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Today's "bonus content" for you is the Collection that Denise made on Archive of Our Own:

So far, I'm the only one who has added to it, but I believe Brook will be connecting his fics on Cedric and Rookwood, and Jen plans to put some of her fanfic in soonish.

The stories I have up are all Alternity canonical backstory*. They mostly explore the relationship between Sirius and Regulus when they were young. There are some pieces that occur while at school; and at least one piece that takes place after Sirius has finished school.

They're also linked from Sirius's page on the wiki.

The collection is OPEN to all, so if you have Alternity-inspired plot bunnies, we hope you'll share them there (and tell us so we can check it out!). Players may also write more, but it is not automatically canonical just because a player writes it.


*We consider the "Blackstory" to be Alternity canon for several reasons. First, these stories directly informed myself and Deb, Regulus's player, on the characters' relationship and what it was like to grow up at Grimmauld Place; Second because the actions taken by the characters as seen in the fics were approved of by those characters' players at the time the story was written (and shared with new players when they entered the game); Third because the events and actions that are shown also were used as the basis of backstory that may or may not have been referenced in the game, or in communication about the game, with the other players.
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Remember Umbridge's PM to Sinistra back in January, about her relationship with Raz? "A wizard’s public face and his private face can be so very different. I know you’ve not the greatest experience out in the world. If by any chance he is pressuring you into the slightest thing you do not wish to do, I am sure you know I would be glad to help any way I can."

I wondered then, especially in light of her previous poking at Siz about her "keeping company with him for some time now and he doesn’t seem inclined to take the next step", if her perception of others' relationships is framed by something unfortunate in her past, specifically some kind of "who wants to buy the cow when he's already got the milk" attitude (so to speak).

And now it's coming up again in her comment to Lavender: "Now, it is a fact that men - young and not so young - can forget themselves and lead innocent and untainted women astray."

Anyone else wondering what dear Headmistress Umbridge might have in her past? What teensy moments might be causing her to be hyper-vigilant about other women's sexual conduct?

Also, I hardly think this is intentional, but Bellatrix's dig at Umbridge about not being a useful tool of the LP, "If one has gone to rust, best to leave it on the shelf, hmm?" brings to mind the use of the Love Shack lyric "Tin roof, rusted" as a euphemism for pregnancy. It's a little fun to speculate what Bellatrix might know about Umbridge's past, especially given her renown at legilimency.


Sep. 17th, 2012 11:55 am
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Meanwhile, I am fascinated by Dolohov's presence and his long-standing role as one of the top "trainers" in the Dark Arts (excuse, please, Noble Arts), and how that changes the dynamics among the Death Eaters with respect to the Dark Lord.

For example, the latest exchange with Barty. First off, oh, Barty, you were in a total "I'm such a FUCKUP" drunk mode last night, weren't you? Come here and let me pinch your cheeks, you adorkable homicidal maniac, you.

But second, one of Barty Crouch, Jr.'s defining characteristics from canon is that he was so estranged from his father that he found in Voldemort's situation a kinship, a point of commonality. It's almost as if he sought from Voldemort himself the kind of pride that (we perceive) Barty, Sr., never showed him during his formative time.

The introduction of Dolohov as that mentoring, proud, and even affectionate parent-figure deepens the ranks that we have thus far seen among Death Eaters even as it introduces someone who serves as a hierarchical layer between Voldemort and his Chosen - and thus, also serves as a potential rival for V's power and glorification.

It stands to reason that V didn't necessarily bother teaching all these dark spells to his minions. I mean, it's up to them to learn that stuff and acquire their own power - that's what he had to do, after all! But what's interesting here is that we are told that Tom Riddle was excessively dynamic and was completely capable of at least feigning affection, of gaining supporters and endearing himself to the people he needed. We've been given hints in Alternity that that was so, and it is a large part of how he succeeded in his total takeover even before he'd made himself practically invincible.

And yet, here is a person whom he clearly trusted to groom his major Inner Circle lieutenants and who clearly has a very close and personal relationship with several of Voldemort's top players. It's interesting to me the ways in which those relationships both reinforce and simultaneously threaten Voldemort's supremacy in all their eyes.

Anyone else find this really really cool?


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