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31 August
Ron expresses happiness and a bit of concern over Sally-Anne. Bill tells Rachel that he enjoyed their evening as well. Blaise complains to Padma about his mother's choice of dinner guests. Ginny announces that she's been named Prefect.

1 September
Narcissa describes a touch of empty-nest syndrome. Professor Dolohov puts his classes in order prior to the start of term. Alice reminds the Order of their projects in progress.

2 September
Zacharias observes that this year's lessons are exceptionally difficult. Fred and George update Pansy on their business plans.

3 September
Justin asks after Hydra and their cat.

4 September
Neville wonders if he's imagining increased tension in the dorm. Snape organizes individual Occlumency lessons. Ron seeks to continue his lessons with Dumbledore.

5 September
Justin recommends that the ISS strategize how they will form groups for Noble Arts. Blaise has a similar idea and discusses it with Padma. Kingsley reports on Lee's progress toward a radio broadcast. Seamus wants Padma to add him to her Noble Arts team. Padma assesses the advantages of Ravenclaw Corner. Sally-Anne offers to introduce Megan to a prospective employer. Harry gets Linus to join him and Draco for Noble Arts.

6 September
Barty Crouch entices Professor Dolohov home for dinner. Sally-Anne connects Megan to Mrs Stretton. Justin contacts Susan about Noble Arts. Corax Mulciber assigns a job to Bill. Bill writes to Alice and Charlie to describe what he had to do.
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24 August
Barty Crouch harries the CCF participants through the night. Lavender replies to Linus with her news. Blaise returns to Harry's team after escaping a second time. Seamus gets his orders from Ron. Pansy waits in a relatively safe spot. Susan coordinates her movements with Ron as well. Professor McGonagall announces that she has been reinstated as Headmistress.

25 August
Ron finds that CCF has affected his sleep patterns. Sally-Anne arranges to meet Pansy once the CCF have returned. Harry asks Linus to work together on their final puzzles. Sally-Anne tells the Order that Maureen does want to escape. Cedric plans his entry to working for Professor Dolohov. Justin thanks Professor Dolohov and Auror Desai for their leadership. Harry congratulates everyone on their performance.

26 August
Padma checks on Blaise. Sally-Anne proposes going flying.

27 August
Molly identifies an empty building to lease for her business venture.

28 August
Blaise extends an invitation to Padma to come to dinner at his house. Ron inquires about distance flying for the week.

29 August
Lana Sandoval passes the time during a surveillance operation by writing to Auror Lamont. Cedric receives his clearance to fly.

30 August
Sally-Anne discusses those members of the ISS who will be aging out during the autumn. She also alerts the Order to a major MLE operation the group discover while flying. Molly is not amused. Seamus crows to Padma about the MLE encounter. Pansy contributes to the twins' business ventures. Rachel chats with Bill. Bill frets to Charlie about going to meet an MLE representative late at night. Sally-Anne reaches out to Ron.
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17 August
Barty Crouch makes arrangements to participate in part of the CCF exercises. Lucius prevails upon Narcissa to host a party for the newer Death Eaters. Justin congratulates Harry on his successful Apparation. Linus writes to Lavender about the CCF exploits.

18 August
Ron discusses Apparating with Susan. Justin proposes a mass rejection of the day's exercise. Harry decides instead to test his skill against the MLE trainees. Ron displays his competitive spirit as well. Linus suffers an embarrassment. Ron learns that his private message to Susan was flagged by MLE.

19 August
Professor Dolohov saves Ron from a worse penalty. Ron warns the others to hold off Apparating a while longer. Molly sends an ISS-locked Howler on receiving a notice from MLE that Ron's been fined. Lavender replies to Linus. Justin praises Linus and the team's performance. He also wonders if everything's okay with Ron. Bill reports additional information about the group that tried to rob the Strettons. Harry checks in on Hermione. Ron confers with Harry about splitting off a third team.

20 August
Ron grumbles about a wasted effort to fly up a ley line.

21 August
Linus struggles with the impact of CCF as an endurance test. Percy informs his mother that he's accepted another offer for dinner on his birthday. Remus presses for details on the remaining children who need to be rescued. Padma assures Harry that she has things under control. Pansy describes an incident while flying. Professor Dolohov chews out a Ministry official for being in the way. He also notifies Lucius that Draco and Harry were injured but will be all right. Neville asks if he can spend more time at Moddey. Sally-Anne worries about Ron. She also contacts Pansy for more information about the accident.

22 August
Blaise comments to Padma on Draco's condition as a way to infer Harry's. Fred and George wish Percy a happy birthday. Snape has a new thought about the potion he's been working on with Sirius. Ginny invites Sally-Anne to go shopping to get to know one another.

23 August
Ron compares progress with Harry. Neville Apparates for the first time. Sally-Anne opens a discussion of Ginny with the other ISS kids. Pansy gains a new team member. Justin reunites Harry's team. He also covers his bases in case they were separated.
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10 August
Rachel Lamont presses Bill for details about Ron's exploits at the Stretton farm. Hydra describes her impressions of the Yaxley family calling hours.

11 August
Sirius tells Sally-Anne what he and Dora observed on their investigatory trip. Ron wishes Ginny a happy birthday. Charlie does too, after being reminded. Hermione asks Draco about his party and the spell he used for protection. Padma admits to Blaise that she wants to consider their relationship official. Ron speculates about what CCF will entail.

12 August
Bill passes along what he learned from Auror Lamont. Professor Dolohov confers with Auror Desai about the CCF arrangements. Linus thanks Professor Sinistra for paving the way for his internship. Justin provides an update to the ISS members who are not at CCF. He also writes a PM to Hydra as cover for the ISS post. Ron tells his mother he's safe and sound.

13 August
Susan stays in touch with her girlfriend. Ron celebrates his team's success.

14 August
Professor Dolohov invites Professor Sinistra to observe the exercises. Bill probes more deeply into the affair at the Stretton farm.

15 August
Linus recounts his strategy analysis for Professor Dolohov. Susan apologizes to Ron for quarreling with Blaise and Dean. Professor Dolohov directs Barty to further their efforts to gain insight into the Department of Mysteries. Ron waits for his team to find him, spending his downtime writing to Sally-Anne. Harry checks on Cedric. He uses the post to cover an ISS conversation between him and Ron. Justin contacts Draco to let him know Ron's location. Padma believes their team holds the upper hand. Lucius begs off going to the theatre with Hydra and Narcissa. Pansy misses Sally-Anne.

16 August
Ernie warns his team of one of the hazards in the village where they are searching. Ron coordinates his team's search. Pansy reports a Boggart in the house she's searching. Harry calls everyone back to work on the second part of their challenge.
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3 August
No posts.

4 August
Justin arranges to meet Hydra in the morning.

5 August
Hydra alerts the ISS that her father discovered her and Justin together. Rodolphus orders Professors Lestrange and Dolohov to come to St James Palace immediately. Ron asks Tonks to write to Hydra. Tonks complies. Harry reminds people about flying on Fridays. Rodolphus enlists Narcissa's help with Hydra. Narcissa tries to counsel her niece. Draco notices his mother's involvement. Terry offers encouragement to Justin.

6 August
Sally-Anne looks for an update on Justin. Justin informs the Order that he's home and all right. Lucius decides to cut their holiday short. Barty Crouch alerts Bellatrix to a power struggle in MLE. Rachel Lamont tells Lucius that the controversy centered around access to Draco's private messages. She also probes Lana Sandoval for information about Yaxley's recent activities. Draco frets about what his messages would reveal under scrutiny. Barty invites Narcissa to amusements in New London. Corax Mulciber advises his brother to ruthlessness. Lucius summons Percy to the office. He also coordinates the course of action with Barty and Bella. Lana Sandoval consoles Sarah Yaxley.

7 August
Bill passes on the news that Claudius Yaxley, head of MLE, is dead. Ron notes the commotion to Sally-Anne. Bill inquires after Rachel's take on the situation. Lana Sandoval juggles the upheaval at work with caring for her friend. Justin wonders what can be done to protect Draco's, Harry's, and Hermione's private messages. Blaise checks whether Draco plans to attend a party. Sally-Anne verifies that suspicious movement at the Strettons' is not something the Order or their allies are instigating. Padma agrees to go to Teddy's party. Sally-Anne and Ron use the Galleon to get a message to the Order that they're all right. It confuses Galleon-holders who are not in the ISS/Order. Molly confirms that Ron is home and okay. Ron assures the ISS that they're okay. Sally-Anne explains more fully to the Order. Cedric seeks escape from his house. Sally-Anne provides a cover story for the Galleoneers. She also maintains that everything's all right. She further wishes everyone a better summer.

8 August
Cedric thanks her for the explanation. Harry chimes in that his summer has been pleasantly boring. Draco plans to bring Daphne with him to Teddy's party. Sirius proposes going up to the Stretton farm. Narcissa writes to two other society wives to shoulder the burden of support for the Yaxley family. She also reports back to Lucius and Barty about who attended calling hours.

9 August
Professor McGonagall describes her options within the Death Eater factions. Pansy revisits Professor Dolohov's offer to learn about rituals honoring the dead.
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27 July
No posts.

28 July
No posts.

29 July
Cedric thanks Harry for his visit. Tonks asks Remus for help with a camp extraction. Sirius reports that the whole Christiansen family have been rescued and sent to Aldrich.

30 July
Alice invites Neville for a birthday tea party. Sally-Anne wishes Neville and Harry both happy birthday.

31 July
Susan offers belated birthday wishes to Neville. Seamus acknowledges Harry's birthday as well. Harry remembers Rigel's birthday too.

1 August
No posts.

2 August
Frank calls Alice's attention to the nursery and Kevin.
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20 July
Draco asks who else is going on the special CCF trip.

21 July
No posts.

22 July
Luna reveals to the Order that she knows where her father hid his printing press.

23 July
No posts.

24 July
Walden Macnair inquires whether Justin talked to Maggie yet.

25 July
Bill obtains the necessary credentials to infiltrate the camps for the next few babies to be rescued.

26 July
Lucius mentions the plans for Freedom Day. Rachel Lamont dissembles for the benefit of fooling Mulciber.
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13 July
Fred and George describe their experiences at Moddey Dhoo.

14 July
Narcissa anticipates the Daughters of the Protectorate luncheon.

15 July
Corax Mulciber sends Auror Lamont to fetch a classified MLE report. Barty Crouch intercedes but not exactly on Rachel's behalf. Bill comes to Rachel's aid after Mulciber curses her. Lucius notes the impact of the black market on magical commerce. Neville remarks on how much he enjoyed Moddey Dhoo. Sirius reports that a muggleborn baby was retrieved but there are disturbing rumours in the camps.

16 July
Terry petitions the Longbottoms to go along on baby rescue missions. Bill discovers that one of his forgers has been dismissed from the Ministry. He then yells at Auror Lamont for her role in seeing that the man was fired.

17 July
Corax Mulciber orders Bill to review the personnel files after Auror Lamont has looked at them. Sally-Anne complains that Justin's foster-brothers prevented 'Tea Appreciation' from turning into magic lessons.

18 July
Daphne asks Draco to go with her to a party. Justin contacts Macnair when he realizes that Tonks must not have told him to stop sending Maggie packages.

19 July
Susan has not been having a great time on the YPL second-years' camping trip. Ron hides from Molly in his room.
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6 July
Ron reports on the ISS's first attempt to follow the railways for clues to the Octoboros.

7 July
Rachel Lamont compares training notes and experiences with Lana Sandoval.

8 July
Corax Mulciber wants to know why several departments are not his to control. Kingsley offers a report on Aldrich town's progress toward autonomy.

9 July
Bill recalls a department head from his vacation to meet with Mulciber. Percy wonders if Bill's transition to working for Mulciber is getting easier. Professor McGonagall provides the names of muggleborn babies born since her last check.

10 July
Justin plans a surprise party for Hydra's birthday. Professor Dolohov confirms his class roster for N.E.W.Ts. Sally-Anne wishes Hydra a happy birthday.

11 July
Hermione notices that Draco does not seem to be enjoying his summer. Cedric invites his mates over to listen to Quidditch.

12 July
Rachel Lamont looks forward to tea with Lucius again. She also solicits Bill's opinion about Mulciber's management style. Hydra describes the conversation and observations from a family dinner in her honor.
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29 June
Sally-Anne weighs the value of advising Bill on using the Unforgivables. She then copies out her essay on the Cruciatus for him. She also asks Terry if he would be willing to talk to Bill about his experiences with Carrow. Lucius states confidently that Corax's brother Cadmus will help them keep Corax in line. Kingsley updates Molly and asks her not to fret to Bill about what he's facing at work.

30 June
Padma gets invited to serve as a counsellor on the YPL New London trip. Sally-Anne thanks Molly for supper. Cedric accepts a summer job offer from Professor Dolohov. Percy assures Ron that he's not fooled by the twins' story that Sally-Anne, not Pansy, is Ron's girlfriend.

1 July
Lucius demands an explanation for Percy contacting him during Court. Barty Crouch summons one of his colleagues back to the Ministry. Rachel Lamont reports to her boss on a minor upset in the staffing who are responsible for reading private messages. Corax Mulciber confirms to his brother that the first order of business is to read PMs by, among others, Lucius, Narcissa, Dolohov, Minerva, Pansy and Draco. Rachel Lamont passes a message to Lucius. Barty completes his mission. Bill elaborates that PM monitoring has been moved wholesale to the Aurors' division. Corax arranges a meeting with his brother. Rachel Lamont inquires after Bill's day. She also checks in on Lana Sandoval-Pennifold. Justin makes a few concrete suggestions for the ISS to contribute. Sally-Anne consults Snape on whether the Order would welcome a discussion of failsafe poison rings. Barty Crouch works late on damage control.

2 July
Lucius offers to take Auror Lamont to tea as a thank-you for her assistance. Terry learns to Apparate. Fred and George wonder if Bill wants company.

3 July
Bill seeks Charlie's counsel instead. He also tells his mother that he'll take on the goat-tending duties for the week. Sally-Anne invites Ron to fly the perimeter of the Stretton farm again. Sirius advises holding off on trying to overthrow his ex-girlfriend's employer's farm. Harry begs for more assignments for the ISS. Blaise apologizes to Padma, after a fashion.

4 July
Lucius proposes that he and Auror Lamont arrange a regular meeting time so that she can report to him without alerting Corax. Alice issues various instructions.

5 July
Tonks visits a camp contact who may have found Petunia.
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22 June
Justin asks the ISS if anyone else has noticed that Hydra has gone quiet. He also inquires whether Tonks heard from Hydra. Sally-Anne shares her O.W.L. results with the ISS.

23 June
Remus recovers from his transformation. He also proposes some activities to bond with the ISS. He then opens a discussion about careers advice for the younger members of the Order. Seamus returns from a trip with Mr Rosier.

24 June
Hydra prepares for a dangerous-sounding mission. Harry invites comment on his career choices. Ron learns some housekeeping tips, the hard way. Sally-Anne consults Poppy and Snape about her O.W.L.s' effect on her desired career. She also makes plans to visit Pansy. Bellatrix finishes her interrogation of the survivor captured in the border run. Harry reports that Hydra has been spending all her time with Rigel. Neville seeks Poppy's and Snape's advice as well. Justin plans to tear Hydra away from her brother in the morning. Ron apologizes for his mother embarrassing him and Sally-Anne.

25 June
Corax Mulciber considers appointing Bill as his assistant. He then decides to speak with Bill in the morning.

26 June
Lucius warns his allies about Corax's new position. Lana Sandoval-Pennifold arranges drinks and dinner with Sarah Yaxley. Justin explains the effect Hydra's brother had on her. Bill announces that he's changing jobs at the Ministry (again). Narcissa insists that Professor Dolohov visit. Remus jokes darkly about Bill's "promotion." Hermione suggests taking stock of the current Death Eater ranks and affiliations.

27 June
Corax Mulciber registers disbelief regarding the status of many aspects of his new department. Rachel Lamont appears on the scene with questions for Bill. Lucius cozies up to Mulciber with an offer of collegial cooperation.

28 June
Rachel Lamont talks to Lana Sandoval-Pennifold about her new posting. Corax Mulciber poses more questions and tasks for Bill. Remus tends to Bill after he is Cruciated. Bill promises that he's all right. Rachel checks on Bill. Sirius finds a sought object.
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15 June
Linus rehearses his apology to Lavender. Susan offers to try again with Megan. Lavender patches things up with Linus. Evelyn wishes everyone a happy holiday.

16 June
Padma teases Linus about the results of his apology. Sirius invites Harry to Grimmauld. Justin discovers that the Jugsons' servant has been receiving anonymous gifts. Tonks reminds Hydra that she can also come visit anytime. Frank arranges for refugees who want to run the border. Justin asks Sirius if he could carry a letter to his contact outside the wards. Cedric decides to hold listening parties at his house on game days.

17 June
Megan weighs the merits of trusting Susan.

18 June
Linus celebrates a very early return of O.W.L. results. Padma writes to Seamus about the fate of History Club. Harry wonders what news others in the class got. He also composes a Galleon message to alert him if anyone is in danger of not passing. He further leaves a message to enjoy the holidays. Pansy reports that she visited Sally-Anne and she's all right. Neville shares his O.W.L. results with his parents. Justin worries about backlash from his high marks. Michael reassures Harry that most of the halfbloods have reported in with acceptable marks. Pansy(?) confirms that Sally-Anne did well.

19 June
No posts.

20 June
Percy frets about how to encourage Ron in his studies. Sirius departs with the rest of the Order for the Solstice run. Harry discusses his summer plans with Professor Lestrange.

21 June
Sirius senses that the wards have not dropped on schedule. Alice dispatches assistance to the muggleborn underground in the North Sea. Barty Crouch alerts MLE to the ward breach. Frank fails to get through the wards, despite all efforts. Bill rescues only three survivors, with the help of Charlie and Tonks. Terry passes the word that the Order have returned. Hermione questions whether Hydra heard Bellatrix talking about the incidents.
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8 June
Snape extends Hydra and Draco an offer for some private discussion. Terry warns Harry that Pansy and Draco will find a particular day of journal entries extremely difficult to read. (Hint: Ireland.) Alice organizes matters of business and long-term planning. Ron passes a message to Arista through Alice.

9 June
Sally-Anne discusses Pansy's reactions and thoughts about how to help the Order. Pansy asks Draco whether he thinks his father was part of the plot to kill Voldemort.

10 June
Sally-Anne learns to her disappointment that she'll be spending a week with her father. Draco worries about facing his parents as well. Justin touches base with Hydra. Kingsley reports on the potential of a sheep farm in Argyll.

11 June
Linus makes plans and offers for summer. Harry questions Professor Dolohov about the graveyard and the night of the Triwizard Tournament third task. Alice weighs the options of which farm to attempt to capture.

12 June
Justin talks with Sally-Anne about loads of topics, including adjusting to being in the Order.

13 June
Professor Dolohov arranges for some quiet time with the newlyweds. Pansy resolves to view Harry's memory of the resurrection. Professor Sinistra offers her best wishes for the departing students and those taking their summer holidays.

14 June
Snape anticipates the opportunity to leave the school for proper research and the Potions lab at Grimmauld. Fred and George bid Hogwarts adieu. Zacharias promises to visit Cedric with some tokens of affection from his friends. Susan tries to patch things up after a bad evening with her girlfriend.
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1 June
Lucius gives Narcissa an extremely abbreviated explanation. He also coordinates a plan of action with Professor Dolohov and Auror Crouch. Sirius worries about Harry. Tonks warns Bill to find Crouch and betray Selwyn. Bill follows her advice. Madam Pomfrey summons Dumbledore to the Hospital Wing to tend to Harry. Director Selwyn appears to be sending private messages from beyond the grave. Ron wishes his professors a happy wedding day. Draco advises Harry to tell the ISS what happened in the graveyard. Sally-Anne dresses for the wedding. Harry describes the resurrection ritual. Sirius processes everything that Harry witnessed and the ensuing conversation with Dumbledore overnight. Molly sneaks back to the Burrow to check Bill's clock hand. Lucius hopes for the best for the couple. Barty Crouch, Jr. investigates "Selwyn's" message to a dead end. Sally-Anne enjoys herself at the wedding feast. Linus provides a detailed account of the wedding for Lavender. Seamus looks after a drunk Remy Jugson. Ron gathers the ISS who are present. Harry enlists the aid of Cedric and Katie to cover while the ISS attempt a rescue. Linus helps too. Poppy congratulates the couple. Barty locates Tosha via journal. Ron finds the Selwyn children in the Department of Mysteries. Sally-Anne alerts the ISS to "RUN." Harry deals with an injured Draco. Tosha checks in with Barty.

2 June
Justin regroups the party outside the Department of Mysteries. Hermione tells Remus and Poppy that they are coming to Laszlo's with injured members and children. Harry covers for his absence from the wedding reception. Seamus pens a message to Padma to dissect the wedding. Remus explains the full story for the rest of the Order. Tosha discovers Barty's doppelganger of a corpse. Luna reveals to Sally-Anne that she saw her kiss Ron. Molly contemplates the contradictions of Selwyn's life and death. Narcissa cancels her and Lucius' appearance at a brunch hosted by Professor Dolohov. Harry shoulders the blame for taking the ISS with him and not involving the Order. Sally-Anne dreads facing Professor Dolohov after being hexed by him. Professor Sinistra thanks everyone for their attendance. Ron inquires after Sally-Anne. Susan suffers an intestinal virus. Lavender holds Linus' choice of dancing partners against him. Remus posts the minutes of a long and animated Order meeting.

3 June
Pansy reaches out to Draco. Professor Dolohov makes notes about who he suspects was involved in the rescue mission. Lucius orders Percy to rearrange the schedule for the week. Barty confirms that Lucius has installed trusted members of their faction in strategic positions within Communications. Sally-Anne feels oddly disappointed that Professor Dolohov did not show any reaction to seeing them in class. Seamus marvels at the shocking news in the paper, recounting the attempt on the Lord Protector's life and the rift in the Council.

4 June
Barty Crouch continues his inquiries into Chloe Selwyn's kidnap and death. Hydra chooses to reveal to the ISS that she is a Legilimens. Tonks catches up on Bea's belated birthday party.

5 June
Percy turns to Bill with some concerns. Sally-Anne marks Draco's birthday. Daphne plans a party for him. Justin frets over Hydra's early departure from the party.

6 June
Pansy resents Draco's choices of ways to celebrate. Lee considers his future. Bill recounts his dinner with an unusually garrulous Percy. Daphne perceives that Sally-Anne was feeling down during the party. Hydra reassures the ISS that while Professor Dolohov did recognize them, he doesn't intend to turn them in. Sally-Anne writes to him about her Dark Arts O.W.L. and her chances of continuing for the N.E.W.T. Bill thinks about his close call with Selwyn's conspiracy. Cedric practices. Frank plots next moves with Tonks. Sally-Anne approaches Ron.

7 June
Ron seeks her out after meeting with Professor Brutka. Dumbledore inducts the ISS members without any further ado. Frank suspects Alice needs to absorb the shock. Sally-Anne puts together a list of discoveries about the Order. Fred and George invite the ISS to an informal Q&A with them about Order membership. Linus updates Cedric as to the end-of-year hubbub.
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25 May
Bill glimpses a sign that Percy may not be as pleased with Mr Malfoy as he usually sounds.

26 May
No posts.

27 May
Evelyn sympathizes with Neville on the second anniversary of Hannah's death.

28 May
Director Selwyn confirms arrangements with his clerk in advance of going to Court. Lucius hears about the Court audience. Selwyn calls Lucius and Barty to attend ASAP. He also breaks the news to his clerk: Voldemort has been assassinated. Barty Crouch kicks into high gear to investigate. Ron feels the oddness of going to lessons like normal after the pressure of O.W.L.s is over. Susan hopes to reconcile with Eloise and Megan. Bill observes unusual activity among the Death Eaters. Professor Dolohov cancels his lessons for the next day.

29 May
Percy awaits instruction. Sirius yearns to seize the moment and stage an Order coup of some kind. Frank checks the wardlines out at sea. Sally-Anne joins forces with Ron to come up with a wedding present. Bill tells the Order that Voldemort is dead. Remus regrets the Order's lack of preparation to take full advantage of the news. Alice authorizes several options for the Order to undertake. Harry assures himself that the halfbloods all did decently on their O.W.L.s.

30 May
Fred and George celebrate Voldemort's demise. Lucius confers with his faction to secure the Ministry. Bill decides to throw in with Selwyn. Alice collects reports from the Order. Megan considers Susan's offer of peace. Director Selwyn inquires whether Fudge is still being problematic. Professor Dolohov patrols the streets in search of troublemakers.

31 May
Barty requests an urgent face-to-face meeting with Lucius. Ginny discusses her brothers' love-lives with Ron. Director Selwyn refuses to assist Yaxley. He also attempts to meet Lucius. Harry contemplates the implications of Voldemort's assassination. Barty reassigns insiders to help monitor Private Messages. Ron proposes flying. Selwyn looks for his clerk. He also sends Bill on an errand. Lucius invites Selwyn to see him in MLE. Barty reports success to Bellatrix. He also assembles members of the Death Eaters. He coordinates the actions of a few of them. Bill worries about serving Selwyn. Ron plans to start regular flying over the summer. Harry prepares for the worst. Alice stabilizes the agricultural compound which the Order has liberated.
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18 May
Ron proposes more flying instead of studying. Sally-Anne takes a break by thinking about what to put in her survival kit.

19 May
Bill hates himself. Professor Dolohov gets stood up for his appointment.

20 May
Frank strategizes with regard to the collaborative potential of muggles and wizards. Sirius searches for a locket. Tonks inquires if Sirius needs help coping. Barty Crouch learns of another initiation which he finds distasteful. Sally-Anne marks the progress on the first day of O.W.L.s. Lucius shares the news that Ptolemy Baddock was also inducted into the Death Eaters.

21 May
Padma doubts one of her answers on the tests. Professor Sprout checks on Professor Sinistra.

22 May
Neville asks Terry to place a rememberance by Hannah's tree at Moddey. Justin wishes he didn't have to choose between eating and napping before the Astronomy O.W.L. Sally-Anne wonders what others had to do for their Dark Arts practical. Megan receives an unexpected present. Alice pushes the Order's projects forward. Molly details a plan to create additional connections among people who would be willing to create business opportunites for halfbloods.

23 May
Madam Pomfrey returns to Hogwarts. Director Selwyn plans a party of some kind. Neville discovers an odd artifact in the garden. Cedric arrives back at home to continue his recuperation. Director Selwyn expresses his outrage at the latest inappropriate initiation.

24 May
Lucius warns Percy not to get above himself. Madam Pomfrey finds her hospital wing a little the worse for Kerr's tenure. Percy vents his frustration to Bill. Padma invites half the school to celebrate Quidditch and her and Parvati's birthdays.
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11 May
Hermione arranges ISS Apparation lessons in the cave. Frank conveys Alice's regrets that she is indisposed. Tonks tries to get Minerva to come take the ISS's oaths. Evelyn confirms her plans to meet up with her boyfriend. Sally-Anne expresses her disappointment. Alice recovers enough to promise to reschedule over the summer.

12 May
Barty Crouch inquires as to what Lucius and Selwyn might know about Strangeweale's dealings in the Department of Mysteries. Neville postpones dedicating the memorial garden. Ron fabricates another story about Satsuma the Stuffed Cat.

13 May
Harry considers the group's options regarding the plate imprisoning Madam Umbridge.

14 May
Zacharias teases Ron for writing a private message to Arista Selwyn. Professor Sinistra removes any trace of pink from the wedding arrangements.

15 May
Sally-Anne asks Ron his opinion about the plate. Draco resolves the question through definitive action.

16 May
Fred and George sit their N.E.W.T.s. Harry delivers a final pre-O.W.L. pep talk. Professor Dolohov states his criteria for continuing at the N.E.W.T. level in his subject. Megan explains to her guardian that she can't attend Madam Umbridge's New London memorial service. Kingsley updates the Order on progress handing out communication buttons. Ron checks in with Harry after an evening spent not studying.

17 May
Professor Dolohov consents to share his library with a civil servant. He also alerts Barty to the suspicious contact.
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4 May
Evelyn enjoys having the choice to post. Megan gets properly angry when someone takes revenge by hexing her new kitten. Professor Dolohov changes the programme for Sunday's YPL session.

5 May
Alice charges Hermione to approach the ISS with the offer to join the Order. Harry writes to Cedric when he is not allowed to visit.

6 May
No posts.

7 May
Hermione follows Alice's request to confer with Fred, George, Lee and Terry. Professor Sinistra introduces the two kittens she adopted. Harry wonders if there's any more fallout from Cassie's accusations toward Professor Lestrange. Remus receives an extremely helpful and tempting bribe from Sam Fawcett.

8 May
Hermione relays Alice's offer to swear in any ISS member who wishes it. Sally-Anne discusses the option with Ron and Pansy.

9 May
Harry wants to know what Draco and Hermione think about the Order. Cedric tests his new dictating quill. Bill struggles to overcome the spells he now knows Selwyn cast on him.

10 May
Tonks pursues two of the leads Sam Fawcett provided. Sally-Anne ponders the logistics of getting to the Shrieking Shack. Hermione alters the plan.
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27 April
Linus collects questions to be vetted for the dinner speaker. Pansy holds down the fort as people arrive for the meeting. Milli claims to be less than impressed with the guest speaker. Ernie confirms to Madam Umbridge that student are congregating in violation of her rules. Daphne alerts the group to run. Draco mobilizes Sophie's Army to save Harry and Cedric. Harry calls for help. He really means it! Zacharias perceives the effects of Sophie's Army's diversionary tactics. Ron regroups with the rescue team. Professor McGonagall learns of the mayhem through the castle's protective magic. Draco coordinates the continued assault by Sophie's Army. Harry summons Sally-Anne to help heal Cedric. Professor Dolohov observes the ructions in the castle with amusement. Professor McGonagall sends Snape and Madam Pomfrey to help at the scene. Milli notices a number of kittens appearing around the castle. Draco withdraws the troops. Susan takes Professor Dolohov's sharpness with Linus as an indication of how gravely Cedric was hurt. Sally-Anne remarks that the kittens in Slytherin's common room are scaring her rat. Myrtle objects to kittens in her bathroom. Professor Sinistra descends from her tower into the chaos. Seamus shares the rumour that Madam Umbridge tried to kill Cedric and Harry killed her in revenge. Barty Crouch inquires as to whether he should take any action. Hydra makes up her mind to tell the ISS that she's a legilimens.

28 April
Professor McGonagall demands an explanation of events from Snape. She also tries to pry information out of Professors Dolohov and Lestrange. Sally-Anne asks Professor Dolohov if Cedric will survive. Harry solidifies his official story. Draco rehearses a difficult conversation with Pansy. Director Selwyn requests that Professor Lestrange confirm what happened the night before. Sally-Anne comforts Pansy. Remus scans the paper for news of Umbridge or Diggory. Ron adjusts to a day without Madam Umbridge. Sally-Anne heeds the elves' signals about bedtime rituals.

29 April
Justin waits to get tired enough to sleep. Professor Dolohov considers the best course to resolve Umbridge's disappearance with a minimum of trouble. Sally-Anne wonders what to do about Defence lessons. Bill hears that Madam Umbridge was not in Court as ordered. Harry feels relieved that Cedric is expected to recover. Lucius acquiesces to the Minister's request that there be an official inquiry into Madam Umbridge's presumed death. Justin approaches Megan for anything she can reveal. Sally-Anne enjoys the return to normal meal plans again. Seamus ponders the impliations to the Hogwarts Junior Council.

30 April
Hydra seeks Professor Lestrange that his accuser can recant. Justin recommends searching Madam Umbridge's office based on what Megan told him. Barty prepares the MLE report blaming Madam Umbridge for the attack on Cedric. Professor McGonagall muses about the events of the past few days. Draco invokes the ISS to distract Lucius, Barty, and Antonin long enough for him and Harry to escape Umbridge's office. He later describes the parchments he and Harry stole.

1 May
Fred and George solicit people's leftover badges from the Umbridge regime. Charlie forgives Poppy for using the cinnibaris to heal Proessor Dolohov.

2 May
Remus refers to an address he left Sirius in asking for assistance. He also informs the Order about their encounter with Sam Fawcett. He further updates them as to the outcome of more thoughtful conversation throughout the afternoon. Professor Lestrange enjoys the freedom that has returned with Umbridge's departure. Padma chatters about the change in mood around the school.

3 May
Ginny spreads the news of retaliation against the former HJC members.
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20 April
Madam Umbridge demands written records of all students' whereabouts the night before. Professor Dolohov confers with Professor Sinistra in the search for Sarah Fawcett. Someone verifies the plan for conduct during dinner. Draco reveals his secret on the ISS lock. Blaise marks Teddy Nott's birthday. Alice updates the Order on Sarah's assimilation. Barty Crouch informs Madam Umbridge of their progress. Terry relays the Order's request for an analysis of Sarah's rescue. Sally-Anne admires Professor Dolohov's fashion sense. Professor Dolohov returns to his quarters with some relief. Narcissa hears about Dolohov's stunt almost immediately. Cedric offers supplemental food to Sophie's Army. Justin relates the tale of his and Hydra's visit to Megan.

21 April
Alice confirms to Sirius that it seems they have consensus that the ISS can be offered inclusion in the Order. Fred believes George is dead. George blames himself for Fred's death, too. Molly sends Ron and Ginny to find both twins. She also reads Madam Umbridge the riot act. She further writes a Howler to Director Selwyn. Director Selwyn gives Umbridge a chance to explain herself. He also complains to Lucius and Dolohov about Umbridge's disruptions. Linus reports to Cedric on his punishment analysis. Sally-Anne searches somewhat frantically for something to give the twins to help them. Ginny sorts out what's been going on around her. Cedric coordinates strategy with Harry. Barty Crouch wraps up the investigation. Sally-Anne checks on Ron, Fred, and George. Barty makes his report to the Ministry. Madam Umbridge proclaims that Sarah has been presumed dead. Daphne invites Ron to lean on her for support. Padma feels a pang of regret. Professor Slughorn takes charge of the Ravenclaws for the night. Snape advises the Order on how to take care of Fred and George. Harry expresses his sympathies for Ravenclaw. Charlie contemplates the twins' plight with Bill. Barty apologizes to Dolohov for an unsatisfactory outcome.

22 April
Fred comes to his senses. Professor Sinistra notes the approach of a lunar eclipse. Ron seeks clarification on form protocol. Justin wonders which forms he should use to report his change of activity due to being called to Madam Umbridge's office. Percy inquires after his brothers' state. Ron pesters Madam Umbridge with more bureaucracy questions. Narcissa maintains her social calendar. Someone calls a meeting of Sophie's Army. Snape examines the twins for permanent damage. Harry gets good and pissed off (FINALLY!). Neville readies the memorial garden. Ron reacts to the revelations of the meeting.

23 April
Hydra assures Draco that she understands what he's going through. Cedric thanks the wizard who gave him a job interview. He also shares Linus's analysis with Professors Dolohov and Sinistra. Madam Umbridge provides blanket clarification about which forms to use when. Sally-Anne probes more closely into Hydra's interrogation methods.

24 April
Remus tries to locate Sarah Fawcett's older brother. Harry proposes an organized revolt against Umbridge. Megan talks to her guardian. Cedric submits additional requests for time away to secure his career. Luna advertises a free kitten. Evelyn answers the ad. Luna explains how she and Hermione broke the spell keeping the kitten imprisoned. Professor Dolohov locates Linus for Professor Sinistra.

25 April
Harry duplicates his forms with a spell. Hermione consults Professor McGonagall on gaining the house-elves' cooperation.

26 April
Hydra legilimizes the twins to help prove their memories were implanted. Madam Umbridge reminds the students about formal supper. A student arranges two SA meetings over the weekend. Padma plans to meet Blaise on Saturday. Someone warns Sophie's Army to be careful leaving the Room of Requirement. Cedric receives a job offer. Ron hopes he was right that there was slightly more food at dinner.


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