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(So, Pansy and Jeremy walk into a pub....)

Remember how Jeremy Stretton said that some of the folks working on the Rubbish Service wanted to open a pub called "Rubbish Service" after the liberation? Well, they went ahead and did so.

And for the cast party, I had some pub glasses made. They've got the Rubbish Service name and slogan.

All the cast members got some. I've got a few extras, which I thought I'd offer to fen here. They're a standard pint glass, pretty sturdy, and I'm offering them for $6 each plus shipping. I'll ship to wherever you want me to ship, however you want me to ship it (if I can manage it, and you pay for shipping). Priority mail large flat rate box holds up to six glasses, in case you're comparing shipping costs.

Email me at lionesselise@gmail.com if you're interested. Please put ALTERNITY in the subject line so I don't lose the email in the midst of all the jewelry orders, ok? Thanks!

Date: 2015-12-16 04:44 am (UTC)
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Rubbish service, but these pints are wizard! ;p


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