journal any more but thought better of it. Nymphadora writes about her job and tea with Mrs Malfoy. Sally-Anne has more to say about the chess tournament. Percy reports on a prefects' meeting where they discussed whether Cruciatus is an appropriate method of punishment.


As I've mentioned elsewhere, our new website is up! Go us! There haven't been any major additions since it came up earlier this week, but keep watching this space.

I've rationalized the tags section of the alt_fen community. Go take a peek; I'll try and help people tag things appropriately, but it really makes me happy when folks tag things themselves! I created a "best of alt_fen" tag here, and I hope that you all will feel comfortable tagging the entries that you find the best with that marker, so that we can point new alt_fen there (I haven't tagged any entries this way yet, although if no one else does, I might).

I have new icons! Hooray for modly beings, or something.

In other news, Nocturne Alley Offline has been released by [ profile] bookofjude . I have been considering doing something similar to this for Alternity at the end of each school year. Anyhow, I know that a lot of [ profile] nocturne_alley  fans read Alternity, and if you're not still a member of [ profile] nraged  you might not have heard, so I figured it'd be worth it to announce here.
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We've just been given (via the shiny new website) a list of everybody in Harry's class at Hogwarts. Let's discuss it! Here is the list copied out and cross-checked with the canon universe using HP Lexicon—canon characters in purple, new characters in blue, missing book characters in green.

The List )

Am I missing anything? Where do you think the new names come from? Where do you think the missing characters are right now?

Edit: Turns out that there are no new students in Harry's year. All the ones that I hadn't found previously were mentioned in canon but not affiliated with a specific house, which is why I missed them the first time. (The fact that Bund vs. Bundy mattered made me go check again).

Edit 2: I'm putting known half-bloods in bold, just for the sake of keeping track and because I'm curious what the ratio of halfbloods to purebloods is in this group.
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Hey fen! The Alternity website has launched!

I'm working on adding more content, but you can see what we've got at I'll keep you all updated as more stuff rolls out there.

Under the "fans" section, I've got a short list of threads that I found interesting, but you all should really be the ones to decide on the "best of alt_fen" posts. Any ideas? Ones that should be on there that aren't, or ones that shouldn't be on there but are?

Other features you'd like to see on the site that aren't there?

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12 October

Sally-Anne has two pen friends: Ginny and Luna.

13 October

Hermione is no longer being punished, and in the comments it appears that Terry has not been doing his duties in the Hospital Wing. Lucius is back from Scotland, having been forced to Cruciate Crispin's stand-in, and chats with Percy in the comments.

14 October

Arthur posts about a heartbreaking day at the office, then explains himself in Order Only. Ron has singed his fingers somehow. Pansy has come to terms with Hogwarts and now owns a creepy doll's head.

15 October

Xenophilius Lovegood has painted Molly Weasley's henhouse purple, and she is not amused. Sirius is trying to make connections in the black market. 

16 October

Fred and George warn Luna (too late) to be careful in their room. Hermione is back to helping out in the library, and her word of the day is "numinous." McGonagall posts a schedule for the Lord Protector's Halloween visit and reminds students to get their Hogsmeade permission slips signed.

17 October

Neville messed up Harry's Potions assignment, so Harry jinxed him and now he's insulting everybody. Boot and Pomfrey have words about his truancy. 

18 October

Lupin is sorry about something, but he doesn't say what. Harry says that Neville is still mad at him and wonders what to get his Father for his birthday. Neville apologizes for his behavior, and in the comments Boot says that the jinx Harry used was like Imperius.


Hey fen! What would you like to see on an Alternity website? I'm thinking of creating one, which would include links to the communities, a list of journals, some game summary and character profile info, and possibly also some goodies. We've already planned on archiving any multimedia stuff we use on the site: what else should there be? Class schedules, propaganda, additional banners & posters, icons (I'd feel really embarrassed to make those for Alternity myself, but)...?


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