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I really enjoyed reading the game (except, omg, I couldn't help but think how much more fun it might have been if Ron's player had been able to participate -- I miss Ron! [I'm making an assumption here, obviously, and hope that all is well with Ron's player]). I hope that the students will play this again or play other games. It's fun to see them being kids, and it was a great vehicle for letting them express their personalities. I enjoyed Draco's attitude about the game, and Padma's hesitations (which her player expressed with a nice touch -- not too heavy-handed, though it would have been so easy to have overdone), Lavender's girly reservations and boy-motivated reconsiderations, Millicent's disdain.

I'm guessing that not all the players were available to participate actively, but it was good fun, nonetheless.

I especially appreciated that this game was something Megan excelled at. (How much do I love Megan's self-censoring, cautious personality -- she is emerging as a really well-crafted example of what this society's disdain for half-bloods causes. Sally Anne, too, but Megan is only now blossoming, and I appreciate that each of them has a different set of issues as a result of her upbringing and semi-marginalized place in this AU.)

I also appreciate the way AK produced two kinds of winner (as Quidditch sometimes does): the last-standing and the points-winner. Cool.

Some good Percy-baiting and Weasley twins mischief... but I confess surprise that the twins did not win. I thought that over the break they had surely liberated the Marauders' Map, which would have been dead useful in this game (both for hunting and evading other players). Perhaps they haven't yet figured out how it works?

I loved Neville's decision to abstain. I'm so pleased that someone had a principled objection to the nature of this sport -- and it makes sense to me that it would be Neville who would have this scruple (despite the fact that in this game he lacks his canonical reason for being appalled by the Unforgiveables). Also. This is one time where I especially missed Hermione's presence in the ranks of the students and missed the Gryffindor trio, who might have squabbled over the ethics of this game.
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We've just been given (via the shiny new website) a list of everybody in Harry's class at Hogwarts. Let's discuss it! Here is the list copied out and cross-checked with the canon universe using HP Lexicon—canon characters in purple, new characters in blue, missing book characters in green.

The List )

Am I missing anything? Where do you think the new names come from? Where do you think the missing characters are right now?

Edit: Turns out that there are no new students in Harry's year. All the ones that I hadn't found previously were mentioned in canon but not affiliated with a specific house, which is why I missed them the first time. (The fact that Bund vs. Bundy mattered made me go check again).

Edit 2: I'm putting known half-bloods in bold, just for the sake of keeping track and because I'm curious what the ratio of halfbloods to purebloods is in this group.
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I'm reposting this from the previous thread as it isn't really related to the original topic and that thread is now humongous. I've made a few additions.

I was actually thinking about the camps and the different classes of people in Voldie's England. (Has it been established what portion of the Isles are behind the wards? Is it just Britian, B & Scotland, B & S & Wales or does it include Ireland as well?) I assume at minimum B&S and Seamus's presence would seem to indicate Ireland as well.

We have 4 to 7 classes of people, (1)Pure bloods, blood traitors, those of 'mixed' heritage but several generations back, (2)half-bloods, (3)muggle-born, (4)muggles and squibs.

A couple assumptions/questions here. In canon the muggle to wizard ratio is HUGE (UK pop minus N Ireland in 1981 was ~55,000,000, Ireland and N Ireland add another 3.7 million & even the most generous estimates of wizarding pop are in the 10,000 range unless JKR ignored hundreds of students at Hogwarts or failed to mention multiple other schools in the UK) multiple 1000s to 1 at best for wizards, specifically 5,900:1. If those numbers hold and there hasn't already been a massive slaughter/exodus of muggles this is a logistical problem of control so those in power need to be looking for an intermediary population to control the muggles or even more draconian population controls. When I say massive I mean MASSIVE, 90% reduction in muggle population still leaves the ratio at a barely manageable 600:1. Modern high-tech prisons have a prisoner to guard ratio of 4 or 5 to 1. I tried to find some numbers for the British in Imperial India, but couldn't. Found lots of over all and breakdowns of the native population but no numbers for Anglo or British born. And that's a massively different situation, not camps, very large intermediary population, old government basically coopted and then repeatedly reworked. The best I could find is 45 million in the British Isles and 256 million 'total souls' in India.

However in Wizarding Britian I see no intermediary population for them to coopt. Squibs haven't been touched on as to there treatment (but the absence of Flich speaks volumes,) Half-bloods are being integrated into the wizard population (see numerous examples in the journals,) and the most obvious choice, muggle-borns, is verboten by the PTB. Along with this we've seen no indication of a class of muggle 'foremen' or collaborators given special privileges. Arthur works with a 'mayor' but it really looks like the exception rather than the norm. There's nothing on the order of the Brahmans & Rajputs. This means (barring the aforementioned draconian population reductions something higher than 95%, quite possibly higher than 99%) that Voldie's regime is headed for problems, see real world British Imperial India & Apartheid South Africa.

Now we may just be hand waving the population problems (as JKR did, it's hard to reconcile Hogwarts student numbers and the Quidditch Cup audience numbers and well we're all familiar with her maths... issues) or working with different world assumptions or it's just not plot relevant so it's being ignored but my analytical brain and world building experience makes me want to poke at this sort of thing.

PS there's some really disturbing stuff out there from that era produced by the British, 'Aryan and higher class natives' is just the beginning.
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Two questions/comments:

I'm too lazy to go search through it all. Has Sirius identified Harry as Lily and James son or has Draco pulled a Flint?


Would wizards really swear by Jesus? I know this is something that has been discussed elsewhere, but I haven't seen anything one way or the other in Alternity's context.

On the other hand, oh is this going to be kicking a hornet's nest. This is going to be fun to watch.
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Okay, I've got to say it. I've been wondering, but now it's grown to the size of an elephant in the room that everyone's pretending isn't there...

...what about Peter Pettigrew? Where is he in this AU? What's his story? Has he somehow been erased? (Has he been mentioned?)

It's impossible to understand the grounds for the Order's apprehensions about Remus when they don't ever refer to the fourth Marauder.

Relatedly, do you guys have theories about what happened on the night the Potters were murdered? What are all of the differences? I'll start.

    1. Tom Riddle didn't die.
    2. Harry seems not to have been cursed. He seems to have no scar. (In other words, it seems not to have been Tom Riddle's plan to kill Harry, just to steal him. What interpretation of the Prophecy does this hint at? How much of the Prophecy does the Lord Protector know? Is the Prophecy the same?)
         2a. Harry's status: he is not the Boy Who Lived; he is (only) the Lord Protector's son.
    3. Sirius is not the friend suspected of treachery. (And, since the event did not play out as in canon, he did not "kill" Peter and did not get sent to Azkaban.)

    What else?

A small point, since in this AU Tom Riddle has established himself as "Lord Protector," I'm finding it hard to call him Voldemort. And now that enough playing time and so many posts have slipped by, I can't remember whether anyone in-game has called him Voldemort. It seems to me there was an early reference to his given name, but I can't think whether he's been called anything besides "Lord" and "Lord Protector" since.
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One of the things that makes me happy about this RPG is that Neville still has his parents.  He's one of my very favorite characters in canon, and it made me so sad that he never had a normal relationship with them.  Of course, he still lives with his grandmother (and little sister), probably because his parents are locating Muggle-born children and helping them in some way.

But while I'm glad he's basically a good kid, I'm afraid that he's going to get himself into trouble after only three weeks at Hogwarts.


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Hello, alt_fen! This looks fun.

There have been a couple of interesting comments about the game’s Voldemort lately. [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] in the post below suggests that Voldemort may still be consolidating his power if he’s only recently abolished Muggle Studies, and [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] in an associated comment, reminds us that “Voldemort is claiming to be the good guy, who protects and cares for his subjects.”

I'm not sure we have enough info to really run with this yet -- but there’s a really interesting issue here that bears watching as the game develops. And that is that Voldemort as Gothic Bogeyman cannot really survive the experience of Voldemort in Power. This game’s Voldemort is necessarily a politician. He may have dictatorial ambitions, but he has to work with and through other people, other powers. And some of them are potentially independent, unruly, tricky to manage from day to day. This is going to be fascinating to follow along with.

Read more . . .  )


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Draco refers to "Defence" class in a recent comment to [livejournal.com profile] alt_sally_ann. I've been idly wondering whether "Defence Against the Dark Arts" would even be a subject in this AU's Hogwarts. I wonder what sort of Defence they are teaching?

I also wonder what other courses are required? We've had mention of a few: Astronomy (ETA: Sinistra), Charms (ETA: Acton), History of Magic (Binns, presumably), Potions (Slughorn), and Transfiguration (Carrow). Right? Who teaches Charms? Do we know? And Astronomy?

Do they take Care of Magical Creatures? And if not, what has replaced it?

Also. It would seem that they've only recently abolished "Muggle Studies" if Professor Quirrell (!) is still embroiled in an appeals process to keep his pension. I take this as a hint that the Lord Protector is still consolidating power. (I'm surprised that Muggle Studies wasn't eliminated ten or eleven years ago, in other words.)

    ETA: 1. I forgot Herbology (Sprout): Hannah mentions the class and the twins did their detention with Sprout.

    2. Neville says to Hannah that Professor McNair is Gryffindor Head of House, but that they won't have his class until third year. Hannah replies by mentioning that Hufflepuff and Gryffindor first years are scheduled for double DADA together. So "Defence" has a title that still creates the acronym DADA.

    3. Am I crazy or did one of the characters mention Lockhart at some point? I can't find it. Is he teaching? [ETA: Yes, Harry did (see comments): Defense Against the Dark Arts (Lockhart)]

    4. Percy mentions that he is taking Ancient Runes (perhaps with McNair?)

    5. McGonagall notes that Vector is head of Ravenclaw House. Pansy and Sally Anne sort out for us that Vector teaches Arithmancy.


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