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The Halloween/troll business made me think harder about canon parallels, especially regarding Quirrell and the Stone. These really aren’t fully-developed theories but just hypotheses to think about, and maybe areas to watch for further clues.

1. Assuming the Stone is hidden in the castle (which seems like a safe assumption), is the conspiracy to “steal” the Stone a bad conspiracy in this world? How might it be useful in supporting the Order or defeating Voldemort? What is Quirrell's role? McGonagall admitted to Arthur that the LP would be watching out for any insider who tried to steal the Stone. Maybe the Order -- or the Machiavellian Dumbledore -- needs someone independent to get it out. We know Quirrell was fired for pro-Muggle sympathies -- in this universe, could he be aligned with the good guys? Perhaps through Dumbledore, and without even the full knowledge of the Order?

2. I think it was lapin_agile who suggested the “borrowing” of Harry’s broom might be related to an attempt to penetrate the Stone’s defenses. Could any of the other temporary borrowings and thefts – Ron’s quill/notebook, Michael’s necklace, Pansy’s doll’s-head, Draco’s tea – be connected to the same plan? Honestly I can’t see how, but there’s a really odd pattern of objects disappearing and reappearing, in ways that sometimes fly just beneath suspcion but that may point to an intruder with an odd interest in particular students and their possessions. Would there be any point in returning these objects with some kind of enchantment on them?

3. Muggle music heard (maybe just in a dream) at 3 am – is someone trying to get past Fluffy?

4. Speaking of intruders -- is there an Invisibility Cloak in play in this Universe? If so, then presumably Dumbledore (and his allies) still have it. Is it being used to penetrate the castle?

5. I love Pansy’s creepy doll’s-head, and it’s kind of interesting to take its influence on Pansy at face value. There could be a loose parallel to Tom's Diary, as something that talks back to you when you least expect it, and messes with your head. The Players are steering us away from Imperio, at least from any specific suspicion about Pansy releasing the Troll, but I wonder if there are other ways that a student under Imperius (or something like Imperius) would be useful in penetrating the Stone’s defenses? Is it significant that someone tried to smash Pansy’s doll’s head – perhaps there a difference in tactics among the conspirators, maybe between a manipulative Quirrel and, say, a more sympathetic Lupin?

ETA: We have confirmation from Pansy that the doll's head was enchanted, but was Professor Acton telling the whole truth?

I really can’t work any of this out yet, but I figured I’d share my paranoia to see if it strikes any sparks. Thoughts?
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Is there supposed to have been another Grim Truth post from Sirius? (Arthur tells him he saw his "entry last night.") If so I didn't and can't now see it. I did catch the exchange on Harry's journal where Sirius and Lucius exchanged barbs. Is that all that's meant when Arthur and Bellatrix say that Sirius provoked the attack Lucius led on the Cherwell camp?

Interesting bits and bobs in McGonagall's post tonight, too. (About the book's forgery; mention of Flitwick -- deceased, apparently -- from Molly; about the castle's protections; McG's note that Lucius is not a Legilimens and her clear anxiety about facing someone who IS one.)

ETA. Lucius talks about the provocation as though it was just Sirius' intrusion into Harry's comments thread.

More interestingly, Lucius links the disturbance in the camp with the "robbery" at Gringotts:
After the blackguard (no pun intended) retreated from the journal where he made a nuisance of himself, he apparently decided to incite an attempted break-out at Cheswell. It's all in the papers. He must have accomplices in this country, whom he induced through some method (doubtless an illicit and indecent form of magic) to disrupt the camps. Bella believes, as do I, that these culprits are the same miscreants who corrupted the Goblins enough to gain access to Gringotts and rob the bank last month. It makes sense: Their modus operandi seems to lie more in encouraging - possibly forcing - members of these inferior castes to rise up in revolt, creating chaos and bother for the rest of us.
I take Arthur's account as a truer representation of what happened at Cherwell (Lucius calls it Cheswell), which is to say that Lucius, Bellatrix and others went to the camp and took out their frustration with Sirius on the helpless captives (no uprising, no escape, no initiative on the Muggles's part, just a bit of Death Eater Muggle-baiting like we see canonically at the World Cup match).

I wonder if Lucius' linkage of the Cherwell and Gringotts incidents is more than just a matter of PR spin: perhaps the Gringotts episode was equally a matter of Lucius, Bellatrix, et. al. having done something extra-legal. Perhaps they went to Gringotts with a plan to empty a vault of something of value (the Philosopher's Stone, presumably) only to find that the vault in question (one they did not have legal power to access -- so what would their way around the Goblins have been? maybe I'm wrong) had already been emptied, though they thought that impossible, its rightful owner having been thought to be out of the country. In other words, I'm proposing that the substantial link between the camp riot and the Gringotts "robbery" might be that Lucius and cronies are the active agents in each case and that in each case they've concocted a story of insurgent lawlessness to cover their own dodgy dealing.

Also. It's not lost on me that Lucius hints that Sirius and his insurgent blackguards (a great pun) make use of Imperius to control Muggles.
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As has been mentioned in the comments to a different thread, [livejournal.com profile] alt_arthur all but confirms that [livejournal.com profile] alt_mcgonagall is the one who has, and has hidden the Philosopher's Stone at Hogwarts. So it looks like they are fairly closely mirroring the books, both in retrieval and hiding of the stone. We have yet to see if the reason is similar or if anyone is helping her protect it. Not sure who of the staff that could be given the character of the rest. With her distrust of Lupin, Slugghorn is unlikely to be in the Order, Carrow certainly isn't, Sprout *might* but we've seen no evidence of Order sympathies there, I doubt she'd take Lockhart's help even if offered and I'm blanking on the rest it's looking very like McGonagall is very much alone.

Just thought this deserved it's own post for any discussion.

As an aside, since I'm talking about the professors, has there been any mention yet of Snape? I certainly haven't noticed it if there has been.
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Hello, fellow alt_fen! Since I don't appear to be alone here (yay!), I thought I'd kick off a discussion on the mystery just starting to unfold.

Now, of course, we all know what was canonically on the third floor, and what it was guarding. But how much of that still holds in this universe, with corporeal Voldemort and the Ministry essentially in control of Hogwarts?

From Harry and Draco's conversation, it still sounds like it's Fluffy - perhaps not named as such ;-) - guarding the trap door. And I can certainly imagine that Voldemort would still be on his quest for immortality. It doesn't seem like Hogwarts would be the wisest place to hide the Stone, though, with DEs all around and within it, and lacking the teachers' protections.

What do you think?


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