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22 November

Megan reports that she and Susan went exploring the castle. Padma got a care package. Theodore has been practising for the chess tournament with Michael all day. Millicent finds chess dull. According to Arthur, Kingsley Shacklebolt has resurfaced.

23 November

Nymphadora got a job! Professor Sinistra gives out House points in her first post. Hermione has been fixing a lot of other people's books lately. Sally-Anne announces the details of the chess tournament.

24 November

Pansy writes about her time away from Hogwarts. Neville might get a tank for Trevor. Lucius tells his side of the Pansy-visit story.

25 November

Molly mentions that it's Luna's mum's birthday today. Megan writes about learning to play chess. Amycus Carrow has a headache. Padma's excited over DADA; they got their troll essays back! Sinistra discusses astronomical topics - the Leonids and stars from the southern hemisphere. Pansy wants a kneazle.

26 November

Amycus Carrow needs a drink after dealing with uppity students. Neville wonders what's going on with the Hufflepuffs today. Ernie wants to know if Wayne Hopkins is fine - turns out that Amycus Cruciated him. Terry writes, in reference to Cruciatus, "you get used to it." Hannah doesn't want people asking her about what happened. Penelope wants to know if anyone cares to wager with her about the upcoming Quidditch match. Lucius mentions that he passed along an invitation to Nymphadora for tea. Sally-Anne writes her thoughts about the Cruciatus incident.

27 November

Harry had a bad dream. boot finally threw away all his old rubbishy clothes. Susan doesn't want to talk about the Cruciatus incident any more than Hannah did.

28 November

Theodore can't sleep and reveals something about his experiences. Millicent can't understand why everyone is so fussed over the Cruciatus incident. Megan considered not writing in her journal any more but thought better of it. Nymphadora writes about her job and tea with Mrs Malfoy. Sally-Anne has more to say about the chess tournament. Percy reports on a prefects' meeting where they discussed whether Cruciatus is an appropriate method of punishment.


As I've mentioned elsewhere, our new website is up! Go us! There haven't been any major additions since it came up earlier this week, but keep watching this space.

I've rationalized the tags section of the alt_fen community. Go take a peek; I'll try and help people tag things appropriately, but it really makes me happy when folks tag things themselves! I created a "best of alt_fen" tag here, and I hope that you all will feel comfortable tagging the entries that you find the best with that marker, so that we can point new alt_fen there (I haven't tagged any entries this way yet, although if no one else does, I might).

I have new icons! Hooray for modly beings, or something.

In other news, Nocturne Alley Offline has been released by [ profile] bookofjude . I have been considering doing something similar to this for Alternity at the end of each school year. Anyhow, I know that a lot of [ profile] nocturne_alley  fans read Alternity, and if you're not still a member of [ profile] nraged  you might not have heard, so I figured it'd be worth it to announce here.
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15 November

Ernie wants to know how other people are revising for the big end of term Potions test.

16 November

Sirius had to Transfigure a John Doe corpse to play the part of Victor Lazlo so as not to be in hot water with Customs. Susan muses about the pictures of New Wizarding London in the Daily Prophet. Boot's boots are still there. Megan is glad Quidditch wasn't cancelled and wonders if lunch tasted off to anyone else. Sally-Anne floats the idea of a chess tourney.

17 November

Padma had to get another quill & has a crush on Professor Lockhart. Pansy is really mad at Draco. Sally-Anne found a black chess piece. Pansy wonders why everyone cares about her suddenly. Percy's astrolabe is missing. Teddy wonders if you can vote someone out of your House.

18 November

It's Michael Corner's birthday!

19 November

Lucius reports that Pansy's mum has fallen very ill. Padma's got the gossip. Draco's been thinking about childhood games and in the comments the students come up with some ideas of what to do after the chess tourney. Pansy is distressed about her mum. Amycus has lots to say about Pansy and art.

20 November

Padma loves astronomy. Pansy wonders what some words mean. Boot is thinking about cheering charms.

21 November

Lucius posts about his various business dealings. Sally-Anne reports that Pansy has left Hogwarts to go see her mum.


Happy Thanksgiving this week, to all you American fen, and if you're not American use it as an excuse to eat a lot of good food anyway!

The players have agreed to start using the [ profile] alt_player journal a little less, since we want to preserve some more mystery in our goings-on. We still love you! We're just going to sit on our hands a titch more.

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Not sure if this is a legitimate comment or an opportunity for clarifying the alt_fen rules:

In the first version of Hermione's post this morning, she mentioned in detail the elaborate breakfast the House Elves made for her. But the current version has been edited to be more discreet about signs of kindness that might get the Elves -- or someone else -- into trouble.

Is this a case of the "15 minute rule," so that the edit should not be noticed or remarked upon? The indiscretion -- and her second thoughts -- say interesting things about Hermione's character and situation; but this sort of thing may not be legitimately in play for the watcher community. Guidance appreciated!

Order Only

Sep. 17th, 2008 08:58 am
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This isn't a question but an observation.

Zorb's question about the strikethrough convention -- and the moderator's answer -- have made me think about the useful sorts of ambiguity this game has built in. We are told that the strikethrough (which is emerging as an ubiquitous device in this game) is to be read as a smudge which is often unreadable, but might sometimes be decipherable.

It seems to me that the "Order Only" spell is similarly open to uncertainty: we don't yet know that it works, or works uniformly, and even if it does work, it relies on a character's remembering to use it. Does it rely on exact wording? Dumbledore has already tested that proposition, but we don't know the result. [I mean that one possible explanation for Sirius' failure to find his contact in Nice is that the State is able to read all or some of the posts labeled "Order Only."]

Along these lines...

    1. I would be surprised if it were Dumbledore who first fails to use the spell properly.
    2. I wouldn't be surprised that the Protectorate might keep quiet about it if the spell isn't working ... what an opportunity for surveillance!
    3. I don't doubt that Bill Weasley should be able to design an effective spell for this purpose, but I'd also believe that any such spell might require fine tuning and might have been used prematurely.
    4. And I'm trying to be alert to the possibility that the spell works, but not equally well for every user.


    a. I'm watching to see whether it is really wise to have included Hermione in the Order filter: there is a lot of information being passed among McGonagall, Sirius, and Dumbledore that she is now burdened with keeping secret.

    b. Sirius, at least, seems worried: he has suggested (twice, gently) that she ought not trust Lupin.

    c. I would fully believe that a child in Hermione's circumstances might be manipulated into revealing information by someone who treats her kindly. I don't know that it will be Lupin who cracks her reserve, but it would be an interesting, persuasive, and wrenching story line if the game chooses to go that direction.

    d. And, of course, it might not be the child who is the weak link at all. Sirius wonders if they have a leak/sneak within the Order. If so, who might it be? It would be nice to know who (played characters and un-cast characters) is on the Order Only journal filter.
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Question for the players: What's the convention on strikethrough in this game? Are the lined-out words visible to other characters, as they are to us, does it only show as a smudge, or is it as if they're not there at all?


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